Kitchen countertop 2022: latest trends and ideas to keep you up-to-date

Kitchen trends change every year, and each of them comes with something new. There is no doubt that you would like to be up-to-date. But does it mean that you have to change your kitchen every year? Of course, you do not have to do that. The reason consists of the fact that various trends repeat themselves over the years with slight changes. You just have to stick to a particular one and improve it when necessary.

Today we will reveal to you the secrets for an up-to-date kitchen countertop. This particular kitchen element plays an essential role in the picture, as it influences the way other parts of this room appear. Furthermore, it serves as a borderline between different concepts within the same kitchen and balances the atmosphere. Therefore, we prepared a list of trends in this sense, including those that do not plan on getting out-of-date, so that you can stick to an option and keep it for a long time. We promise an adventurous trip through the 2022 trends, with lots of obstacles. Don’t worry! We are ready to assist you during the process and inspire you for a perfect result. 

Kitchen countertop styles in 2022

This decade is dominated by styles that include the efficient use of space, without unnecessary details, emphasizing natural elements. The core concept in this sense is simplicity itself, as the real beauty is hidden behind small details that form together an entity. It is like putting together a puzzle, where everything has its place, and unnecessary units are not welcome. The styles that shall be discussed as follows reflect this aspect as the pillar of the 2022 trends. 

Minimalist style

This trend has been popular for a long time and will not get out of date, which means that it will also dominate this year. We are sure that you are acquainted with the features of this style. Therefore we will point out only the main rules that have to be considered:

  • Avoid unnecessary details and opt for the functionality of the space;
  • Consider simple features instead of complex ones;
  • Stick to neutral colors and avoid the bold ones;
  • Arrange a storage system that will keep things at their place and leave free space.

Regarding the kitchen countertop, we suggest you consider neutral colors. In this sense, particularly white works well as nothing will appear more clean and free than a white countertop. The same effect will be played by long, uncut pieces for the countertop. There are various materials you can opt for, such as marble, glass, granite. 

There is more to come. You can add a new splash of color and still keep it minimalist. All you have to do is decorate the countertop with a metal rank and put in some fruits. Natural colors will enrich the environment, and the simplicity of the decor will not get out of the minimalist borders.

Hi-tech style

This style consists of using the latest materials, including geometric forms and an abundance of light. Particularly the kitchen islands have become an essential part of this style. Therefore, such elements as smooth surfaces with a minimum number of decorative units are part of the starter pack toward a hi-tech style. 

The countertop will fit this style if accompanied by such features as a solid surface, neutral colors, and many lighting sources that will brighten this particular space.

Eco-friendly style

This style consists of pointing out the natural elements by using neutral colors and materials inspired by nature. It makes an impact both on nature and interior design. It should be noted that it is trendy today as the ecological subject is tackled at different levels. 

When it comes to an eco-style countertop, we suggest you opt for natural materials that complement a kitchen or colors that are traced to nature, particularly the neutral ones.

Kitchen countertop designs in 2022

It is useful to know that 2022 trends for kitchen design do not set any strict rules. All you have to do is keep it simple and adapt it to your standards of comfort. Furthermore, the design of your kitchen countertop can include at the same time elements from all styles that were mentioned earlier. The result will be an eclectic entity of various concepts. It should be noted that all these elements have to be combined appropriately. Therefore, most of the designs in this sense combine functionality, aesthetics, simplicity, and classics. 

Get inspired by nature

This particular design implies the use of such materials as wood and marble that are found in nature. This unique texture will influence the look of the entire kitchen and bring a touch of freshness. 

Marble will work perfectly for a kitchen countertop as it will fit any style and offer the environment a particular type of aesthetics. Furthermore, it will blow fresh air upon all the other kitchen elements and lead to a harmonious combination. 

Wood will have as much an effective impact on the picture. It will complete the kitchen decor and bring comfort to the environment. It will make the atmosphere calmer by adding coziness to any style. 

Quartz for a shining effect

Quartz will work perfectly for the kitchen countertop as it will add a timeless effect to it. Furthermore, it is easy to take care of and enlarges the space since it reflects the light.

We suggest you opt for high-quality quartz. It should be noted that it prevails in durability and will bring a new sparkle to any style. Particularly effective is its shining that tends to absorb the external colors and reflect them uniquely.

Butcher oak for a comfy effect

If you opt for a casual style for your kitchen, such materials as marble will not work that well. Instead, we suggest you consider oak for the countertop. It will fit the style and balance the other elements.

Furthermore, this design will offer the room comfort and a splash of new color, particularly in neutral backgrounds. It should be noted that the concept of simplicity will be preserved. Therefore, the fact that you will be up-to-date is assured.

Stainless steel for a functional setting

As mentioned earlier, the 2022 trends are emphasized by simplicity and functionality. Therefore, a practical arrangement of the space will be both functional and in trend. In this sense, we suggest you opt for a stainless steel countertop. 

Nevertheless, it should be noted that it is not that simple to play with such an arrangement. First of all, it would not fit any style. Secondly, you have to combine the colors appropriately. We suggest you consider a countertop of this kind if there are other elements of this material in the room. If not, play properly with colors and balance the concepts. This countertop should not look like a piece of steel that was put in place and has nothing to do with the style of your kitchen. On the contrary, it should seem like a constituent part of the kitchen.

As you have gone through the styles and designs mentioned earlier, you have probably noticed that the main colors used in this sense are neutral ones. They are easy to integrate into any style and reflect the idea of a simple design and functional space. We suggest you scroll through the list of color trends for the kitchen countertop provided by us and get inspired.

White countertop for a clear effect

White for a countertop is halfway to a perfect kitchen. This color will never get out of date. Stick to it, and you will be both in trend and assure a clear atmosphere to your kitchen.

We suggest you opt for this color if you want to offer a touch of freshness to your dark-colored cabinets, wood surfaces or to complete an all-white kitchen. Either way, it will brighten the room and soften the atmosphere.

Black countertop for a statement

It is a bold step to choose this color for the countertop. Therefore, we suggest you make sure that it will fit the style of your kitchen and combine with other colors. For instance, if you have an all-black kitchen, a black countertop will complement it perfectly. Even the white cabinets will go well with a countertop of this kind. 

It should be noted that the colors have to be balanced appropriately in order not to receive a blurry picture. Furthermore, add many sources of light to brighten the space.

Gray countertop for stability

We suggest you opt for this color if you want to complete a minimalist style. Furthermore, it will fit any decor elements and serve as a balance-line between other contrasts. 

It should be noted that there are various options in this sense. You can consider plain gray, gray marble, cement gray for the countertop. Each in part should be adapted accordingly. For instance, the latter will go with a raw style that involves more sharp lines and neutral colors, setting, thus, a cold but stable environment.

Cream countertop for harmony

Creamy shade is a neutral color that will work with any style. It will add comfort to your room and balance the contrasts. It should be noted that the use of the cream is appropriate when the kitchen integrates more than one style, as it will serve as a borderline between various concepts. 

We suggest you consider cream in combination with other neutral colors. Don’t forget to play appropriately with these shades, as the slightest mistake can lead to a blurry picture. Nevertheless, it is perfect for emphasizing the simplicity of the design and the comfort of the environment.

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