Kitchen Wallpaper Trends 2024: Key Design Ideas of the Season

One of the most common ways of decorating the walls, almost a classic in this sense, is wallpaper. The variety of materials, colors, and patterns offers you many options in this sense. Nevertheless, each year comes with its peculiarities. The core principles of the 2024 wallpaper trends are functionality, relation to nature, self-expression, and originality. Of course, they are found in the kitchen wallpaper trends as well. 

Any owner of a modern kitchen would give at least a thought to the following designer-suggested kitchen wallpaper design ideas. 

Functional Choice

It is not a secret that the kitchen exposes the wallpaper to many risks. Thus, a smart decision in this sense will save both the image of the room and your nerves. Furthermore, the available, affordable solutions will reshape the design and allow you to use this space accordingly. Consider the following factors:

  • Temperature changes;
  • The abundance of humidity;
  • Finish damage.

The best option, in this sense, is vinyl wallpaper. Affordable, stylish, functional, and easy to replace if there is a need. A large variety of colors and patterns are at your disposal. Pick the ones that match your style and integrate them into the interior design of the room.

No.1 Trend: Biophilic Design

Enough with minimalism and neutral shades that have already lost their authenticity. A 2024 kitchen requires a new sparkle of invigoration, and nothing can provide it better than nature-inspired colors and patterns – the go-to steps towards the hitting design trend of the season – Eco-style. 

It is noteworthy that the most popular colors to apply are the following:

  • Raw gray for the roughness of stone;
  • Breezy green for the fresh forest air;
  • Deep blue for an insight into the marine world;
  • Dusty pink for the vibrance of flowers.

When it comes to patterns, consider the following options:

  • Floral motifs – one of the trendiest patterns of the season;
  • Exotic elements – a reliable source of dynamic volume;
  • Geometric shapes – no-fail choice to suit any design style.

Go with an Accent Wall

Although the kitchen requires a functional approach to wallpaper, nobody said you could not go another way with one of the walls far from the cooking area. In this sense, consider an accent wall and cover it with textile wallpaper. It offers you the possibility to come up with a customized design. Consider mural wallpaper or fascinating patterns, such as birds, which have become popular lately.

Unrepeatable and Unmatchable Marble

The modern techniques of stimulating this pattern on wallpaper offer the possibility of decorating the walls stylishly at an affordable price and, of course, a new kitchen wallpaper trend to enjoy. The expensive stone texture will elevate the design as successfully as authentic marble does. If you don’t mind replacing the costly material with a more affordable alternative, there’s nothing to lose.

Terrazzo Wallpaper

You have probably heard about this style that seems to have streamed into almost every part of interior design. It combines small particles of various stones on a neutral background, mainly applied to tiles. Still, such an interesting design has expanded its borders fast and begun to be applied to wallpaper as well. 

Consider the Terrazzo style, one of the newly beloved kitchen wallpaper trends, for a decluttered and balanced kitchen, where this new splash of color can make the most of the simplest design. It will shape the environment and offer texture to a plain background. At the same time, avoid such an approach if your kitchen already has the necessary amount of color so as not to spoil the picture.

Liquid Wallpaper

An unusual kitchen wallpaper idea that has become popular lately is liquid wallpaper. If you are not acquainted with this term – it implies the mixture of a dry powder with water, which leads to a textured effect. Additionally, the large variety of colors and even the presence of particles of some kind allow you to develop various designs. 

Note that such wallpapers do not prevail in practicality in spaces like that. Therefore, consider applying it to walls far from the cooking area, for instance, the dining space.

Get the Concrete Look

The concrete surface is a trend worth your attention in 2024. The concrete-interpreting wallpaper design is not an exception. Add the raw texture to your kitchen affordably – just like it works with the marble wallpaper. Consider concrete-imitating wall covering of paper that will replicate one of the designers’ favorite material trends. 

Break the Rules: Go with Bold Wallpaper.

This wallpaper style will best fit neutrally colored kitchen cabinets that require a point of interest so the picture does not seem blurred. Consider bright colors and patterns, such as flowers or fruits. Yet, do not go extra with outdated photo prints in this sense. The balanced choice of color and shapes will complement the aesthetics of your kitchen and keep pace with the emerging trends – “more is more”.

Spanish Vibe All Year Long

We urge you to take on the challenge: integration of wallpaper with tile-like design in interior design – stylish and affordable at the same time. Here is a trendy option: Spanish tile design. Such a design will perfectly fit a traditional kitchen and celebrate the beauty of interiors of the past. Still, a modern kitchen with ethnic motifs on the walls seems quite alluring. Either way, It will add elegance to the environment and make every visit to the kitchen an escape into the warm Mediterranean weather.

Novelty of the Season: Stripes

Undoubtedly, stripes on the wallpaper are not a new trend, yet it indeed is new this season. It proves one more time that trends, including kitchen wallpaper trends, are a recurring phenomenon. Expect wall coverings with wide and narrow stripes in the cooking space. While reading slightly nostalgic, this familiar print adds comfort to the kitchen. Additionally, you’ll find this wallpaper suitable if you have a low-ceiling kitchen.

Checkered Print

According to decorators, we’ll see a lot of checkerboards in 2024 – tiles, textiles, and even wallpaper. Like with the latest bathroom wallpaper trends, designers like using vinyl checkered wallpaper with real-life tile texture in the cooking space. Thus, you’ll win two ways – a trendy print to decorate your home and a budget-friendly alternative to expensive tiles.  

Inspired by Countryside Lifestyle

2024 is absolutely the year of returning to simple and unsophisticated, just like the calm and undisturbed countryside lifestyle. All designers talk about is the newly favored cottage style. In this respect, the following kitchen wallpaper trend comes to the fore – pastel-colored vintage prints, primarily florals. This charming pattern looks exceptionally appealing in traditional, rustic, and farmhouse kitchens.

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