Kitchen cabinet color 2022: 10 latest trends with 30 photos for inspiration

The kitchen has become more than a cooking space, thus, influencing its design, which is not just a simple setup for a place that is used only for preparing the meal. Today, we will discuss a specific element of a kitchen interior design, particularly the cabinet color. It should be noted that it offers your kitchen a particular look and enriches the environment accordingly. By choosing the kitchen color, you decide upon the entire picture of this room, accompanied by a specific atmosphere. Therefore, the cabinet color plays an essential role in how this room appears to be, which means that you have to choose appropriately and pay attention to all details.

We would like to give you an insight into what an up-to-date kitchen would look like from the color point of view. Thus, we have prepared a list of the 10 latest trends of 2022 regarding kitchen cabinet color. We promise an adventurous journey, during which every step will be assisted by us. Therefore, we will reveal the secrets of staying in trend in 2022 regarding the kitchen design, provide you with practical tips for every choice in part, and inspire you through an array of photos. Don’t forget to add passion to the process and love to the result. 

When it comes to color trends in 2022, it is worth mentioning the top 5 colors of this year. According to Farrow & Ball, they are Babouche, School House White, Breakfast Room Green, Stone Blue, and Incarnadine. There is no doubt that including these colors in our list will keep you up-to-date. Therefore, these options shall also be discussed as follows. 

Babouche for a lively and comfy atmosphere

Babouche is a bright shade of yellow that brings light to the room and installs a positive atmosphere. It should be noted that it seems intense when used for a larger space, but the effect will never appear overdone. 

There is no doubt that this color will work perfectly for the kitchen cabinets if you want to achieve a sunny environment and add a new sparkle to your kitchen. Furthermore, it will fill the room with positive energy and offer it comfort. It should be noted that this color will go well with cream as these two shades are not far from each other and will lead together to a harmonious result. At the same time, you could opt for any other color that will form a balanced contrast with babouche and not surpass it.

School House White for a classic effect

This soft shade of white is traced to old schoolhouses, having a soothing effect on the environment. It should be noted that this color will perfectly match a traditional style as its warm undertone offers a familiar look. Nevertheless, it can also be combined with bold colors for a modern style.

There is no doubt that it will work well in the kitchen as white is a classic when it comes to kitchen cabinets. Furthermore, this particular shade will offer your kitchen a touch of softness and bring calmness into the atmosphere.

Breakfast Room Green for a fresh result

This shade of green is traced to the bright atmosphere of east-facing rooms that are bathed by the daylight. Therefore it is softer than other shades of green and preserves its lively energy all day long. It will fit perfectly a natural color and can be used both for a traditional and modern style.

We suggest you apply this color to your kitchen if you want to offer it a fresh look and enrich the atmosphere with constant positivity. This color will go especially well if your kitchen is east-facing, which means that you will achieve the effect of a breakfast room.

Stone Blue for a timeless result

This particular shade of blue is a combination between vintage and contemporary values. It will offer your room a touch of antique. It should be noted that it is not peculiar only for traditional styles, but also for contemporary ones.

We suggest you opt for a matte texture of this color for your kitchen if you want to preserve the antique feeling or glossy surface if you want to offer it glamour. Either way, you will achieve a stunning effect, as the color itself will fit perfectly a minimalist style, which is part of the 2022 trends, and enrich the environment with stability.

Incarnadine to make a statement

Incarnadine is a shade of crimson with a bold effect. It works both with a traditional and modern style. Particularly stunning, it looks within contemporary styles, offering a little bit of dynamic to a simple arrangement as the one that goes with minimalism.

We suggest you opt for this color if you want to offer your kitchen a new splash of color. Whether you consider a traditional or contemporary style, it will work both ways. Nevertheless, consider combining it with black or gray for a minimalist arrangement, and the result will speak for itself.

Next, we would like to reveal to you some of the other colors that will be popular in 2022, particularly for the kitchen cabinets. It should be noted that most of them are neutral as the trends of this year stick to simplicity and practicality regarding the use of space. Take a look at the following list and get inspired. 

Stick to classic white

Although white has been already mentioned, we speak here about plain white, which has been the classic for the kitchen. It offers a clean appearance to the cabinets and sets stability within the environment. 

White is a perfect choice if you do not want to bring in something new and are directed more toward stable trends. This way, you will stay up-to-date and remain true to your own values. Furthermore, you could combine it with other shades depending on the effect you want to produce. You could either opt for bolder colors to bring a new sparkle or stick to neutral shades to preserve the harmony.

Navy blue is another 2022 trend regarding the kitchen cabinet color. Of course, this dark shade of blue is a bold step in contrast with other neutral colors. Nevertheless, it will set a stable environment. Furthermore, it will bring a touch of royalty to the room.

We suggest you opt for this color if you want to make an impact but keep it simple at the same time. This particular shade can be used for a traditional and contemporary style. Either way, it will change how you feel about the kitchen. It will not only be a space for cooking but a place that either brings you back to a particular period in history or sets an ultra-modern environment. As you have probably noticed, the slightest change in the play with colors can influence the atmosphere.

Black for a minimalist result

Black is undoubtedly one of the main color trends in 2022, particularly for a minimalist style. Nevertheless, it is a bold choice as the color itself would not fit any room decor.

We suggest you opt for this color if your kitchen is part of contemporary style, particularly for an all-black kitchen. You could also combine it with other neutral colors, such as white to set a balance, or textures, such as marble, to form a harmonious environment. Either way, this color will bring coldness into your room. It should be noted that a matte surface will work best in this respect. There is more to come: consider appropriate lighting and think twice before deciding upon this shade.

Sage green for tranquility

This particular shade of green has a gray undertone that makes it calmer. It is a standout color when it comes to 2022 trends. There is no doubt that a kitchen in this color will keep you up-to-date. 

It should be noted that this color is traced to nature, thus, bringing freshness. This shade will fit best a contemporary style and install calmness into the environment. We suggest you opt for it if you want a modern look for your kitchen and a soft feeling for its atmosphere.

Light blue for a touch of freshness

This shade of color includes more than one possibility. You could opt for a soft blue or duck-egg blue. Both would go perfectly for the kitchen cabinet, particularly for a traditional style. 

If you opt for this shade, we suggest you consider combining it with soft pink or gold details. They will offer the blue background a splash of color and balance the environment. Undoubtedly, these combinations will bring freshness to your room and keep you up-to-date as they are neutral and reflect the main concept of the 2022 trends – simplicity.

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