Stylish kitchen wall decor ideas: combine refinement with functionality

Stylish kitchen wall decor ideas: combine refinement with functionality

In an era of functionality and lack of details, it is hard to find a decor solution to enliven the space without suppressing it. Luckily, the new approaches to decoration are adapted to the current interior design trends, and the latest decor ideas save a lot of space and add a lot of stylish effects. The best one is to consider the walls for decoration, particularly in high-traffic spaces like the kitchen. Still, the wall decor should integrate into the overall design and add individuality rather than stick to the standard ways of decoration. This is why we compiled a whole list of the best wall decor ideas for the kitchen to suit your style, your preferences, and the latest trends. Let’s dive in and get inspired!

Personalized neon signs

Make your kitchen shine with a neon sign with a personalized design on the wall. Be it a replication of something or a quote. The neon light color doesn’t necessarily have to match the kitchen’s color palette. Any neon color works as long as it serves as a point of interest. You can either place it above the workspace or in the dining area if it is part of the kitchen.

Open shelving as a piece of art

If your kitchen doesn’t have upper cabinets, you can confidently decorate the wall with open shelving. In this sense, we don’t speak about functional shelves but the ones used to display decorative units, making them a visual interest source. Expose your favorite tableware, show off your collection of exquisite pottery units, add a few pieces of art, such as paintings, and don’t forget about an elegant vase with flowers. 

Out of cabinets and right on the wall

A unique way to decorate the kitchen walls is by sticking decorative plates to them. Such an approach suits particularly traditional interiors, although such units would undoubtedly make a statement within a modern interior. Pick a design for these plates to combine them with textiles, the overall color palette, or opt for eye-catching pieces of the kind. You can even pick a theme, such as botanical, Mediterranean, romantic, or inspired by cultures. 

Expand, redefine, update

This decor solution seems rather unusual for a kitchen. Still, a mirror is what you need for an indeed individual approach. Consider smaller mirrors on the wall above the sink or the workspace. Place them on open shelves if there are any, or consider large wall mirrors within the dining area. This decor unit will make your kitchen literally sparkle and expand its borders, which benefits smaller spaces.

The backsplash says everything

Considering a unique backsplash solves the decor problem faster than you think. The trick consists of choosing an appropriate design. Colorful tiles, cultures-inspired units alike, vinyl wallpaper, or metallic surfaces are the first to serve as an accent. Stick to a simple overall kitchen arrangement and let this wall accent play the role of the main character. 

New light on the style

New light on the style with standout wall sconces; decorate the walls with unique pieces in this sense, which don’t necessarily have to be functional. They serve, first of all,  a decorative role. Consider brass or black to emphasize their unique design, or opt for personalized sconces to suit your kitchen. You can get inspired by particular styles, such as Art Deco, Vintage, Classical. 

Cutting boards or decorative boards?

It is actually decorative cutting boards. Decorating the walls with such units by placing them separately or in a particular system has been a thing lately. We don’t refer to boards of this kind that you use while cooking. These are special decorative pieces designed particularly for this purpose. You can even paint them, engrave a few words, or decorate them with additional elements. 

Practical, stylish, trendy

An indeed functional unit and no less stylish is a chalkboard. You can decorate the walls with a small piece in this sense above the workspace or any available area to note particular things related to cooking. Nevertheless, the latest approach implies inserting the chalkboard as a backsplash. You can use it to compile a grocery list, a menu, or simply express a feeling.

Bring nature closer

Our all-time favorite is the indoor green wall; the kitchen would particularly benefit from such a decorative approach. Consider a free space to decorate it as a green wall full of greeneries. These can be common indoor plants or edible plants that you can use for cooking. If this seems too extra or you don’t have time to take care of such an indoor garden, consider hanging pots with indoor plants. Either way, the splash of green will play its magic on the style.

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