17 Kitchen Wall Art Ideas To Try and Fall in Love With

Most homeowners think of wall art as a perfect accent for a living room or bedroom. What about the kitchen? When appropriately chosen, wall decor belongs to the cooking space as much as other rooms in your home. There is always room for design personalization, and kitchen wall art ideas are among the best and safest bets. Regardless of your kitchen’s design style, the planned budget, and your taste, you’ll find at least a few options to suit your kitchen. Scroll through these lovely kitchen wall decor ideas.

Modern Kitchen Wall Art Idea: Neon Signs

We started our list with a modern solution that works for pretty much any kitchen design that needs a contemporary touch. Use LED neon signs of any design above your cooking space or in the dining area, and enjoy it day and night.

Paint Directly on Walls

One of the best DIY wall art ideas for your kitchen is painting directly on walls, particularly in the dining space. It’s usually a room corner, and you can get as creative as you fancy. Or hire a professional. Now is the best time for rich and vivid wall decorations; don’t sleep on this trend.

Simple Wall Art for Kitchen

The most budget-friendly and easiest kitchen wall decor is accessorizing any blank space with cooking utensils, the ones you don’t use. Thus, you’ll give your cooking space a subtle rustic touch. Simple and stylish.

Wall Decor for Small Kitchens

Decorating the wall with open shelves and using them as storage for kitchen belongings paired with matching decor, such as leaning paintings, is the best wall art idea for a small kitchen. Save space and use those shelves both practically and stylishly.

Artful Walls: Multiple Paintings

Embrace art and color to the fullest with various wall paintings that share a story, shaping your kitchen’s individuality. Moreover, opt for depictions of people and natural landscapes to render emotions and enliven the space.

On Point: Fruity and Veggie Paintings

The best inspiration comes from nature. Refresh your kitchen design with richly colored paintings depicting your favorite fruits and vegetables. What’s more, opt for vintage images to add a bit of mystery to the kitchen ambiance.

Decorate the Backsplash

If you don’t have enough space, try placing your paintings on the backsplash. It will underline the stylish mood around your cooking space. As they say, “Dine in style.” Maybe start with a stylish cooking process?

China Wall Art Ideas

The kitchen is the best space to decorate the walls with accent plates. Choose a style you like, and make it defining for your kitchen wall decor. Moreover, you’ll add that slight countryside vibe to your kitchen, an unmatchable trend in contemporary interior design.

Give a Thought to Mirror Decor

This kitchen wall art idea works for small kitchens in particular. Expand its borders and add a reflective accent to your kitchen walls. We like the look with leaning mirrors on open shelves or mirrored backsplashes since the new kitchen backsplash trends are all in for original options. 

Large-Scale to the Fore

Make a bold statement in your own kitchen with a sizable painting or even a few. Place them on a blank wall; best if it is above the cooking space yet still great in any available space. 

Go the Other Way: Petite Wall Art

Go small and stay home. Sometimes, the less visible accents add that desired touch of home and completeness to a room. Choose petite paintings to decorate your kitchen walls. Yet, use the painting frame design to the maximum. We suggest metallic finishes.

Kitchen Open Shelf Styling

If you don’t have upper cabinets in your kitchen, you should definitely come up with a unique open-shelf decor idea. It will become your new kitchen wall art. Combine paintings with pottery collections, candles, exposed plates, and any accessories. Above are a few ideas we liked. Yet, you know better than us – Pinterest at your disposal.

It is still trending – a gorgeous gallery wall suits perfectly a spacious kitchen. Nevertheless, a tiny corner selection of art pieces feels no less catchy. Experts recommend choosing a theme, say retro posters, vintage paintings, natural depictions, or combos, and creating a customized gallery wall.

Aesthetical Kitchen Wall Decor

Both practical and in style: basket compositions. Be they round wall accents or actual baskets for holding kitchen utensils. Their natural finish, richly textured, beautifully accessorizes any kitchen and lends it a specific eco feel.

Minimalist Kitchen Wall Art Ideas

Even a simple and decluttered kitchen can benefit from a piece of art on the wall. Try similarly simple and non-catchy prints that match the overall color palette. Thus, they complete the design rather than accessorizing it. Yet, it is still a perfect way to decorate a blank space.

Rethink Your Kitchen Tiles

Think bigger and decorate your kitchen wall with new and bold wall tiles, be it the entire wall or the backsplash only. Choose bright colors or unusual prints, and catch your own attention as soon as you enter the room.

Feature Wall Sconces

You’re not in the mood for paintings and printed posters? Work it smart with a few accent wall sconces. Both functional and fashionable. Moreover, you have no limits. Pick from the vast range of available designs. The more unusual, the better.

A perfectly chosen wall decor can suit any kitchen design style, budget, and taste. If you fancy a trendy accessory in your cooking space, you should go for it. Would you like a repeated journey through our new kitchen wall art ideas?

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