2020 Laminate flooring trends

Laminate flooring, which has become a leader in flooring due to its technical characteristics, in which it is clearly superior to hardwood flooring, is improved every year by manufacturers. Its qualitative composition is improving: the amount of wood for some brands approaches 90%. An unlimited choice of color gamut shades and texture processing is offered. 2020 will make its adjustments to the popular type of flooring.

What is changing in the laminate?

Judging by the proposals of the main laminate manufacturers, who demonstrated their products at building exhibitions of various levels, the creative search for new approaches to the production of flooring continues. Designers experiment with decors, textured surface, formats. Changes in substrates, locks for laminate assembly are suggested.

In addition to the improved versions of the classic versions of the flooring, a number of companies introduced innovative solutions in 2020:

  • high gloss laminate;
  • matte-glossy (semi-glossy) laminate;
  • metallic effect flooring;
  • laminated board “with history”;
  • “silent” floor.

Glossy Laminate

Several companies offer a laminated floor with a mirror coating: HDM, Kronotex, Kronopol, Mostflooring, etc. When you look at such a laminate, you get the feeling that it is covered with a thick layer of varnish or carefully polished. Such luxurious and elegant flooring is recommended by designers for classic interiors.

Despite the prejudices against the glamorous floor gloss that it is slippery, quickly cracking, unstable, manufacturers give a glossy laminate a 10-year guarantee. But subject to special care and the fact that it will be laid in rooms with low or medium traffic.

Semi-gloss laminate

Manufacturing companies expect that matte-gloss or semi-gloss laminate coatings, in contrast to high gloss, the customers will appreciate more. They will give new opportunities in the design of various style decisions of the interior. One of the options for the half-gloss is the products of Tarkett, which introduced the new Robinson 832 collection with imitation of exotic wood species.

Metallic effect coating

In the summer of 2020, one of the interesting innovative collections Synergy of the company Tarkett is expected. This product is a symbiosis of laminate and linoleum.

One of the design findings of this collection will be a board with a metallic effect. To create it, silver particles are introduced into the floor covering, which will give the floor an unusual modern design.

Laminated board “with history”

The fashion for decorating the interior with aged wood in the vintage style did not pass by the manufacturers of the laminate. Several manufacturers immediately launched a laminate board with artificially aged decor. It imitates the defects of an old tree with cracks, unremoved knots and cracked varnish.

“Worn out” laminate is in demand in the loft style.

Silent floor

One of the disadvantages of the laminate has always been considered to be its insufficient noise-canceling properties. Therefore, all manufacturers are constantly working to improve the sound insulation of the coating.

For example, the German manufacturer Egger offers a laminate with a glued sound-absorbing substrate that reduces the sound of footsteps on the floor, especially in shoes with hard soles. HDM has released a collection of 9mm Wellness laminate boards with a special honeycomb structure. This is a “quiet” and durable floor, creating at the same time the effect of a warm wood.

An extravaganza of colors

Modern design solutions in fashionable shades of laminate can not be called minimalist, boring. The choice is wide: from a daring black coating to the main trend of 2020 – purple. A laminate board in the multiton format will set the dynamism of the interior – and this is not motley, but joyful, original and fresh.

Respect for the design of the rooms will give notes of silver and gold on a completely standard colors of floor coverings. An alternative to bulk 3D floors will be options for a bewitching laminate with gradient transitions.

Non-standard colors of the laminate will require careful selection of shades of other finishing materials, which should become more restrained next to the bright color flooring.

Technical innovations for laying laminate flooring

In addition to improving sound insulation, manufacturing companies are also concerned about the simplification of the process of laying the laminate on the floor and providing its more strength characteristics. The changes also affected the chamfer – the bevel of the end edge of the board.

One of the fashionable trends in processing laminate boards has become a 4-sided chamfer. It allows you to visually highlight, separate each board, thanks to this the floor resembles an expensive typeset parquet. This method is most often used in vintage collections.

The exact opposite effect is obtained when using a laminate with a micro chamfer, which, on the contrary, hides the joints between the slats during installation and shows better floor geometry. This option is offered by the German manufacturer of the Superglanz collection.

Another fashionable type of chamfer is an irregular chamfer with a torn edge, creating a handmade effect. This is achieved by the uneven operation of the cutter. Boards with such processing cannot be distinguished from a natural wood.

In addition to working on noise absorption, moisture resistance, companies are actively looking for new ways to simplify assembly by coming up with lighter locks. Tarkett has an improved lock design T’lock with a small angle of elevation. It will allow you to lay the laminate in hard-to-reach places, as well as correct defects during installation. In addition, the patented technology for the treatment of the castle with special silicone (Tech3S), which provides protection against water, is expected to appear on the market.

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