Kitchen quotes wall art ideas: give meaning to your decor

The decoration is not always about appropriately chosen colors and elements that define your style. It is also about originality, and nothing can ensure this better than a decor unit that reflects your personality or your point of view on something. It seems that we deal with meaningful decoration. Wall quotes are quite a thing now, and even such spaces as the kitchen are suitable for this approach. Today, we would like to reveal the best ways to decorate your kitchen walls with meaningful quotes for an authentic masterpiece, the author of which will be you. Enjoy the process and get inspired!

Neon words

One of the trendiest approaches is neon signs, meaning shorter expressions in neon light. The range of options is so wide that you will surely find the one that matches your vibe. Still, a personalized neon quote is the peak of originality. Furthermore, you don’t necessarily have to pick a color that suits your style since the role of these neon sparkles is to stand out, and any color is appropriate.

Peel and stick

The peel and stick art is the easiest way to decorate the wall. Pick a quote that feels close to you or opt for a customized one and stick it to the wall. It is usually black to stand out from any background and refers to thoughts regarding the kitchen itself or replicating a beautiful idea about life, love, or any emotions you would like to express. Place them over the working area if the quote is related to cooking or over the dining space if it reflects a beautiful idea about your family.

Printable inspiration

The most affordable solution is to go with printable quotes. Put them in frames, and you will instantly notice how they acquire a stately look. Again, you can opt for any quote. Be it related to cooking, a beautiful expression by someone famous, or a phrase that simply feels close to you. Depending on what reality it reflects, you can decide on where to hang it – is it the working or dining space?

Use the chalkboard to the fullest

Go with smaller chalkboards and write beautiful quotes on them. You can always change the words and give new meaning to this space. At the same time, you can consider a large chalkboard instead of the backsplash or as an accent wall and use it as you please. Write quotes on it, a reminder, a new recipe. While using it practically, it can also serve as a decorative unit. A perfectly written menu with a few personal notes is surely a stylish complement to any kitchen.

Real words, real meaning

Opt for framed printable quotes said by famous people. You can always refer to any personality and any expression you want. Still, the magic happens when they resonate with the role of the space you find yourself in. A quote related to cooking and food is what you need. Find inspiration in the wide range of sayings by Julia Child or pick a particular subject, such as chocolate, and find a quote that feels close to your sense of beautiful meaning. Take a look at the following photos. Maybe you will find your inspiration right here.

Standout metal decor

Black ink, cursive style, and meaningful expressions – consider all this for a metal wall decor to display a beautiful quote on the kitchen wall. The black-colored letters will impressively stand out on any background and spread their meaning throughout the space. The way these words flow one after another seems like the last puzzle pieces that complete your kitchen interior. 

Engraved wood decor

A real find for Farmhouse interiors but no less appropriate for other styles, this rustic approach to decor is an impressive complement to the kitchen. The beautifully engraved words into the wood acquire a whole new meaning. You will not be impressed only by the quote itself but also by the effort to put them on a wood board, particularly if you did it all by yourself. Usually, shorter expressions are considered that refer to the kitchen or any other subject close to you.

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