Kitchen flooring trends 2022: modern kitchen flooring ideas

An essential part of a kitchen interior design is the flooring. There is no doubt that this element complements the other constituent units and completes the picture. Therefore, it has to integrate into the kitchen decor and emphasize the initial atmosphere rather than spoil the picture. As with other kitchen elements, there are various trends that change over time regarding the flooring. If you want to keep pace with the latest ideas, you should inform yourself properly and adapt the chosen option to your kitchen.

We would like to assist you in this sense. Thus, we prepared a list of the latest 2022 trends in the kitchen flooring. We promise to be relevant and inspiring. All you have to do is put passion in the process and love in the result. We will take care of the rest. Enjoy the article and get inspired!

Starting points to be considered

As with the other 2022 trends, the kitchen flooring one supposes the space functionality and the simplicity of the arrangement. Therefore, it can be stated that the interior design of kitchens in 2022 promises to be very laconic, without an abundance of decorative details. The priority areas will be:

  • naturalness and environmental friendliness;
  • reasonable minimalism and industrialism;
  • practicality and functionality.

These conditions apply to all kitchen elements in 2022, without exception, including the flooring’s design and characteristics.

In 2021, new types of flooring appeared. For the most part, they are modifications of materials that have already become familiar. These modern floor coverings will become more prevalent in 2022. Let’s take a look at kitchen flooring trends in 2022.

Bleached wood for a soft effect

Hardwood is one of the most applied options for kitchen flooring. It can be laid in different ways to add a point of interest to the room. One of the trends in this sense is the bleached wood that is achieved by using a particular chemical solution. This flooring style will work well for those who like softer colors for the flooring.

Furthermore, recycled and eco-friendly materials have been lately used in this sense, which is one of the concepts that stand at the core of the 2022 trends. If you opt for this flooring, you should consider the next points:

  • There are various patterns and colors;
  • This type of flooring is easy to update;
  • It is not waterproof, although particular finishes are water-resistant;
  • The surface can be slippery.

Aged timber for a vintage style

The worn feature of the floor is one of the 2022 trends. It offers the room a vintage look and sets a particular atmosphere. It should be noted that it will go well both with a modern and traditional style, complementing the other kitchen elements.

This type of flooring will suit neutral colors, particularly white-colored furniture, by emphasizing it and balancing the contrasts. We suggest you opt for this style if your kitchen is traditional and you want to keep its conservative environment. At the same time, opt for this flooring in a modern kitchen if you would like to bring a new concept to the environment, particularly the vintage values.

Concrete tiles for a modern result

Consider concrete tiles to achieve a vintage effect if you are not a wood flooring amateur. The result will be the same regarding the environment, as these tiles are artificially polished and look aged. 

Furthermore, this flooring will go with any design, especially a modern one. We suggest you consider this option for loft styles. It may seem like your flooring has hundreds of years, but at the same time, complementing the contemporary values perfectly. You will achieve an interesting mix of concepts that will surely keep you up-to-date.

Eco flooring for an eco-impact

Eco style will continue to triumph in 2022 because it corresponds to the global trend in interior design and aesthetics, showiness, and comfort. The priority is given to the most natural materials or materials that include as many natural ingredients as possible. 

Natural parquet, massive engineered boards, laminate, ceramic tiles, and porcelain stoneware confidently lead, displacing artificial tiles into the background. It should be noted that preference will be given to wood coatings since ceramic is rather cold with all its advantages.

Wood-like tiles for a natural effect

There are various advanced technologies for reproducing on tiles the natural look of the wood. Therefore, many tend to consider this option regarding the kitchen flooring as it is easier to take care of. There is no doubt that this style of flooring is one of the 2022 trends as it combines the functionality of the tiles and the aesthetics produced by the wood look.

Furthermore, this type of flooring will affect the environment the same way as wood, adding coziness and comfort to the room. There are various designs you can opt for depending on other kitchen elements.

Two in one for a double effect

Would you like to make a statement and bring in a double effect with your kitchen flooring? Consider two styles at the same time, which means two different materials for the same floor.  You can opt for wood and paint, wood and tiles, or other combinations. 

Furthermore, you can consider different patterns to add a point of interest to a neutral-colored kitchen. We suggest you opt for this flooring if your kitchen is multi-functional. Therefore, you can use different types of flooring for different spaces. For instance, you can use tiles for the cooking area and wood for the table area.

Natural stone for a natural result

As the 2022 trends emphasize natural beauty and refer to natural elements, a perfect option in this sense is natural stone. It looks beautiful and will add authenticity to any style. Considering its neutral color, it will fit perfectly any kitchen decor and complement it interestingly.

It should be noted that this material is not that easy to take care of and it is expensive. Therefore, you should think twice before considering it.

Concrete floor for a concrete effect

If you want to make a statement but keep it simple, consider concrete flooring. Its neutral color will serve as a perfect background for other kitchen elements. Furthermore, this flooring will suit particularly such styles as hi-tech or loft.

It should be noted that this type of flooring will not fit any room decor. We suggest you combine it with an industrial-style room for a perfect result. Nevertheless, it can also be used as a background for other types of decor. Don’t forget to balance them appropriately so that neither of these elements suppresses the other one.

Different tiles for different styles

There is no doubt that you will keep pace with the 2022 trends if you consider tiles for the flooring. There are various shapes and colors you can opt for, relying on the overall picture of the kitchen. We would like to offer you some insights in this sense.

  • Go eco-friendly. Consider an eco-design by using natural materials and patterns. For instance, you can opt for natural stone or granite.
  • Bring in Venice. Opt for the Terrazzo effect for the flooring if you want to make a statement. It is traced to the ’70s and supposes glass and stone particles within a cement floor. 
  • Stick to the classic. There is no doubt that the marble surfaces are part of the 2022 trends. They are already a classic, which means that they cannot get out of date.

Neutral-colored flooring

The primary trend in 2022 in the field of colors for kitchen flooring will be neutral floors. Since dark shades will prevail in kitchens’ overall interior design in 2022, a neutral floor will emphasize the unusual color solutions and create a soaring illusion.

Flooring color options in 2022 are impressive in their variety:

  • Whitewashed parquet flooring is versatile. It can become the basis for interiors in light and dark colors.
  • Light parquet inspired by such natural elements as oak, ash, maple, bamboo wood visually enlarges the kitchen space.
  • The gray finish is versatile but works best for bright furnishings and spectacular decor items.
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