Kitchen Trends 2024: Furniture, Colors, Materials, and Styles

Some trends come and go. Others stay for long and reach the status of timeless. We’ve seen a lot in the kitchen over the past few years, and it seems 2024 will focus more on bringing back some trends from the past that will stylishly harmonize with the new pearls of the season. Interior designers and decorators firmly state that a 2024 kitchen should show more personality, and the latest 2024 kitchen trends will undoubtedly help. Design your new kitchen with Hackrea and its freshly revealed trends!

White Kitchens Are Back

We can all agree that colorful kitchens have been trending for the last few seasons. A white-colored kitchen feels like a breath of fresh air, and it proudly takes center stage as a timeless option. Still, if you want a trendy white kitchen in 2024, avoid the all-white clinical look. Focus on statement kitchen islands, backsplashes, countertops, pendants, or chairs. Choose accent materials that will stand out and accessorize the white cabinets. 

Discover more white kitchen ideas that will reign this season. 

More Tiles

Expect to see an abundance of tiles in 2024 kitchens. Miniature and artisanal tiles, together with rich-patterned tiles and checkerboard in particular, are favorites for the backsplash and even the countertop. As part of the kitchen floor tile trends, experts recommend terracotta and, again, checkered tiles as the top choices. 

Comeback of Wooden Cabinets

If there is one option that outruns painted kitchen cabinets, that’s undoubtedly wood – natural, rich-grained, and expensive-looking. The 2024 kitchen trends suggest paying utmost attention to sustainable materials. Therefore, wood is a top solution. It infuses enhanced texture and luxe into the cooking space.

Saturated Colors for Cabinets

The latest 2024 kitchen cabinet color trends show an increasing interest in saturated colors that confidently stand out on any neutral color palette. Colorists give preference to yellows, greens, blues, and earthy shades. Which sounds better to you? Either way, pick any vibrant color, even outside this list, and make it a trend. Current trends give more freedom of choice.   

The Fluted Style

Since 2023, the fluted design has received much appreciation from interior designers. The 2024 kitchen trends will be the first to pay tribute to this expensive-looking style. Moreover, opting for a fluted kitchen island or upper cabinets will allow you to make the most of underrated neutral tones. Still, you can consider bright-painted surfaces revealing the same ribbed texture. We’ve also noticed the integration of fluted wooden or marble surfaces into modern kitchens, which goes beyond any expectations.

Silent Luxury

Quiet luxury or old money aesthetic was all the rage in 2023 and is expected to stay the same in 2024. Emphasizing the authenticity of simple design solutions paired with quality and expensive materials, Quiet Luxury reveals opulent yet inviting interior design concepts. Everything is well thought-out, yet nothing seems too much. It will surely be a trendy kitchen design style in 2024. Achieve this effect with natural materials, combined textures, classic prints, and focus on details. 

Beverage Stations

Kitchens are no longer viewed as utilitarian spaces devoid of stylistic character. Now, designers try to adapt kitchens to the homeowners’ lifestyle and embed into them as much personality as possible. In this respect, beverage stations are next on our list of the top 2024 kitchen trends. Set up a separate space in your kitchen for a coffee break, a glass of wine in the evening, or a healthy smoothie after a run. This beverage station can be proudly displayed or efficiently hidden for practical purposes. 

A Facelift for Minimalist Kitchens

Good news for those who don’t want to give up on the concept of “less is more”. Now, according to the kitchen trends in 2024, you can update your flat kitchen cabinets by adding molding, which makes a huge comeback this year. 

More Glass Surfaces

Designers say we’ll see a lot of clear, tinted, or ribbed glass in 2024 interiors. This sustainable, light-reflecting, and refreshing material brings much value to design. Integrate this translucent texture into your kitchen with glass cabinet doors or pendants. By the way, you’ll especially like glass in your kitchen if you want to make this space breathe and feel larger.

Rustic Aesthetics

Rustic wins designers’ love in 2024 out of tens of popular design styles. The familiar and, at the same time, new-for-the-eye pairing between Cottage and Vintage lends to the most beautiful and comfortable kitchen design. Dark wood cabinets are favored, while the renowned Farmhouse sink and stylishly displayed kitchen utensils add cottagecore character. 

Add Visual Appeal with Wallpaper

The new kitchen wallpaper trends put a wide range of wall-covering options at our disposal, which means that wallpaper is one of the top 2024 kitchen trends. If you feel your cooking space lacks personality, opt for one of the affordable and easy-to-apply wallpaper design solutions trending this season. Tropical, countryside, floral, green, and mural wallpaper are having their moment this year. Besides, you can always change the wallpaper and keep pace with the upcoming trends. 

Check out what kitchen trends to avoid this season, and you’ll surely be on the safe side.

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