Kitchen trends 2022: styles, colors, materials, and design ideas to stay up-to-date

Kitchen trends 2022: styles, colors, materials, and design ideas to stay up-to-date

The kitchen has become more than a cooking place, bringing together various activities you do during the day, starting with drinking your coffee or tea in the morning and reaching the point when you use it as an office. Therefore, the interior design of this room started to incorporate new concepts and develop into something more than a simple kitchen arrangement. Every year comes with something new, thus, pointing out the main kitchen trends. If you are interested in finding out what the latest ideas in this sense are in 2022, you came to the right place.

We prepared a list of kitchen trends in 2022, covering all the relevant aspects. Stay with us, and we will reveal the newest ideas and practical tips for a perfect kitchen. We promise an adventurous journey that will enrich your knowledge of kitchen design, enhance your sense of beauty and inspire you for something new. All we want in exchange is your true passion during the process and sincere love for the result.  

According to the rules of the 2022 trends, you should stick to such concepts as simplicity, eco-friendliness, and innovation. Therefore, we suggest you integrate these aspects into your kitchen, whereas we will try to show you how they can be incorporated for every element in part. The result should be a laconic kitchen in neutral colors that involves the use of materials inspired by nature, accompanied by the latest innovations. 

We would like to draw your attention to the following leading trends in kitchen style for 2022. 

Minimalist style

It involves the functional use of the space and the simple yet stylish arrangement of the kitchen elements. Particularly welcome is this style for a small kitchen as every meter counts. Furthermore, it also affects the colors that should be neutral or soothing as not to deviate from the main concept of this style – simplicity. 

We prepared a list of rules to follow in this sense:

  • Avoid unnecessary details and emphasize the functionality of the space;
  • Stick to neutral colors, avoiding bright finishes;
  • Keep clear the space by setting a storage system for all appliances;
  • Forget about accessories that spoil the picture;
  • Try to free the space as much as possible.

Hi-tech style

It implies the use of the latest materials, geometric shapes, and various lighting sources to emphasize the features of this style. It should be noted that an essential element in this context is the island that can be used to underline the peculiarities behind such a complex design. Furthermore, solid surfaces and sharp lines contribute to this style more than any other elements. Nevertheless, there is one rule that refers to all of them: keep it laconic and ultramodern.

We come here with another list of steps to be considered:

  • Use such materials as marble, glass, concrete, and metals;
  • Stick to neutral colors, such as blue, green, gray with cold undertones;
  • Arrange a simple decor, and avoid such elements as carpets, curtains, or tablecloths.


As the ecological subject is very often tackled today, consider integrating eco-friendly elements into your kitchen. It will offer this room a touch of freshness and make a statement by emphasizing the materials inspired by nature. 

Take a look at the list of rules to be followed in this sense:

  • Stick to neutral colors or the ones that refer to natural elements;
  • Use materials inspired by nature, such as wood or marble;
  • Enrich the environment by using natural fabrics for curtains, plants, and other elements of the kind.

Materials to be used in a 2022 kitchen

Regarding the materials to be used in the kitchen, we suggest you stick to a particular one or combine two of them by referring to natural elements and keeping it simple. Scroll through the following list and find out the most used materials in 2022 for the kitchen. 

Materials inspired by nature

A modern kitchen requires the use of natural materials that emphasize the beauty of nature and the practical use of the space. This refers particularly to kitchen cabinets, countertops, and backsplash. They serve as a binding line between other elements and harmonize the picture. Therefore, we suggest you pay attention to how you arrange these spaces. 

Consider such materials as wood and marble, and you will fit perfectly between the borders set by this trend. Even the simplest design will be enriched by a marble countertop or backsplash. At the same time, wood will bring a touch of freshness to your kitchen cabinets and add warmness to the environment. It should be noted that the latter can also be used for other elements.

Glass for backsplash

This is a perfect alternative to the usual ceramic tiles. It is popular due to its functionality and the fact that it is easy to take care of. Furthermore, it is not hard to install, and the result is stunning. 

Another essential feature of this material is that it reflects the lights, thus, enlarging the space. This characteristic is particularly useful within small kitchens. Moreover, if the surface is matted or aged, it will offer your kitchen a new look and enrich it with a point of interest.

Metal elements

There is lately a wide use of metal materials for kitchen elements. It seems that this trend penetrates deeper into kitchen design in 2022. In this sense, consider such materials as brass, copper, and stainless steel. They can be integrated into the kitchen through small details or larger ones, reaching such elements as cabinets. Regarding the latter one, we suggest you pay attention to the contrasts as the metal elements should not suppress other kitchen units.

It should be noted that these materials will offer your kitchen either a shining effect or a warm atmosphere, relying on the particular type. Furthermore, they will fit perfectly with wood or marble.

There is no doubt that the top kitchen colors in 2022 are the neutral ones that fit a minimalist style and the shades inspired by nature that match the eco-style. Both categories suit a hi-tech setting perfectly. Therefore, it can be stated that the 2022 kitchen trends involve an eclectic combination of values that keep it simple while making a statement. We would also like to refer to the leading colors of this season suggested by Pantone, starting with ultimate gray and illuminating from 2021 and adding new shades. 

Take a look at the list of color trends we prepared for you and get inspired.

Neutral colors to keep it simple

As one of the leading trends in 2022 relies on simplicity, we suggest you integrate this concept into the kitchen color. Consider neutral colors or an eclectic combination of two different shades. White is a classic in this sense, and you will never get out-of-date if you go this way. Furthermore, it will offer your room a splash of light and freshness. You can also opt for such shades as gray or other soothing colors to preserve stability and integrate your kitchen into the borders set by the 2022 trends.

As we have already covered the kitchen color basics, now, we can proceed to the most interesting part: unusual combinations for a perfect 2022 kitchen. Take a look at the following mixtures of colors and get inspired. 

Gray + Yellow + Blue

You can opt for any shades of these colors but take into account an appropriate combination so that they do not suppress each other. The pairing of gray with yellow will balance the environment, while the blue shade will bring the ocean breeze into the atmosphere. This bold mixture will offer the room energy and a new splash of light.

Gray + Yellow + White

White is a neutral color, and it will match perfectly such shades as gray and yellow. Furthermore, you can opt for different undertones for the latter ones and enrich them with a touch of freshness by adding white. It should be noted that white will balance the contrasts and stabilize the environment.

Gray + Yellow + Green

Consider a gray and a soothing green for the main elements, while brass for small details. This combination will bring warmness to the environment and add a touch of freshness. It will look particularly fascinating for an east-facing kitchen as this shade of green is related to breakfast rooms. Therefore, your kitchen will always be filled with natural light and sparkling elements as the brass units reflect the light.

We would like to reveal to you now some of the colors that will fit perfectly a modern kitchen and bring innovation to the environment. In this sense, we suggest you consider bolder colors with appropriate undertones to match the picture and add elegance to the room. 

Black for a statement

Black is not planning on getting out of date. Therefore, opt for this color if you want to keep it low-key but at the same time make a statement. This shade will bring stability to the environment and add elegance to the kitchen. Nevertheless, you should not go too extra and keep it within the limits so as not to suppress the other kitchen elements.

Soothing crimson for a modern look

Considering that incarnadine, which is a shade of crimson, was introduced by Farrow & Ball as a 2022 color and its wide popularity with the interior design, we decided to make it part of our list. It should be noted that a particularly soothing shade of crimson will fit perfectly a modern kitchen. It will bring a splash of new color and enrich the environment with notes of romance. Furthermore, it can be combined with neutral colors to balance the atmosphere.

Kitchen design ideas 2022

The design trends for 2022 are full of classics and new ideas that will keep you up-to-date and lead to a perfect kitchen if the elements are combined appropriately. We prepared a list of the latest ideas to consider in this sense.

Matte surface

It is not a secret that glossy surfaces are no longer that popular, replaced by matte textures. Consider the latter one as it has a lot of advantages. First of all, it will make your kitchen look modern. Secondly, it is more practical, as you will forget about such problems as fingerprints or grease that are visible on gloss.

Elegant countertops

When we refer to elegant, we mean thin countertops that will underline the contrasts of your kitchen and offer it a new look. It should be noted that this feature does not reduce its ability to withstand loads. On the contrary, it manages this task perfectly, additionally to the fact that it looks gorgeous and adds elegance to any style.

No handles

The picture of your kitchen can be simplified more by opting for handles-free cabinets. We suggest you consider “touch to open” systems. They will make your kitchen look modern and ease the process of combining the colors without taking into account this element. Furthermore, the concept of simplicity, one of the main aspects of the 2022 trends, will be emphasized this way.

Smart appliances

Offer your kitchen a futuristic appearance by opting for smart technologies. It will make the space look modern and save you time while cooking. Such large appliances as ovens and dishwashers should be built-in, while the small ones should be kept in a particular storage place. We suggest you opt for quality products in this sense so that they last longer and help you efficiently.

The kitchen table is an important element of this room, especially if the space allows it. We would like to reveal to you some of the latest trends in this sense. It should be noted that this element requires your attention as an appropriate option will be the last element of the puzzle for the kitchen. Scroll through the following ideas and stop at the one that suits you.

  • One interesting idea is to form a unity between the island and the kitchen table itself. It will save space and add functionality to this place. Don’t forget that both the material and color have to fit each other perfectly and become a constituent part of the kitchen;
  • Use the island itself as a table, which is both practical and stylish;
  • The most popular option is a separate table. You can opt, in this sense, for sustainable materials. Consider sharp or thin lines for the table depending on the effect you want to produce, whether it is a cold atmosphere or a warm one;
  • A perfect option for small kitchens will be to integrate this space into the kitchen itself. If you combine the colors appropriately and use the space efficiently, you will achieve a stylish result.
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