Kitchen faucets and sinks trends 2022: modern kitchen hardware ideas

The industrialization of the interior and kitchen furnishings, which manifested itself in 2021, will become the main focus in 2022. Industrialization is displayed in the interior, lighting, and versatility of kitchen appliances but also new kitchen hardware trends.

Professional equipment used in restaurants is now used in apartments and house kitchens. In addition to hobs, consisting of modules with different functions and ovens operating according to technology, faucets with new functions and non-standard sink solutions are already appearing on the market. Let’s take a look at the trends in kitchen faucets and sinks in 2022.

Simple faucet for a minimalist statement

As one of the 2022 trends is minimalism, consider integrating a simple steel faucet into a minimalist style. We suggest you emphasize the functionality of the space and avoid unnecessary details. 

Furthermore, a faucet of this kind will incorporate perfectly the main concept of this year – simplicity. The more simple it will look, the greater the impact will be. We suggest you keep it low-key, and the general picture of your kitchen will speak for itself.

Brass faucet to stay up-to-date

Brass is another 2022 trend, and it is a perfect option for a kitchen faucet. It would fit any style and bring a touch of elegance to the room. Exceptional would it look on a neutral background, becoming, thus, a point of interest.

We suggest you consider this option if you want a simple yet elegant faucet to enrich your kitchen. Furthermore, this particular material will enhance the picture and balance the contrast within the room.

Bring in the traditional values with a vintage faucet

If you want to stick to the traditional values when it comes to kitchen elements, consider vintage style. Although 2022 trends are directed more toward innovation, it does not mean that the old values should be avoided. On the contrary, combining small details, such as a vintage faucet, with an ultra-modern kitchen will lead to stunning results.

We suggest you opt for such an eclectic mixture if you want to make a statement through small details. This is a perfect option for combining concepts from different worlds and pairing them for a harmonized result.

Back to black

Black faucets are not something new when it comes to kitchen hardware. Nevertheless, one of the defining colors for the 2022 trends is particularly this one. Therefore, a black faucet in your kitchen will keep you up-to-date.

Furthermore, black will fit perfectly any style and serve as a balancing border between different contrasts within this room. There is more to come. For an enhanced effect, consider sharp lines for this kitchen element to add stability to the environment.

Professional faucet in an ordinary kitchen

One of the trends of 2022 will be professional pull-out faucets and models with a high spout. Models of this type are suitable for kitchens with frequent cooking and kitchen islands. Faucets can be supplemented with buttons for quick control, even with an elbow or a separate outlet with boiling water.

We suggest you consider faucets with a high spout if you need to rinse baking trays under a strong water stream, wash vegetables, or fill a tall pot. Another option is spray faucets with several modes, the style of which completely repeats the professional models of faucets.

Modern faucet for a hi-tech kitchen

If your kitchen is part of the hi-tech style, nothing will compliment it better than kitchen elements of the same kind. Therefore, consider a hi-tech faucet that will fit your style and add the missing piece of the puzzle to your kitchen.

It should be noted that there are various materials and colors, particularly neutral ones. We suggest you opt for the ones that suit the general picture of the kitchen. Furthermore, some of the faucets of this type come with already installed led lights that will emphasize the style of your kitchen.

Smart kitchen faucet

Kitchen faucets with smart home system elements will become a popular trend in 2022. Such devices can be turned on contactless or conventionally using handles.

Another option is voice-activated faucets, which can be controlled by voice commands through helper bots. Settings for faucet control are personalized in special applications. Voice control is a current trend for controlling kitchen appliances and controlling faucets (turning on / off taps, changing the temperature, and water supply mode).

Water-saving faucet for an eco-friendly impact

As the ecological subject has been lately often tackled, we suggest you also look in this direction. Therefore, consider kitchen faucets that are known as water-saving. Furthermore, they come with eco-friendly filters that purify the drinking water with minimum impact on the environment.

We suggest you go for this option if you want to complete the picture of your kitchen with a stylish faucet that, besides its main purpose, reduces the pollution of the environment.

Copper sink for a vintage style

We have already mentioned the relevance of this style within the 2022 trends. Now, we would like to draw your attention to integrating this aspect into your kitchen through a vintage sink.

All you have to do is opt for a copper sink and pair it with other elements of your kitchen. It is enough to stick to this particular material, and the result will speak for itself.

Modern sink for a hi-tech statement

The hi-tech style is becoming more popular, which means that it does not plan on getting out of date. If you opt for a hi-tech kitchen, there is no doubt that the sink should be chosen accordingly. 

You can opt for various colors and shapes that are peculiar to this style. There are neutral colors and sharp lines among the main features. Stick to them, and the sink will fit perfectly in this style.

Smart sink for a smart kitchen

One of the latest trends regarding the kitchen sink is the advanced function of cleaning. Considering that much water is wasted while washing the dishes, the specialists developed smart dishwashers within the sinks. They minimize the quantity of used water, reduce the amount of dishwashing liquid, and heat the water. 

Furthermore, some sinks can also wash fruits and vegetables by using gentle vibrations. We suggest you stick to this idea, as this function will clean all the pesticides and dirt efficiently.

Incredible sink for a stunning effect

Colored sinks are not new in the world of kitchen hardware. A novelty is the interchangeable colored panels fitted to the front edge of the sinks. Decorative panels in various shades are a great way to create an original interior, ideally, fit the sink into the kitchen’s color scheme. 

Textured sinks are another trend. This type of sink’s embossed surface looks stylish due to its matte finish. It can withstand high temperatures and is highly durable. We suggest you stick to unusual ideas for your kitchen sink if you want to make a statement and enrich this room with a point of interest.

Sink & faucet as a perfect combination

The first models of systems consisting of sinks and controlled faucets have appeared relatively recently. The modular version includes a separate control element at the front edge of the sink – an innovative solution that provides comfort while working in the kitchen and significant water savings thanks to efficient control.We suggest you consider this option if you want a practical use of space and functional installation within your kitchen that would save you time and space.

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