Landscape & Garden Design Trends 2023

Decorating a space around your home is an incredibly exciting process, and at the same time, it is equally challenging. Whether you decided to take care of the lawn and garden yourself or invited a designer to develop and implement the project – in any case, it will take a long time before they look the way you wanted. That is why it is important not to follow the newfangled trends blindly – but to choose what promises to remain relevant for at least several more seasons.

Landscape design trends for 2023 don’t promise anything sensational or extravagant, but they suggest natural harmony, aesthetics, and comfortable modern technologies. We present to you the landscaping trends of the coming season, which will allow you to turn the landscape into a stronghold of beauty, comfort, and serenity – of course, not without looking back at modern technological advances.

Natural Beauty – Leaving It Untouched

Neatly trimmed lawns, shrubs, and trees decorated in geometric shapes, paths laid according to a clear plan, gazebos and flower beds, alpine slides, and rabatte – all this is gradually losing its relevance. Today, designers are categorically against enclosing nature in any rigid framework. They suggest considering the site as a piece of a favorite landscape, which was created naturally and seemed to be transferred from the forest edge or alpine foothills.

You can achieve a similar effect in the following ways:

  • heap, but not strictly grouped plantings of ornamental flowering plants, which seems to have grown by themselves;
  • rejection of artificial partitions and fences in favor of hedges;
  • the maximum possible inclusion of wildflowers and so-called meadow lawns;
  • refusal from strict planning of garden paths and their paving with materials with precise geometry (tiles, porcelain stoneware, etc.).

Streaming Garden Trend: Water Zones

In a world where the stress lies in wait for us at every step, creating conditions for relaxation on our site becomes an absolute must. That is why water bodies come to the fore: splashing water and unobtrusive vibrations of the water surface have a proven therapeutic effect and give the landscape a unique aesthetic.

Trends in 2023 suggest using both static (ponds, decorative swamps, water mirrors) and dynamic (streams, waterfalls, fountains) objects. Moreover, if the size of the landscape allows, you can arrange several different water zones.

“Edible Garden”

A direction with a long history returns to the list of current trends. The combination of decorative and useful crops has been known for an incredibly long time. Even in Persia, flowering shrubs and fruit trees were grown on the same territory; in India – fruits, vegetables, and spices; in monastery gardens – fruits, flowers, and medicinal herbs. Today this tradition is relevant again, and landscape architects have already proposed many exciting solutions:

  • hedges of berry bushes (honeysuckle, blackberry, gooseberry, etc.);
  • large leafy vegetables (cabbage, chard) combined with flowers;
  • vertical gardening using climbing crops (grapes, beans, peas, etc.);
  • planting dwarf fruit trees in combination with flowering bushes (lilac, jasmine).

This trend is also attractive because it is relevant even for small areas around the house. Even if the garden is small, planting pumpkin crops or berries in decorative and flower boxes will make landscaping very interesting. Don’t be afraid to experiment with plant sizes, shades, and shapes of stems and leaves – the result will surely please.

Designers’ Favorite Trend: Vertical Gardening

The trend began to gain popularity at the beginning of 2020 confidently and promises to remain on the list of popular for at least several more seasons. Vertical gardening works very well for small gardens since it goes hand in hand with the ergonomics of a limited space – if there is no horizontal space, go vertical. Today, in the case of vertical gardening, we are talking not only about hedges but also about not so much large-scale and yet interesting options:

  • the weaving of a climbing plant along vertical surfaces (walls, roofs, etc.);
  • the creation of green screens;
  • hanging pots with plants on the wall in several tiers.

Smart Landscaping with the Latest Technologies

The technical progress could not but affect the landscape design. Today, manufacturers of special equipment for the landscape industry offer many solutions that relate to simplifying the care of the territory and the comfortable stay of the owners and guests on it. In 2023, the following technologies deserve special attention:

  • Heated lawns. The desire to extend the “green season” by another month and a half prompted landscape designers to adopt the stadiums’ technology. With the help of a heating cable and a control unit laid underground, you can preserve the lawn’s beauty until frost and ensure the required soil temperature in greenhouses and forget about cleaning the terraces and garden paths from snow and ice;
  • Light-dynamic systems. Evening lighting of the site is the essential element of landscape design in 2023. Modern programmable garden lights can change the color, light intensity, synchronize with each other, and create unique and mesmerizing lighting scenarios;
  • Mobile and functional garden furniture. Modular systems with roll-away barbecues and built-in campfire bowls allow you to sit anywhere in your lawn or garden comfortably;
  • Fogging systems. The steam generating equipment installed in the garden provides impressive visual effects and maintains the necessary air humidity, helps fight dust, and improves the condition of ornamental plants and lawns;
  • Smart garden management systems. The latest electronics will allow you to coordinate irrigation, fogging, lighting, and heating systems, even using a smartphone. Today, it is possible to create various scenarios for equipment operation, depending on the weather, season, and time of day.

Garden and Landscape Design: Trendy Furniture

Furniture items are the link between outdoor living and the landscape – and therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to options that can organically fit into the environment. Designers are already giving the essential tips for the upcoming season:

  • furniture made from natural materials with rough textures – untreated wood, rattan, willow, burlap, jute, sisal;
  • objects with laconic or calm smooth lines;
  • minimum decor;
  • practical moisture-resistant upholstery;
  • subdued natural tones, consonant with natural shades.

Landscaping in 2023 is an obligatory continuation of architecture and an integral part of the house’s exterior as a whole. Taking the time to explore current trends and original ideas and spend enough time implementing them, you will create a harmonious and attractive outdoor space and ensure the perfect balance of the house’s exterior with the environment.

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