Kitchen wallpaper trends 2022: modern ideas to keep it stylish and functional

As with any other room, the kitchen background plays an essential role in the overall picture of the interior design. One of the most common ways of decorating the walls, almost a classic in this sense, is wallpaper. The variety of materials, colors, and patterns offer you a lot of options in this sense. Nevertheless, each year comes with its peculiarities. We would like to start with the aspects behind the 2022 trends: simplicity, functionality, naturalness, and originality. Therefore, the wallpaper tendencies are traced to these particular concepts.

We prepared a list of modern wallpaper ideas to try in 2022, accompanied by practical tips and inspirational photos. Let’s dive into the world of colors and patterns and discover the latest designs in this sense. We promise an interesting process and perfect result. All we need in exchange is your good mood and inspiration. We are ready to meet both these expectations. 

Functional choice for a practical use

It is not a secret that the kitchen exposes the wallpaper to many risks. Thus, a smart decision in this sense will save both the image of the room and your nerves. Furthermore, there are many affordable solutions that will enrich the environment and will not limit you in using this space accordingly. Consider the next factors in this respect:

  • Temperature changes;
  • The abundance of humidity;
  • Finish damage.

The best option in this sense is vinyl wallpaper. Affordable, stylish, functional, and easy to replace if there is a need. Furthermore, a large variety of colors and patterns are at your disposal. Pick the ones that match your style and integrate them into the interior design of the room.

Nature-inspired elements for a fresh effect

It is enough that minimalism has been integrated into the kitchen furniture design to keep it simple. A setting like that requires a new sparkle, and nothing can provide it better than the nature-inspired elements. They are easy to fit into your kitchen by opting for patterns that refer to natural colors and aspects. 

It is noteworthy that the most popular colors to apply are the following ones:

  • Gray for the roughness of stone;
  • Green for the fresh forest air;
  • Blue for the ocean breeze;
  • Pink for the vibrance of flowers.

When it comes to patterns, consider the following options:

  • Floral motives for a new splash of color;
  • Exotic elements for a dynamic effect;
  • Geometric shapes for a balanced environment.

Go bold with an accent wall

Although the kitchen requires a functional approach to wallpaper, nobody said that you could not go another way with one of the walls that finds itself far from the working area. In this sense, we suggest you consider an accent wall and cover it with textile wallpaper. 

Furthermore, it offers you the possibility to come up with an original design. Consider mural wallpaper or interesting patterns, such as birds, which have become popular lately, for a unique result. Do not forget that this accent wall has to match the overall background and complement it.

Stick to the classic marble

This idea integrates both a natural and stylish approach to wallpaper. First of all, marble has been popular for a long time. The modern techniques of stimulating this pattern on wallpaper offer the possibility of decorating the walls stylishly at an affordable price. 

Furthermore, the nature-inspired pattern will bring freshness to the environment and fill with elegance the simplest kitchen. It should be noted that wallpaper of this kind can shape the entire picture of your room and complete it like the last piece of the puzzle, filling the spaces that miss a particular sparkle.

Terrazzo style for an original result

You have probably heard about this style that seems to have integrated into almost every part of the interior design. It is a combination of small particles of various stones on a neutral background, particularly applied to tiles. Nevertheless, such an interesting design has expanded these borders fast and begun to be applied to wallpaper as well. 

Consider the Terrazzo style for a minimalist setting, where this new splash of color will enrich the simple design of your kitchen. Furthermore, it will shape the environment and offer texture to a plain background. At the same time, avoid such an approach if your kitchen already has the necessary amount of color as not to spoil the picture.

Add texture to your kitchen

An interesting idea, which has become popular lately, is liquid wallpaper. If you are not acquainted with this term, here is what you have to know: it implies the mixture of a dry powder with water, which leads to a textured effect. Furthermore, the large variety of colors and even the presence of particles of some kind offer you the possibility to come up with various designs. 

It should be noted that such wallpapers do not prevail in practicality in spaces like that. Therefore, consider applying it to walls far from the working area, for instance, the dining space.

Keep it raw for a statement

The concrete surface does not plan on getting off the stage, which led to the integration of such an approach at various levels. The wallpaper design is not an exception. Furthermore, it offers you the possibility of going bold by adding texture to your kitchen in an affordable way. Consider concrete-imitating wallpaper for a raw effect, which will balance the contrasts and breathe a new life into your kitchen.

Bright wallpaper for a new sparkle

This wallpaper will fit best a neutral kitchen that requires a point of interest so that the picture does not seem blurred. Consider bright colors and patterns, such as flowers or fruits. Do not go too extra and choose photo prints in this sense. Opt for painted-like patterns that will add a new splash of color and enrich your environment with vibrance. Furthermore, the balanced choice of shades will complement the aesthetics of your kitchen and lead to a stylish result.

Spanish vibe all year long

You have probably noticed the integration of tile designs to wallpaper. Stylish and affordable at the same time. Here is another option: Spanish tile design. Take a look at the photos, and you will get it. It should be noted that soft shades have to be considered in this sense since the pattern itself is bold.

Such a design will perfectly fit a traditional kitchen and bring in the old values. It will add elegance to the environment and make every visit to the kitchen an escape into the warm Spanish atmosphere.

Keep it low-key for a perfect result

If you have reached this far and cannot decide upon the design of your wallpaper, consider staying low-key since simplicity will keep you in trend for a long time. Opt for natural colors and common patterns, such as stripes. Even if you consider bolder shapes, make sure that they integrate into the background and do not stand out. 

This kind of wallpaper will match any style and complement it perfectly. As weird as it may sound, the simplicity of shapes and colors is the defining element of a perfect kitchen design in 2022.

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