Kitchen with a sofa: design ideas and how to choose

A kitchen with a sofa is a fascinating design solution. At the same time, it can be used in small-sized city apartments, where the size of the kitchen itself is limited, and in large country houses, when the kitchen is combined with other types of premises – a hall, a dining/living room. The sofa goes well with various styles and color combinations, harmoniously fit into almost any interior, if you choose it correctly.

Kitchen plan with a sofa

How to put a sofa in the kitchen? The decision strongly depends on whether it is a small kitchen in an apartment or a large spacious kitchen-dining room. In most cases, the sofa has to be placed in a small kitchen.

Small kitchen with sofa

Here it can be delivered in three ways:

  • along the wall;
  • in the corner;
  • in the bay window.

The location along the wall assumes that the sofa is located either between two pieces of other furniture, usually high cabinets or located separately.

In the second case, when choosing, you need to pay serious attention to the sidewalls – in this case, they will be open and visible. If it is near a table and used as a dining seat, you should choose one with stiff padding and high seat height.

In cramped kitchens, you can use small couches or a sofa chair short in length that can accommodate a maximum of two people.

You can place a sofa in the corner when you need to equip the dining area. In this case, you can choose a couch and a table near it. Usually, these pieces of furniture are sold as a set.

When you need a corner sofa for relaxation, choose the softest sofa, with a comfortable back. You can also put a straight sofa in the corner.

Kitchen design solutions with a sofa under the window create an ideal place for a relaxation area. It will be well lit and accessible.

In this case, the individual characteristics of the owner must be taken into account. An open window is a source of drafts. Therefore, if you often catch colds, it is better not to put the sofa under the window. It is also necessary to choose furniture, the back of which will be below the window sill. In this case, the light will pass more in-depth into the room.

Another limitation of this layout is the presence of a radiator. If it is located under the window, you will have to discard any furniture in front of it. A soft sofa will interfere with heating. Fortunately, it is almost always possible to move it a little to the side, or even equip a warm floor in the kitchen if it is in a private house.

Keep in mind that the sofa in the kitchen is often used to watch TV broadcasts from the wall screen. In this case, you should position it so that the display itself is visible. In this case, it is advisable to place the screen in a not too illuminated area so that the image is visible.

Kitchen-dining room and a kitchen-living room with a sofa

In a large spacious room, the kitchen usually plays the role of an island or a peninsula, sometimes it takes up half of the room, and a separate kitchen area is formed. The sofa here can play the role of a divider when it is located perpendicular to the wall and visually separates the kitchen from the rest.

You can place the sofa in the kitchen area, just like in a small kitchen. Moreover, it will need to fit into this zone both in style and in functionality. However, more often, in this case, it is located in another part of the room, the dining room or living area, a separate recreation area.

In such an interior, simple straight sofas are most often used. Corner sofas are used less frequently and only in cases where it is necessary to equip a dining area somewhere in the corner. Spacious mixed-type rooms allow you to place upholstered furniture, armchairs so that they are in a well-lit area.

Kitchen sofa based on design styles

Choosing a kitchen design with a sofa should be so that it does not violate the overall style composition, and also matches the color. Here are descriptions of some of the styles found in the modern interior of apartments and private houses, as well as upholstered furniture that suits one method or another.

Classic style kitchen sofa

Classic in all its variety is the home trend for luxurious wooden sofas with rich upholstery. Choose reliable and massive structures with curly legs, carved elements, gilded details.

In the classics, slight excessiveness and pomp are permissible, even in the kitchen. But choose hardwood, impregnated upholstery, and decor that is easy to clean.

For modern interpretations of the classic style, you can experiment with corner models and keep the color scheme and visuals.


You can use any sofa for a loft-style kitchen. The main thing is that the color is not too dark. Since furniture is rarely placed against the wall, the angular shape here will not be convenient. It would be better to use a straight type. If you wish, you can put a folding sofa type. However, the concept of a large room itself does not imply the presence of folding furniture.


For a country-style kitchen you have to choose a quite simple sofa, without bends and complex shapes, the back, and seats can be rectangular or with slightly rounded corners. A classic pull-out sofa will work well. You can decorate the couch with simple pillows.

Scandinavian style

For the Scandinavian style, you have to choose a sofa with a simple shape. Suitable for both soft and hard armrests. Furniture corners, where wooden backs, seats, and sides are complemented by simple padded inserts, perfectly match this style. 

Italian style

A sofa for such a kitchen in Italian style must necessarily have curved surfaces – an oval back, curved armrests, round soft armrests. You should avoid rectangular shapes. A massive “office” sofa covered with dark leather is well suited. It will also be the most practical – it is easy to remove any dirt and greasy spots from the leather.

Provence (French country)

A Provence-style sofa should be lightweight; many pillows with floral decor are used, made in the same color scheme as the furniture facades. For the couch, you can use a blanket with the same print, a lot of brushes, ruffle. In the French country style, decorated curtains of complex shapes are often used; it will be great if the bedspread is made in the same manner and from a similar material.

Advantages of a sofa in the kitchen

  • The sofa in the kitchen creates a seating area. At home, you spend a lot of energy during cooking, and sometimes, you need to sit comfortably.
  • You can use it for the dining area. For this, you can place the sofa near the table. Its depth, proportions, and the rigidity of the seats should be different than that of a couch.
  • Sometimes the sofa is used as an additional backup bed. It is convenient to use a folding one, which you can match to the rest of the furniture.
  • When combining the types of premises, when creating a kitchen-dining room and a kitchen-living room, the sofa can perform the same role that it plays in a regular dining room and living room. Moreover, such places are much more spacious than just a kitchen, and there are also more options for location, a choice of a sofa.
  • The sofa goes well with such items of upholstered furniture as benches, armchairs. It is best to purchase them in a set so that both the finish and style are the same.

There are many more reasons why the sofa in the kitchen is useful. These are just a few.

Disadvantages of a kitchen with a sofa

  • The main drawback is that designing a kitchen with a sofa involves placing a rather bulky piece of furniture. It will not enter every kitchen. In addition to the couch, you will also need to put work tables, a hob or stove, a dining table, and a refrigerator. All of these items should be placed first, as they will always be more useful than a sofa. However, for the happy owners of large kitchens, this is not a problem.
  • The second drawback is the easily soiled surface of upholstered furniture. You have to give up light fabrics, on which all the spots are visible. Splashes of grease, water, and other sources of contamination will always be present in the kitchen. The best choice will be a sofa with a leather surface that can be easily washed. And such a piece of furniture is usually more expensive.

How to choose a sofa

When choosing, you should build on the following things:

  • the size;
  • purpose and functionality;
  • color and style.

Size is critical, especially for a small kitchen. When choosing a kitchen design with a corner sofa, you need to measure well the area that it will occupy and provide for gaps from the walls and side pieces of furniture at least by a centimeter. For a straight sofa, the length is usually standard, especially if it is a sofa-bed or a pull-out couch, and it is about two meters – depending on the design of the armrests.

If the sofa is foldable, you need to know its dimensions, both folded and unfolded. And also provide free space so that you can easily disassemble and assemble it. Slightly less space is required for a small sofa chair, which can be folded and unfolded from the side.

When choosing a sofa, you should pay great attention to how it will be used – as a seating area, as a seat during dinner, as a place for receiving guests. For relaxation, it is better to choose a soft sofa with a high back and a low seat so that it is comfortable to stretch your legs. For lunch, on the contrary, you need a stiffer, higher sofa so that you can sit comfortably at the table. The backrest does not play a significant role here. 

For guests, a sofa with durable upholstery is suitable, which, if you need an extra bed, can be expanded. When choosing a dining area, you need to consider the number of people that can be accommodated at the table, taking into account additional banquets or stools. Each person must have at least 60 cm of seat length.

Color and style should match the overall style of the kitchen. You should pay more attention to the side surfaces; as a rule, they will be visible in the kitchen. It is necessary that these surfaces also correspond to the general design of the room, and not just the front part.

Choice of materials

The material for the sofa frame can be anything. But it must be moisture resistant, resistant to temperature changes, and easy to clean.

For example, wood and its derivatives for classic interiors, stylish metal structures with chrome details – for modern technology.

The filler must keep its shape well. Pay attention to the polyurethane foam. It recovers quickly, does not decompose, does not contribute to the development of bacteria, fungus, and mold.

Upholstery for kitchen sofa

When choosing upholstery, remember that the sofa is continuously in the zone of active pollution. Juice, wine, sauces, and food stains are hard to scrub off. And from some fabrics, they cannot be removed.

A practical option is smooth leather or a high-quality leather substitute. The surface does not absorb dirt and odors, and you can wash it yourself.

Modern upholstery fabrics are also resistant to external influences. Look at jacquard, tapestry, or flock. But do not save. Otherwise, you will spend more energy on constant dry cleaning and replacement of upholstery.

Flock is not so persistent but beautiful. Tapestry is not afraid of washing, and jacquard immediately recreates the luxurious atmosphere of classic styles. There is also a textile upholstery with a special impregnation, which repels moisture and dirt, but it needs to be updated periodically.

Another simple solution is removable covers for upholstered furniture. It is easiest to remove and wash them, but they are not always convenient: they fidget, slide, hide attractive designer furniture.

Straight sofas for the kitchen

This is the simplest and most common design. Straight sofas are available in all types and modifications, and not all are bulky and massive.

Compact mini sofas

Even for a spacious kitchen, it is better not to choose too large models that fit into the living room or hall.

The kitchen is a work area. Functionality always comes first. Therefore, compact mini sofas look best. And if you need more seating, add armchairs or chairs.

Sofa bench

The main feature of the classic bench is the absence of armrests. This significantly saves valuable space and simplifies construction. At the dining table, these are the sofas that look best. Also, they are more comfortable to sit behind.

Bay window sofas

In many apartments and establishments, you can find romantic wide window sills, converted into a cozy soft corner.

Folding sofas

If guests sometimes stay overnight in the apartment, a small folding sofa will be the best solution for the kitchen.

The main thing is that when unfolded, the sofa still allows it to pass usually. And inside you can store dishes, towels, linen, and other little things.

Combined sofas

The modern trend for modular systems and transformers has reached kitchens. Such sofas are a monolithic structure with a basic set.

It is more difficult to install it, especially in a non-standard layout. But this is a very functional solution for small apartments and smart interiors. As a bonus – the unity of design and materials for all furniture in the kitchen.

Sofas with drawers

To save space, look for sofas with storage systems. 

Outwardly, such a sofa is no different from the usual one. But it frees the kitchen from some unnecessary shelves and cabinets. The most modern modular convertibles can even be converted into individual seats.

Corner sofas

If the size of the kitchen allows, corner sofas look especially cozy here. Depending on the proportions, they will fit into both square and elongated rooms.

A convenient option is a short bench with side drawers and a table in the center. If the room has a wall with an arch, bay window, or complex plasterboard structure, choose a corner sofa according to your parameters. So not a single centimeter of space is wasted.

Corner sofas are useful for zoning in combined kitchens and studio apartments, especially in an island layout, when furniture is placed not along the walls, but functional areas.

Complex shapes

The kitchen sofas can be U-shaped or semicircular. Usually, a table is installed in the center. But take into account the bulkiness and massiveness, you will need a spacious room.

How to decorate a sofa area

And finally, a few words about how you can give the place where the sofa stands, exceptional comfort and beauty.

Without a doubt, the exceptionally bright color of the wall behind the sofa will attract attention.

If you don’t want to paint the wall, then stick the wallpaper behind the sofa. Moreover, you can find a rich selection of ornaments and patterns.

You can borrow one of the loft-style techniques. For example, in the most ordinary interior, decorate a wall behind a sofa with brick wallpaper, additionally placing a set of black and white photographs on it.

Complementing it with a wall clock, overhead lighting, and a floor lamp will create a unique urban style around the sofa and, at the same time, comfort.

Wall sconces and a chandelier above the table in front of the sofa always add comfort and brightness.

Another unusual way to give a sofa space in the kitchen a unique charm is to make upholstered walls instead of the sofa’s back. Moreover, the same material as the sofa itself can be used. To make it look even more original, the height of such a stylized back must be raised as high as possible above the head of a seated person. The delights of your guests are guaranteed.


The kitchen design with a sofa requires a careful approach since this piece of furniture is quite difficult to place, especially in a small kitchen. However, if it succeeds, it creates convenience and comfort that is sorely lacking in this particular room. The kitchen sofa can serve various purposes, and when choosing, one should take into account the size and the style.

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