Kitchen Cabinet Hardware 2023: Trendy Designs with Photos

No cooking space would look complete without appropriate cabinet hardware. As small as those details may seem, kitchen hardware trends show what works best for the season. Trendsetters forecast a more utilitarian kitchen decoration in 2023, where the cabinet hardware is more practical, suits the kitchen’s overall design style, and simply looks organic and flawless. There is still a “but”. 

But, there is a slight deviation from the plan. Since the new design trends are switching from simple to maximalist concepts, one prominent hardware trend stands out. Accent knobs and pulls meant to elevate the cabinet design and personalize the design project are some of the most sought-after elements in a contemporary kitchen. Let’s break down those concepts for a better understanding!

Hardware Types

Knowing what type of hardware you need before deciding on the design is important. Depending on what part of the kitchen we speak about, we can distinguish between three main types of hardware:

  • Knobs. They are great for cabinets, take little space, and are simple in design unless you opt for personalized designs;
  • Pulls. They are flexible enough to work both for cabinets and drawers, although taking slightly more space;
  • Cup pulls. Not that suitable for cabinets yet perfect for drawers, particularly if you want to emphasize specific kitchen areas.

Hardware Materials and Finishes

One more feature to tackle before design. The material and finish of your kitchen hardware depend much on the cabinet material and, of course, the kitchen design style. The unmatchable metal, wood, and glass hardware are some of the most popular.

In terms of metal hardware, note that brass, copper, and bronze are of great benefit to your kitchen due to their flexibly superfluous effect on the interior and their antimicrobial features, which work pretty well for the kitchen. Stainless steel is a perfect alternative for ultra-modern kitchens that embrace contemporary values. 

Wood pulls and knobs appear to be more affordable and work as successfully for any style, yet Traditional and Farmhouse are preferred. Although they are easier to grip, the wood hardware units tend to wear off over time, particularly if interacting with water.

The previous options fit almost any style, yet neither goes further than the glass hardware. The variety of finishes, with frosted and translucent at the top, work for traditional, modern, and elegant style variations. Glass brightens the space and underlines the unique characteristics of the kitchen. However, one should consider that such hardware is not as durable as wood and metal.  

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Styles 2023

The defining concepts of the 2023 kitchen trends are functionality, personality, and eco-friendliness. Followings suit, these kitchen hardware styles emerged:


Saving space, going with the decluttered concept, and putting practicality before everything else are the core aspects of practical kitchen hardware. The top minimalist kitchen hardware style is the “touch-to-open” system, which implies the lack of knobs or pulls. Next are the built-in pulls that fade into the cabinet color and don’t take space visually. Alternatively, you can purchase sleek and thin pulls that underline the cabinet edges for the most functional use yet don’t dare draw an inch of attention. 


Raise awareness for environmental protection and redefine your kitchen style with organic materials. You can opt for recycled materials or consider natural textures. Think wood knobs and pulls since they are a prominent kitchen hardware trend in 2023. Give vegan leather a thought, such as apple, mushroom, or cactus leather, which is gaining more popularity in the newest furniture trends


Regardless of the kitchen style, if you want to stand out with a personalized kitchen project, all you have to do is consider decorative knobs and pulls of any texture you find suitable. The range of available designs is pretty wide, although you can always opt for customized kitchen hardware and show off your taste through these accents.

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Design 2023

The kitchen hardware trends in 2023 do not imply strict rules. The main features in this sense are comfort and style. All you have to do is find a balance between functionality and aesthetics. We would like to provide you with a list of stylish designs that experts predict to prevail in the coming season.

Eclectic Combination

Don’t limit yourself to one type of kitchen hardware. Consider pulls and knobs at the same time as you find suitable. The main common feature is the same finish. It ensures a functional use of the cabinets and drawers while keeping an organic look.

Invisible Accents

Passing the threshold into the maximalist design era, one would probably think there is nothing that can still stick to simple design solutions and stay trendy. Well, the minimalist shade is not fully out of the designers’ minds. If you don’t want your kitchen hardware to visually steal space, ensure the chosen kitchen knobs and pulls are of similar color to the cabinets.

Customized Design

This is exactly where you can opt for the most imposing and unique cabinet pulls or knobs. The new design trends allow for the full use of imagination, and you can safely opt for customized hardware designs and express your view of beauty. Seek inspiration in nature with botanical motifs or explore the varied geometric shapes.

Contrastive Details

A bit of contrast would definitely not spoil a trendy kitchen in 2023. Designers are impressed by the idea of adding visual charm to any kitchen cabinet through contrasting hardware. Say black pulls and knobs on all-white kitchen cabinets, shiny brass or copper on black, or stainless steel hardware on light-colored backgrounds.

A Note of Vintage

This is the go-to option for true devotees of the Vintage style, while lovers of something more contemporary can as easily consider the accent effect on their modern kitchens. Brass and copper bars, pulls, and knobs, particularly cup knobs, beautifully complement cabinets of the same style and elevate the ambiance of kitchens decorated with other conceptual values in mind. The great thing about brass and copper hardware is that it tends to wear off over time and reach the sought-after patina effect, which is a real asset for Vintage solutions.

Bring in Geometry 

Geometric shapes surely define the 2023 trends, and luckily you can apply them to kitchen cabinet decor. Think of knobs with accurate shapes in contrasting colors for more visual interest, or keep it subtle and intriguing with hardware that repeats the cabinet color.

Precious Gold

You cannot imagine the difference gold hardware can make for a kitchen. If you want to save money on a full kitchen makeover, simply replace the existing pulls or knobs with gold ones, which work great for traditional and modern interiors. The variety of gold shades will suit any preference. Think yellow gold, rose gold, brushed gold, and our favorite brass, copper, and bronze.

Oversize Bars

Here is a great design idea from the professionals. Instead of a conglomeration of pulls and knobs, opt for two to four extra-size bars for larger cabinets. The rest decorate with long and thin pulls along the cabinet door edges. The main highlights will be the large bars, which is why you can choose a distinctive design for those, say, Vintage or Traditional, even in a Modern kitchen. 

Camouflaged Handles

Wood handles are a perfect alternative to usual metal hardware. They come to the surface right from the wood cabinets, as naturally textured. It works well for decluttered spaces that want to preserve their functional, undisturbed, and simplistic layout. By the way, the rich-grained wood is enough to make the kitchen feel special.

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