Kitchen Cabinet Color 2023: Ultimate Forecast with Photos

The new color trends in interior design seem like a debate between lovers of neutrals and those who want to celebrate the emerging style of bright shades to the fullest. What side should you take? Well, experts explain that bold colors have always been part of our lives, just not in the interior design of the last few years, which have been prevailed by grays, whites, and beiges. People mostly kept their favorite pops of audacious colors for themselves, while now, they are free to expose them to the world. Of course, we cannot forget about the growing Biophilic design trends, which make natural hues a reliable source of colors in the new season. 

In a few words, deciding upon the kitchen cabinet color, you cannot go wrong with your dearest gray or white since neutrals have been and always will be a safe resort for interior design while considering the brightest colors will keep you as stylish. Last but not least, the nature-inspired colors are a great transition from neutral to bold while positively impacting the environment. The decision stands behind you, although knowing the prominent kitchen cabinet color trends will definitely inspire you. Keep in touch!

Everlasting Neutrals: On the Safe Side

Before exploring any particular color options for the kitchen cabinets, you should not forget about the kitchen walls. The latest kitchen wall paint colors show as an impressive collection of both neutral and bold shades, so you should choose which goes for what for a harmonious monochromatic color palette, a well-balanced contrasting one, or a personalized color scheme where neither source of color overshadows the other. 

Back to our best-loved neutral colors, they are great for those who cannot decide which color works better for their kitchen cabinets or simply because they cannot give up on the timeless grays, whites, greiges, beiges, and so on. Besides, are there other colors that would pair as perfectly with any design style and won’t give you headaches when it comes to this part? 


We cannot doubt the relevance of white in interior design. Painting the kitchen cabinets white allows for a gorgeous all-white interior or leaves lots of available space for contrasts so that you can safely personalize the design. What’s best about this color is its serene character that makes the kitchen feel decluttered, airy, bright, and free to explore colorful accents if it is the case. Natural textures are known to pair pretty fabulously with white, such as wood, rattan, and wicker for pendants and chairs and precious stone surfaces for the countertop. Check out the brand-new kitchen countertop trends to stay up to date from all perspectives. 


The range of gray shades is so wide that picking this color for your kitchen cabinets will suit any style, decor, and color code, with lighter shades for Traditional and deeper variations for Modern. Gray blooms in different ways under different conditions. Like white, it happily accepts various accents and likes to pair with natural textures. 


For a warmer and more welcoming color for the kitchen, give beige a try. Modern, Traditional, Contemporary, Rustic, Farmhouse; the list goes on and on. Beige works with any of them and manages to preserve its authentic and inviting personality. Warm wood warms up cool beige, and silver hardware balances soft beige while greeneries enliven the color and make it one with nature and one with the homeowner’s individuality. With a tinge of gray, beige transforms into greige and reveals a whole new character for your kitchen. 


Though black is neutral, choosing it for the kitchen cabinets is quite daring yet classy and contemporary. Not to our surprise, it suits traditional and modern layouts simultaneously. Both glossy and matte finish works. A little piece of advice – if you opt for an all-black kitchen, provide it with enough artificial light sources, or simply combine it with light-painted walls. As for the rest, black looks luxurious and feels flattering for the owners’ taste. 

Deep Natural Hues

Paying our respect to nature and sharing its beauty with the world through interior design solutions is a top-tier and worth-of-praising trend. If you doubt what color to choose for your next kitchen design project or long-awaited makeover, know that you can always find inspiration in what surrounds you when going outside. Still, three prominent colors stand out.


Frankly, blue is not new to kitchen design trends. It has shown its relevance for a long time now, yet nothing tops the way it sparkles this season. Clear-sky blue, deep sea blue, and morning fog blue. Bring nature closer with the astonishing shades of blue that install serenity and hope in the environment and style and elegance in design. 


Rainforest green, olive green, lake water green; any green deeply rooted in nature is perfect for the kitchen cabinets. It works well with untreated wood for Modern and Rustic interiors and white or black for edgy Contemporary spaces.

Brown / Wood

By natural brown, we mean the natural wood finishes in their full beauty with rich grains and deep texture. Wood is definitely a top interior design trend and applies to kitchen cabinets most of all. It should be noted that untreated wood finish is the high-class kitchen cabinet color designers cannot stop talking about. 

Warm Earthy Shades

Among the popular kitchen cabinet colors, earthy shades hold a leading position. The beloved warm variations of brown, orange, clay, terracotta, and burgundy, even with a few cool exceptions, are the primary colors of the season. They make out of the kitchen a space pleasant for cooking and spending time in. 

Bright Colors: Hit of the Season

Color of the year 2023: Lavender

Named the main color this season by the global authorities on design and color trends WGSN + Coloro, lavender proudly wears its crown. To be honest, this is the color you should start with if you are new to the world of bright shades. 

Lavender will enliven the space with its explosion of color that brings brightness, hope, and change. Any cooking process, breakfast, lunch, or dinner will acquire new meaning when surrounded by the gorgeous purple shade, which puts the accent on well-being. 


This beautiful combination of soothing blue and revitalizing green reminiscent of the sea depth makes for a calm and renovated ambiance with notes that encourage interpersonal links and stress relief, perfect for a kitchen meant for a family. 


This bold blue shade with azure notes may seem quite bright and eye-catching, yet the longer you spend in its presence, the more you start to sense its essence – deep and reflective, an accent worth considering for your next redecoration. 


The so-known peach has two faces – pastel and light peach stand behind an appealing and appetizing ambiance, while vibrant peach renders energy and joy, although both variations are win-win options for a contemporary kitchen.


The muted yellow is another top kitchen cabinet color that designers won’t get tired of in the new season, though it makes a perfect retrospective into the hitting shades of the last century with a confident retro touch. 


Softer, brighter, and deeper pinks are welcome in the kitchen due to their ability to nurture, awaken the appetite, and cheer up, but most importantly, they are some of the hottest kitchen color trends.


The definition of joy hides in this vibrant orange shade with playful pink undertones that revitalize and awaken optimism every time you enter the kitchen with cabinets colored this way. 


No doubt green is a very trendy color in 2023, while bright green with show-stealing undertones is simply fantastic and not at all too much for the kitchen cabinets; in a nutshell – the perfect bold color that reveals both naturalness and courage.


The juicy burgundy color has an astonishingly contemporary appearance that lends the kitchen a stately feel of standout beauty and style besides its attention-stealer notes of liveliness and energy. 

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