Kitchen island lighting 2022: latest trends & newest ideas to keep it stylish

The kitchen island has become an essential part of the room. Therefore, its constituent elements play a vital role in the general look of the kitchen. It should be noted that the appropriate lighting of this space is one of the main features to ensure the perfect integration of this element into the kitchen style. There is no doubt that the lighting can influence the way this room looks and its environment. Thus, you can change a lot only by playing with the lights. You can make this space a work-oriented place by day and an environment filled with softness by night. That’s right! Light influences how you see and feel about a room. 

If you have not decided yet upon the kitchen island lighting, we want to assist you in this sense. We prepared a list of the latest 2022 trends regarding the lighting of this particular space, including the newest ideas, practical hints, and photos for inspiration. We promise to be relevant and inspiring. All you need to do is scroll through the following information, stop at the option that suits you best, and get inspired. One more thing to be added: go through these ideas with passion and put love in every element of your house, where the kitchen island lighting is not an exception. 

3 starting points to be considered

  • Lighting purpose. The main purpose of your kitchen island lighting is to brighten this space.  Nevertheless, you should also think about the result you want to receive. It will influence the look and atmosphere of the kitchen. 
  • Kitchen island use. Ruminate on the use of this space. Is it a place where you like to take all of your meals or working space? Each case in part requires specific lighting that has to be adapted accordingly. 
  • Planning. If you plan on setting up an entirely new kitchen, lighting is the first thing you should think about. Plan the particular lighting you want to use in your kitchen before deciding upon the other elements. You probably wonder why starting with the lighting. The answer is simple: it can inform you of the kitchen style you would like to integrate into this room.

Environmental-friendly lighting

Environmental-friendly elements will never get out-of-date. Therefore, we suggest you also apply this idea to kitchen island lighting. Whether it is a DIY project or a bought pendant, consider such natural materials as glass, rattan, bamboo, and other fabrics that are part of the decor trends of 2022. 

Furthermore, you could apply the idea of nature to the shape of the pendant. For instance, consider the form of leaves or branches. Either way, you will make an impact through an original design and respect for nature.

Transform your lighting into a piece of art

If you are an art lover and would like to make a statement with your kitchen lighting, we suggest you stick to unusual ideas for the pendant. This way, it will become a point of interest and bring a new sparkle to the kitchen decor. 

You can opt for various designs, starting with the simplest art objects and reaching complex structures. It should be noted that choosing such a piece of decor implies particular limits. Don’t forget to integrate the pendant into the picture of your kitchen, as it should be a constituent part and not stand as a separate element.

Go all simple

For a simple but original effect, consider a minimalist approach. All you have to do is manifest this concept through the thoughtful use of space. Don’t worry about not being in trend. Minimalism is not planning on getting out-of-date.

We suggest you opt for minimum use of space and maximum use of simple elements. You could combine glass with metal, adding a particular number of bulbs, and your stylish fixture is ready. You could also opt for an eclectic style by combining industrial and rustic details for a stunning result.

Stick to brass for a stunning effect

Brass is at the top of 2022 trends when it comes to decorative units. You have probably noticed its large use in clocks, tables, and other decor elements, where light fixtures are not an exception. 

Consider this material for your pendant if you want to keep it simple but add a little bit of luxury to the atmosphere. Furthermore, there are various designs you could opt for. It should be noted that you can stick to one piece, or a particular number of fixtures, depending on the space and effect you want to produce upon the picture of your kitchen.

Bring in geometry

Geometry will be part of the 2022 trends for the third year in a row. There is no wonder why, as the sharp lines bring stability and elegance to any style. Although, there are particular limits when it comes to lighting fixtures. 

If you want to stick to this idea, make sure that your wallpaper does not have geometrical elements. Regarding the form of the fixture, there are various shapes you can opt for. We suggest you consider hexagonal forms, such as those that resemble a honeycomb, as they are surely one of the 2022 trends.

Stick to your imagination

This trend refers to those who are full of creativity and want to apply it to hand-made units of decoration. There is no doubt that you will be in trend if you come with an original DIY project. It will offer your kitchen a new sparkle and bring in originality. 

As regards the ideas themselves, there is one single rule: stick to your imagination. We would like to provide you with some ideas in this sense. All you have to do is scroll through the photos and get inspired.

Unusual pendant for an unusual look

If you want to make a statement and bring in something new, consider an unusual pendant. Stick to concepts from nature, such as plants and animals, for an extraordinary fixture. It will add a point of interest to your room and enrich the environment with new shades of comfort. 

It should be noted that this element has to integrate into the room decor and not stand as a separate unit. Therefore, we suggest you don’t go too extra and choose an appropriate design. We would like to provide you with some ideas that can be found in the following photos.

A touch of softness

As you have probably noticed, simplicity is one of the main concepts integrated by the 2022 trends. When referring to kitchen lighting, it may be interpreted through soft lines and neutral colors. Therefore, we suggest you choose such features for the lighting fixtures.

There are various designs and colors you can opt for. Whether combining them with other kitchen elements or emphasizing them by choosing a unique design but keeping it simple, you will achieve an unreal result. Nothing enriches a decor more than simple details that form a complete combination of concepts.

Invisible lighting for an emphasized effect

If the style of your kitchen is minimalist and you would like to keep it that way, we suggest you opt for invisible lighting fixtures. It does not mean they do not have to exist at all. On the contrary, they have to brighten the kitchen as much as possible, but invisibly. Therefore, consider small fixtures or neutral colors to avoid spoiling the picture. 

Of course, a beautiful pendant within the appropriate conditions is a point of interest in a kitchen. At the same time, there are situations when a decorative element like this would be too much, even if it is a minimalist style.

Breakfast room lighting

One of the top colors for 2022 is breakfast room green, a soft shade that enriches the space with freshness. We suggest you opt for pendants of this color as they will surely keep you up-to-date and will be easy to integrate into any style, particularly the minimalist one. We recommend this color in this sense, as many tend to apply ideas based on simple design. 

Furthermore, you can opt for different shapes that suit your style better. It should be noted that you will never go wrong with this option for the kitchen lighting if the kitchen itself includes using this shade of color.

Merge into the kitchen color

If you want to brighten the kitchen island without making the fixture visible, consider an identical color that would make this decorative element unnoticeable on the kitchen background. 

For instance, you could opt for a white fixture if this is the color of the kitchen or transparent material that would take any shade and blend into the kitchen color. It is worth considering this option if you intend to keep it simple. Don’t worry. You will not be out-of-date. On the contrary, simplicity will define your kitchen, which is what the trends of 2022 are about.

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