Kitchen lighting trends 2021: modern light fixtures & ideas

Kitchen lighting trends 2021: modern light fixtures & ideas

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In 2021, kitchen interior design trends from 2020 will continue to develop. Kitchens will become more technological and versatile. There is an increase in home and apartment owners’ interest in the island type of workspace arrangement and combining the kitchen and living room. Designers propose projects that provide maximum integration of kitchens’ technical elements, work, and protection zones into kitchen cabinets. And minimalism remains the primary stylistic trend in kitchen interiors. This is due to the optimal combination of functionality, practicality, and ease of use. 

Particular attention is paid to kitchen lighting. Designers offer several trends that are relevant in 2021. Let’s discover them!

Luminaires made of unexpected materials

The use of unexpected materials for the manufacture of lamps allows the creation of original light fixtures that will become a highlight of the kitchen or even a starting point for creating an interior design. 

Metal and glass are still relevant in 2021. An interesting option is transparent ball-shaped shades for ceiling lamps. Designers offer attractive models of the ceiling and wall lamps made of polymers, acrylics, ceramics, and fashionable textile fringes. Wood, especially untreated or “semi-antique”, will become an actual material for lamps. This option fits nicely into the country, eco, and loft styles. 

The variety of light fixtures in design and shape in 2021 allows you to choose a solution in any kitchen style. It is permitted to use lamps in the same style, made of different materials, or products of different types of the same color and decor. Such a solution will allow you to zone the kitchen room and give the interior a new look.

Lamps of unusual shapes and colors

Traditional chandeliers and lighting fixtures blend into classic kitchen interiors. If an original design is required, you should give preference to the following lighting trends:

  • funny lamps in the form of bunches of light bulbs;
  • austere lamps in the spirit of neoclassicism, but unexpected colors;
  • lamps of an unusual shape, for example, spiral or in the form of a metal ornament;
  • lighting fixtures with decor (mirror inserts, ethnic decor, etc.);
  • lamps of unusual geometric shapes.

The original solution is a lamp with a ceiling “flower bed”. This lighting system consists of industrial-style pendant lamps, complemented by living plants hanging from the top.

Kitchen furniture lighting

Another great kitchen light trend in 2021 is furniture lighting.

Provided that the upper row of kitchen cabinets’ metal hanging frames used as glass showcases or shelves are illuminated, the kitchen will become visually more spacious. Interior lighting in the top row of cabinets is an effective way to add dynamism to the kitchen. It will make the kitchen stylish and practical at the same time:

  • luminaires installed along the upper perimeter neutralize the cramped conditions due to the low ceiling;
  • spotlights installed in the floor covering along the facade create the illusion of cabinets floating in the air.

Designers recommend using LED lights to highlight specific areas of kitchen furniture. For example, a wine cabinet or built-in appliances. With LED lamps’ help, you can focus on an unusual facade decor or decorative element using shadows.

Kitchen zoning

One of the trends in 2021 will be the kitchen’s smart zoning, which implies the conditional division of the premises into functional segments. You can easily accomplish this task with the help of lamps. 

The ideal tool for zoning the kitchen space in such a way is track lighting. In addition to track lighting, designers offer wall brackets for installing luminaires with convenient swivel mechanisms that direct the light flux to the right place. Designers recommend the use of theater spotlights. You can install them above kitchen storage systems.

Functional lighting

Energy efficiency is one of the main trends of our time. This trend will also affect kitchen lighting in 2021. Designers recommend dividing different lighting (point, LED, and directional) into groups using dimmers. This option is most favorable for vision. It will save money on electricity bills. Ceiling and wall lamps with height adjustment will become a practical option.

As for the dining area’s lighting, it is proposed to limit imagination only to personal comfort. We advise you to pay special attention to the following options:

  • spotlights with the function of adjusting the direction of light;
  • paired lighting (two ceiling lamps of different sizes in one design);
  • retro lamps with a large spherical lampshade;
  • lines of lampshades-lamps in the spirit of a loft;
  • traditional ceiling chandeliers with spectacular finishes.

A kitchen island is a trendy piece of kitchen furnishings that can successfully cope with the functions of a dining table, work area, and storage space. With such practicality, it is imperative to organize its aesthetic and extremely comfortable solution – for example, using the following topical techniques:

  • a row of small hanging lanterns;
  • lines of large lampshades;
  • small paired chandeliers;
  • track lights;
  • hidden lighting around the perimeter of the table itself;
  • the illumination of display cabinets at the base of the island.

The kitchen lighting trends in 2021 are smart minimalism, unexpected shapes, and shades of lamps, lighting functionality, kitchen zoning with lighting fixtures.