Kitchen Table Lighting 2023: Emerging Trends & Ideas with Photos

The kitchen has lately become more than a space for cooking. You can take your meal here, spend your free time, or even use it as a home office. Therefore, designers started paying a lot more attention to the design of this room. Lighting is an essential part of the kitchen. In this article, we will speak about kitchen table lighting as it is where you spend most of your time when staying in the kitchen after cooking. Depending on lighting purpose, kitchen design style, and the latest light fixture materials, colors, and designs suggested by experts, we present the brand-new kitchen lighting trends for the dining table.

Sustainable Pendants: Rethink, Reuse, Repurpose

Undoubtedly, the elements incorporated into the house design should reflect values relevant to the contemporary world. We don’t have to remind you about the ecological situation as it is clear that something has to be done in this sense, even when it comes to decorating a room. 

Think of ready-made pendants of natural materials, such as wood, cork, rattan, sisal, bamboo, or organic fabrics. As an alternative, take on the challenge with a DIY project using what you have at hand. A set of jars, an old piece of fabric, or a collection of pretty tea cups all work. Give new meaning to things you didn’t think you could ever use again, positively impact the environment, and decorate the space above your kitchen table with a statement piece. 

Top Light Fixture Style: Eco-Wicker Pendant

One of the beloved design styles in 2023, Eco-style, brings natural woven pendants to the fore. Sisal, willow, and even jute, in their untreated beauty or eco-dyed. If you are pretty good at DIYs, you can easily make one with your hands. A large, naturally textured pendant above the dining table is a decision you won’t regret for the next few seasons. A classy Contemporary kitchen, a Modern all-white interior, an updated Coastal space, an interior design slightly polished with Rustic or Farmhouse, or a gorgeous Traditional cooking and dining area are all friendly hosts for a natural woven pendant. 

Emerging Lighting Trend: Extra-large Pendants

Generally speaking, large-scale pieces are an absolute must of the 2023 interior designs. Unless the space doesn’t allow it, opt for the largest furnishing and decor units with imposing shapes and appealing styles. Primarily for high-ceiling spaces yet working for small kitchens as well, large-scale pendants above the kitchen table are the best novelty designers could introduce in this season’s forecast.

Even if you cannot allow a separate dining room, considering a sizable fixture above the dining area instantly underlines a special ambiance for this space only, slightly separating it from the cooking zone. If you don’t mind a huge piece of art hanging above your head, don’t lose the opportunity to use this great designer trick that can make a design project roar with professionalism and taste. 

The Season of Individuality: Designer Chandeliers

This year, more than any other interior design season, allows the liberty of shapes, colors, textures, and styles. There are no rules, no boundaries. There is only you and the way you want to see your interior, up to the last detail. This is why professionals suggest you break through stereotypes and limitations and decorate your space with accent pieces that feel relevant to you. In this context, unusual and not-like-the-others pendants are the striking trend in 2023. 

Don’t hesitate to consider designer pieces, such as a modern light fixture designed especially for your interior by a professional, next time you plan a kitchen makeover. As an affordable alternative, set off on an adventure through flea markets or vintage stores for one-of-a-kind chandeliers to place above the kitchen table. This trend aims to set a personal mood and make a customized statement. 

Low-hanging Pendants

Even if your kitchen has high or low ceilings, this trend works either way. Instead of ceiling-fixed pendants, opt for low-hanging chandeliers. Those can be strictly functional downlight fixtures or decorative pendants. Whether a large single-piece chandelier with an impressively modern design or a set of bubble pendants a few inches above the table. With such an approach to lighting, there is surely no need for table decoration. Such pendants stand both for practicality and decoration in terms of visual appeal and ambiance. 

Updated Bubble Chandeliers

Last season, Sputnik bubble pendants could be seen everywhere in magazines about interior design and real-life projects. Bubbles stay, and the Sputnik design slightly steps back this season. Translucent, white-painted, or metal-finished bubbles of various sizes and combination styles, whether paired closely or displayed separately as part of the same pendant, are the growing trend of the season. Why should you opt for a bubble chandelier? Bubbles soften the relatively rough and sharply felt edges of contemporary kitchens, visually becoming the key figure of the space and spreading a positive veil over the most neutral palettes. 

Best Ever Source of Inspiration: Nature

If an accent pendant seems like something your kitchen look requires, yet you cannot decide on the design, take a look outside. All the inspiration in the world is at your disposal, with natural-traced design at the top of light fixture trends this and the following years. A beautiful cascade chandelier with floral motifs, a glass composition of crystal-clear ramifications, a conglomeration of sea shells under the spell of modern shapes, or a bean chandelier that reminds of the precious shell pearls. 

Brand-new Trend: Reinvented Lamp

Wall lamps with long and adjustable constructions are definitely a known thing in design. What’s new is their integration into the kitchen in the dining area. Overlooked for so many years, wall lamps receive much attention this season. The design can be as simple as you want as long as this lighting source serves its purpose of brightening the space. 

It works pretty well for those who use the kitchen table as a dining zone, reading spot, and home office at different times during the day since the lamp can be easily repurposed and accordingly adjusted. The only drawback is that this approach better goes for kitchen tables displayed relatively close to one of the four walls. 

Corner Dining Areas: Miniature Accent Pendants

In an era of large-size chandeliers, designers propose the entirely opposite alternative for compact corner dining areas. The same huge and imposing chandeliers in their smaller version for suiting the space yet still preserve their flair. Well, every kitchen wants to shine the best it can. Renaissance chandeliers, edgy pendants, and floating fixtures of any style slightly adapted to the available space rules. 

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