Kitchen Dining Room Combo Ideas with Tips

More homeowners choose in favor of combined kitchens with dining rooms, and designers fully support them. It is convenient, smartly pairs two different functional areas, and can even look impressively stylish if you know the how-to behind a perfect kitchen dining room combo. Stay with us for the best eat-in kitchen ideas. We have design suggestions for any type of room layout with designer tips.

What to Start With

  • Room zoning. Is it an eat-in kitchen, an equally combined kitchen with a dining room, or a dining room with a compact cooking space? Ensure the dining zone and the cooking space are clearly defined;
  • Design consistency. Preserve the same design style, color palette, and textures for both functional areas;
  • Natural lighting. Ensure both the kitchen and dining room receive enough natural light for a spacious and bright interior;
  • Materials and colors. Use finishes peculiar for each zone in part, such as tiled flooring for the kitchen and wood flooring in the dining room. Pick appropriate colors for the kitchen dining room combo, a high-traffic area, also considering the existing lighting conditions;
  • Coordination. Think about furnishing, room layout, preferred colors, and favorite design styles before putting anything into practice, and you will achieve a well-organized interior where everything works together in your favor.

You may find your future kitchen/dining room combo project right here. Stay tuned!

Classic Layout: Fully Equipped Kitchen + Dining Room

This design idea is a perfect solution for those who paired two different rooms into one. Separate the two functional zones visually by leaving enough space to move around the dining table and feel free in the cooking space. That’s the classic combo where everything works in your favor without risking the cooking process interfering with a late-night dinner with your friends or an early-morning breakfast with your family.

Make It Work: Eating Nook

If you have a small kitchen and no dedicated space for the dining zone, make the most of what you have. Recreate the cozy mood of a small eating nook right in the kitchen by placing a smaller dining table with chairs at the window or against one wall. Useful tip: choose a round dining table, and you’ll notice how your room acquires a few more inches of free space.

Dine with Style: Kitchen Island

We love kitchen islands. They add so much functionality and contemporaneity to a kitchen. What a great opportunity to use the same island you cook at as a dining table as well. Just add a few stylish high stools. 

Two-Sided Island or Attached Dining Table

That’s another marvelous idea for the kitchen island. If the space allows, consider a two-sided island with one side for cooking and the other for taking a meal. Or, consider a mini-dining table attached to the island and show off this exquisite marriage between style and practicality.

Kitchen/Dining Room: Corner Nook

Corner dining nooks have been underrated for the past few years, yet they skyrocketed this season, and we can see why designers gave them another try. There is something special about a cozy corner nook that has its own mood even when part of a kitchen. By the way, nobody canceled space-saving options. Corner dining tables make for a great solution in small rooms.

Double Kitchen Island

More is better in this case. Instead of one multi-purpose kitchen island, opt for two separate islands. One for cooking and the other for dining. It is true some homeowners would choose one extra island rather than a dining table. At the end of the day, it’s a matter of taste, and this one is undoubtedly of modern design.

Dine with a View

Big or small, always leave the space at the window for the dining table. Contemporary design is more about how you feel about a space and, only after that, how it looks. Enjoy your daily meals in the company of a beautiful outdoor view and let natural light bring brightness to your day.

Dining Table Takes Center Stage

As it should be, everything revolves around the dining table in this kitchen-dining combo concept. That’s when it seems more like a dining room with a mini-kitchen, and we think this is beautiful. Concentrate on such values as family, interpersonal connection, community, and self-expression, and make them part of your next kitchen-dining remodel.

Save the Day with a Room Divider

Remove the wall between the kitchen and dining room and replace it with a modern glass partition. You’ll keep those rooms together, yet neither will interfere with the other. Preserve a specific vibe for each. Alternatively, you can consider other room-dividing options, such as metallic or wood panels, folding panels, partition curtains, or visual room zoning solutions, to name a few. 

Solo Dining Table

For those who live alone, you should cherish every moment of trying to discover yourself. Similarly, redefine your kitchen’s design. Today, design rules allow for a freer interpretation. It’s no longer mandatory to set up a full dining table with a few pairs of chairs. Save space and enjoy your own company with a solo dining table. 

Rustic Eat-In Kitchen

It’s time to define the design style of your kitchen-dining room combo. Unsurprisingly, the list starts with Rustic, one of the most discussed styles in the world of design at the moment. However, you have to choose between the richly textured and antique Rustic in its natural form or Modern Rustic. Both look astonishing in an eat-in kitchen.

Modern Kitchen & Dining Room

Try Modern with decluttered surfaces, clean lines, and minimalist color palettes polished with subtle contemporary flair. A bright marble countertop or interestingly shaped chairs may help. Think of a round dining table or a multi-purpose island to underline the functionality of your modern kitchen. 

Refresh with Color

It is a shame to sleep on bright colors in an era when self-expression and individuality are at the peak of their popularity. Make your kitchen-dining room combo vibrate with positive energy by painting the cabinets, dining table, or chairs in a vivid tone or combination of contrastive colors. By the way, you can always repaint them neutral, yet now it is time to enjoy color.

Luckily, the new paint color collections from renowned brands are full of vivid pearls. Get the best of the colorful world with the trendiest paint colors

Open Shelving

If you have a relatively small kitchen and plan to integrate a dining table, consider open shelving instead of upper cabinets. The room will feel more spacious, brighter, and comfier to take your meal in. It will visually erase the feeling of cabinets being too close to you. 


Do you need an eat-in kitchen when you have a dining room?

If you have such a possibility, don’t hesitate to opt for an eat-in kitchen, even if you have a dedicated room for the dining table. You can take your daily meals in the kitchen, which is more comfortable and practical, and use the dining room for formal gatherings.

Kitchen cabinets in the dining room or a dining table in the kitchen?

Both sound perfect. It is always a matter of taste and purpose. Do you like cooking at home? You should definitely have a fully equipped kitchen. Is occasional cooking closer? You may limit your design to a few kitchen cabinets, even in the dining room, and put the accent on the dining table.

Are eat-in kitchens and open-floor kitchens the same?

An eat-in kitchen is normally a kitchen with integrated dining space, which can be a large dining table with chairs, a dining corner, or a kitchen island with stools. An open-floor kitchen can be everything from a combined kitchen with a dining room and living to a pairing with a mini-home office or bedroom, for instance, in a studio flat.

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