Kitchen Trends to Avoid in 2023: Looking for Alternative Solutions

Today, the concept of trends in the interior is somewhat vague – the designers themselves speak about this. Over the past two or three years, no one has already required scrupulous observance of stylistic accuracy within the framework of one direction. A harmonious and balanced mix of details, a light touch of eclecticism, a sense of individuality – just such a design is relevant today.

However, this does not mean that absolutely any techniques are permissible in designing a house or apartment today. Specific trends unobtrusively dictate options for arranging living space. They change over time, but the fundamental principles are already known, based on which the most fashionable interiors will be created:

  • free open spaces, an abundance of air and light;
  • calming, relaxing color palette;
  • laconic, precise forms and clear lines;
  • extremely moderate use of decor;
  • priority for natural materials.

These trends are also valid for kitchens, where gross stylistic mistakes are often made in decoration and furnishings. Designers suggest paying attention to solutions that should be avoided in 2023.

Countertop Tiles

Tiled countertops were trendy at the end of the last century. Although they have recently had a comeback, they are out-of-trend now as they spoil the picture of today’s interior designs. Contemporary kitchens don’t allow any additional lines but uniform surfaces. Furthermore, this type of countertop is not easy to take care of, which is another headache. 

Consider instead: Although tiles are less expensive than other solid surfaces, such materials as granite, marble, and wood are much trendier and promise to stay the same for the following seasons. Find out the best materials and designs in our ultimate guide on the latest kitchen countertop trends.

Bar Counter

The bar counter as an element of kitchen design appeared in the arsenal of designers in the early 60s. It immediately became a real find for those who spent a lot of time outside the house and, at the same time, did not mind creating the atmosphere of a stylish loft in their apartment. However, time has shown its impracticality. Gathering as a large family at a narrow high table is inconvenient, and due to the growth in the number of bars and clubs, it becomes less and less necessary to equip a particular area at home for an evening cocktail or a glass of wine.

Consider instead: If the room allows, you should pay attention to the kitchen island, which is many times superior in functionality to the bar counter. The best option for a small kitchen is a comfortable ergonomic table and laconic light chairs.

Small Backsplashes

Although unobtrusive solutions are still part of the 2023 trends, it is not to be applied to the backsplash, and it is for a good reason. Small backsplashes limited to the working area only are out of the list. 

Consider instead: Opt for a large backsplash all over the kitchen, from cabinet to cabinet. It will fit better with other kitchen elements and complete any design. Furthermore, it is more practical and easier to take care of.

Photo-printed Backsplashes

The color-printed glass kitchen backsplash was at the height of fashion a little over a decade ago. Manufacturers offered many designs, including flowers of significant sizes, panoramas of the night city, sea views, placers of fruits and vegetables, flower meadows, and even something utterly extravagant like black silhouettes emerging through the matte whiteness. As time has shown, such backsplashes are extremely difficult to fit into any interior: they either make the design cheaper, or seem superfluous, or create a tiresome color ripple.

Consider instead: Today, backsplashes with photo printing have lost their position as a fashion trend, giving way to the following topical solutions:

  • plain transparent or frosted glass;
  • tile;
  • porcelain stoneware with natural wood texture;
  • solid stone planks.

Glossy Surfaces

Gloss is another trend to be defeated in the run-up to the new season. Such surfaces contradict the critical trend of the season – unconditional functionality and authentically textured surfaces. Facades, backsplashes, and countertops with such a coating get dirty quickly and require constant maintenance – and the continuous play of light over time is tiring and irritating. A glossy kitchen constantly shares the desire to wipe everything that comes to hand continually. Avoid it!

Consider instead: Matte surfaces or naturally textured ones will not lose their relevance for a long time. And this is by no means something flat and faceless: painted wood and wood with an open texture, ceramics with a pattern for rocks, natural stone – you can set rhythm and harmony to the kitchen without any shine.

Appliances in the Picture

There is no doubt that a 2023 kitchen has various smart appliances that save time and add innovation to the space. Nevertheless, do not consider placing them in visible places. It will spoil the picture and disturb the visual harmony.

Consider instead: We suggest you keep all appliances in a closed storage place. It will be practical, save you space, and preserve the integrity of the design. Consider a functional use of space that will be convenient both for you and the interior design of your kitchen.

Artsy Finishes

A classic cabinet with facades decorated with spectacular carvings, metal elements, and rhinestones (sometimes it happens) looks luxurious – however, the designers unanimously admit that such furniture is morally outdated. Ergonomics, comfort, and eye-pleasing restraint reign in trendy modern kitchens, and intricate design looks alien and generally too much.

Consider instead: The solution, in this case, is simple: laconic and smooth kitchen facades are appropriate in any setting – and even complex textures and patterns of wood (including such species as wenge and Zebrano) will look organic. We also recommend replacing furniture handles with a push-to-open system – convenient, practical, and nothing more for those closely following the interior design trends.

Cluttered Work Areas

Often, homeowners consider the kitchen as a personal space where everything is necessary, convenient, expensive – and just like it should be at hand at once. All kinds of rails, coasters for kitchen utensils and tea sets, spice sets and flower pots, cutting boards, and fruit vases – often all this is located in the kitchen work area. The problems with such an organization of space are apparent – it is a constant feeling of disorder, difficulties with cooking, and the need to wash and wipe everything continually.

Consider instead: First of all – ergonomics. Replace versatile devices with built-in multifunctional appliances. When ordering a kitchen cabinet, calculate its dimensions so that all utensils, dishes, and products can fit in. Set aside separate shelves for your favorite accessories and indoor flowers. The absence of unnecessary items on the work surfaces will create the necessary atmosphere of comfort and conciseness – just like on the covers of interior design magazines. If you are interested in the topic, check out our ultimate guide to kitchen ergonomics.

Full Open-Shelving System

No doubt, a few open shelves on the upper part of the kitchen are quite a fashionable solution, particularly in a contemporary kitchen that strives for as much free space as possible without overload. Scandinavian kitchens are known for their stylish open shelves above the work area. Still, fully covering this space with such a storage system is becoming an anti-trend since the solution appears to be not that practical. Everything always gets dusty and requires constant arrangement.

Consider instead: Allow yourself the delight of a few open shelves for accessories or exposing decorative kitchen items; the same cookbooks would do. Leave the rest for the kitchen cabinets for a decluttered and organic layout.

Faux Wood Flooring

Although it was a hit a few years ago, the faux wood floor covering has lost its authenticity in the new season when favoring sustainable and eco-friendly trends is a top priority. Avoid wood-replicating tiles for the floor at any cost.

Consider instead: Think hardwood flooring or raw-textured tiles of stone or concrete. The latter suit warm regions by providing a perfect cooling system. In terms of wood, the availability of textures, colors, and styles, alongside the range of layout options, is wide enough to surprise you. Go through the newest hardwood flooring trends for inspiration.

All-gray Kitchen

Gray has been the first color for a long time. Yet, the last few seasons have shown a decrease in its popularity. Now, when maximalist design choices are in full development, there is no place for all-gray spaces, at least for the well-known cool gray tone. With an exception for warmer grays and favoring whites and beiges alongside the bold pearls of the season, the kitchen color acquires new meaning. Avoid the monochromatic gray makeovers by any means.

Consider instead: Go with the slightly richer and eye-catching new kitchen paint colors for the walls and favor the latest paint color trends for the cabinets, led by bright pops meant to stand out from the crowd and personalize the design.

Yellow Gold Hardware

We cannot deny the relevance of gold accents in today’s kitchen, especially for the hardware. Still, one thing is known for sure – bright yellow gold accessories are outdated since they seem too eye-catching and tend to become tiring for the eyes over time. 

Consider instead: The range of available trendy gold variations is wide enough to replace the yellowish gold tone. Think brass, copper, rose gold, brushed gold, and even silver variations as an alternative; give satin nickel a thought.

Blank Walls

Simply painted walls are switching to bold-colored wallpaper in the 2023 kitchen. Designers advise allowing yourself more expression of feelings and emotions through color and shapes. Reject the “like the others” neutrally painted walls.

Consider instead: Background wallpaper with rich color schemes and interesting patterns serve for the last touch of individuality to your personally designed kitchen. Add a bit of character to the neutrally colored cabinets and keep pace with the upcoming maximalist design solutions regarded as defining for the coming few years.

Mosaic Brick Tiles for Backsplash

Gone are the days of those hitting mosaic tiles that one could see in almost any kitchen. If you still feel this craving for mosaic brick tiles, it is time you find alternatives since designers would say “no” to any endeavor to adopt the long-forgotten trend in contemporary kitchens. Mosaic brick-tiled backsplashes have had their time.

Consider instead: Not far in terms of shape are the striking subway tiles that seem to be trendier each year. Now, with the suggested design, implying various colors, grout shades, and tile layouts, you can as easily personalize your backsplash decorated with the beloved subway tiles. As follows, you can notice the difference we are talking about between mosaic brick tiles (on the left) and subway tiles (on the right).

Functional Light Only

Of course, spotlights, track lighting, and under-cabinet LED strips are a great asset for the cooking area, and it would be just as it was a few years ago when Minimalism was reigning. The scenario changes completely in the brand-new season. Don’t limit yourself to functional light sources only.

Consider instead: Don’t overlook the individualization of the space when planning the next kitchen makeover. Decorate the available space with a gorgeous accent chandelier, be it as a centerpiece or above the kitchen island. The more intricate the shape, the more effective the personalization. In an era of eclectic solutions, allow yourself at least the choice of the most opulent pendant you have ever seen.

Of course, everyone equips their kitchen the way they like. However, it is still worth paying attention to kitchen trends to avoid. Today, designers refer to them as solutions that can disrupt your visual, psychological, and physical comfort and prevent the creation of a truly harmonious and cozy atmosphere. Those may seem like tiny details, yet with a great impact. Avoid the mentioned outdated trends, and nothing will stay in your way, or to be precise, in your trendy kitchen’s way.

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