Under-cabinet lighting ideas for your kitchen: practical tips, trendy suggestions & lots of inspiration

Under-cabinet lighting ideas for your kitchen: practical tips, trendy suggestions & lots of inspiration

There is no doubt that the interior design can be shaped substantially due to appropriate lighting. One should note that both the lighting source and the fixture are to be considered in this sense. The need for functional use of space encourages you to choose under-cabinet lighting for the kitchen. Besides the fact that it can change the entire perspective and enhance the room design, the under-cabinet lighting adds a new source of light, thus, bringing visual interest to the cabinets. All this is followed by the functional purpose of this type of lighting, which consists of taking as little space as possible and being as practical as necessary within the workspace. 

Quite a lot of benefits for such an apparently simple element of the room, but that’s not it. The most interesting part is yet to come! We will provide you with relevant information on everything you need to know about under-cabinet lighting for a good start since being well-informed is halfway to success. Be ready to discover as it follows an array of trendy ideas for original under-cabinet lighting to get inspired for a new result!

The essentials of a perfect start

  • Lighting color temperature. It depends on the purpose of your under-cabinet lighting. If you plan on using the space for cooking purposes, the under-cabinet lighting requires a cooler temperature for a bright effect. At the same time, if you opt for under-cabinet lighting to emphasize the kitchen design, you can consider a warmer color temperature to underline the cabinets smoothly;
  • Kitchen countertop. The particular countertop will influence the practical and stylish features of the under-cabinet lighting, pointing at the appropriate choice. Consider the following options in this sense: Glossy countertops reflect the light at the maximum, thus, requiring particular lighting fixtures that decrease the reflective feature; Matte countertops do not reflect as much light as the glossy ones, making it possible to opt for any under-cabinet lighting that fits your liking; Bright-colored countertops reflect light at an acceptable level, offering a wide range of possibilities when it comes to under-cabinet lighting; Dark-colored cabinets instantly absorb a particular amount of light, thus, requiring an under-cabinet light source with a high lighting level. 
  • Installation. As a starting point, it is worth mentioning that the most common options are surface-mount and recessed lights. They suppose the following types of installation: battery, plug-in, and hardwire. If the first two options are to be dealt with all by yourself, the latter requires the help of an electrician.

Under-cabinet lighting types

Considering the practical purpose of under-cabinet lighting and its influence on aesthetics, you can opt for particular types in this sense. Fortunately, there are various options you can choose from to meet your expectations. Take a look at the following under-cabinet lighting styles:

  • LED strip lights. A perfect option for tight spaces, being easy to install and serving as accent lighting. They stay cool, decreasing the amount of heat spread into the kitchen;
  • Rope lights. They are ideal for larger spaces, being easy to work with. Nevertheless, it should be noted that they cannot be bent at 90-degree angles, even if they fit perfectly the corners;
  • Puck lights. A common choice since they are battery-operated. They work perfectly for small spaces, particularly if there is no access to a plug;
  • Strip lamps. Available as LED lights, incandescents, or fluorescents, strip lights are a perfect option for workspaces. They are brighter and larger, serving at the maximum its purpose.

Now you are fully equipped with all the necessary information. There is nothing left to do other than get inspired for something new. We will convince you that appropriate lighting of this kind can serve as something more than its initial purpose of brightening up the space. Let’s discover the best ideas for under-cabinet lighting in your kitchen!

Slick and timeless

Glossy surfaces, modern cabinets, and thin strips of LED lights all over the space under the cabinets; what else do you need for a contemporary setting? Although serving more as an accent light, it brightens up the space at the necessary level, offering your kitchen a modern look. Bring into play the reflective surfaces, and enrich this space with a timeless effect of contemporary elegance.

A new version of black

Black is a popular option for modern kitchens. Both practical and stylish, it keeps you up to date. Nevertheless, it substantially darkens the space and makes it poorly lit for particular tasks. This is when the under-cabinet lighting enters the room. From simple LED lights for those who want to add an accent to the kitchen, be it with a cooler or warmer color temperature, depending on the effect, to puck lights for a whole workspace covering.

Classics from another perspective

The wood kitchen is a leading trend, and the experts are not ready yet to give up on this classic. Furthermore, they came up with ideas of adapting it to modern values, and appropriate under-cabinet lighting is all you need in this sense. Consider bright light sources for dark-wooden cabinets and decrease the lighting level for light-wooden kitchens. Besides brightening up the workspace, such an element will play with the room’s color temperature and make it feel either colder or warmer, depending on the type of wood.

A new splash of light

One of the leading tendencies is to opt for dark backsplashes. We encourage you to consider this approach without hesitation. Nevertheless, you should not ignore such an important element as under-cabinet lighting. From placing lighting strips all over the place for throwing another light on the backsplash to considering puck lights in particular places to illuminate specific parts of the backsplash, you can enhance the entire look.

Who said that under-cabinet lighting is the only option? You can as well consider under-shelf lighting if this is your case. Since the latest trends suggest opting for floating shelves instead of cabinets if the space allows, an accordingly approach to lighting will complement the trendy look of your kitchen. The best option is to opt for LED strip lights since they do not take much place and serve as an accent light. Nevertheless, small puck lights will work as perfectly for an emphasized effect.

On the right place

If your kitchen does not require any additional lighting sources and the under-cabinet lighting will serve only its practical purpose of brightening up the workspace, you have nothing else to do other than opt for light sources right above the cooking space. Particularly suitable in this sense are puck lights and strip lamps that offer a high level of light and brighten the place at the necessary level.

Add more light

An all-white kitchen looks bright enough, and an additional source of light would likely not change the design of your kitchen. It is quite the opposite. A monochromatic scene like that would benefit from under-cabinet lighting that would warm up the cool environment and emphasize the cabinet lines. In this case, the under-cabinet lighting will enrich the design, particularly if going with simple LED strips. Nevertheless, puck lights with a lower level of lighting will also work nicely.

Shape the aesthetics with a double effect

A popular approach to under-cabinet lighting is opting for lighting strips both for the upper and lower cabinets. It is noteworthy that such an option works particularly for modern settings since the additional source of light points to the belonging of the kitchen to the contemporary style. The smaller those strips are, the better they will fit in the space and serve their purpose of enhancing the look of your kitchen.

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