(10 beautiful) Large master bedroom decorating ideas + photos

(10 beautiful) Large master bedroom decorating ideas + photos

If the owners of a spacious bedroom can be envied, then the owners of a master bedroom can only be admired exclusively. Not every house is suitable for arranging a room of this magnitude, but if you still have such an opportunity, you will hardly refuse it. And this is quite reasonable!

Indeed, the area and layout possibilities of such a bedroom open up an unlimited number of chances for you to show your design and creativity. On the other hand, the similar size of the bedroom for the majority causes a feeling of confusion in terms of decoration, furnishings, and decor. However, do not worry: just think about what attractive interior solutions you can implement in your master bedroom! This is what we will talk about in more detail.

Master bedroom: features and design tips

Such a concept as a master bedroom appeared in the 18th century in America and originally meant the master bedroom with its own dressing room or bathroom. Today, the number of personal functional areas in such a room can be much larger: depending on the size, layout, and needs, you can equip here not only your bathroom or dressing room but also a study, tea corner, or exit to the patio or the loggia.

It is easy to guess that the dimensions of the master bedrooms are much larger than even the dimensions of ordinary spacious bedrooms. Rooms of this type are often found in suburban residential buildings and hotels and much less frequently in apartments. In the latter case, you can count on a master bedroom only in elite-class housing.

Nevertheless, wherever your master bedroom is located, you must carefully consider all the finishing and decorative solutions to create a genuinely harmonious interior. Today there are quite a few projects of such bedrooms, but if you want to try your hand, the following tips will probably come in handy:

  • Strive for balance. Sometimes, you want to place everything at once in such a large and functional bedroom, and this desire is quite understandable. However, if you get too carried away, the room risks turning into a warehouse, albeit beautiful things. On the other hand, voids in the master bedroom also cause visual discomfort. That is why it is so important to carefully consider the arrangement of furniture and decor and achieve a golden mean.
  • Try to combine functional areas visually. Of course, a bedroom, an office, and a bathroom cannot be furnished in the same way, but they must overlap. Otherwise, you will be charged with a variety of palettes and decorative solutions. It can be a single color of walls or pieces of furniture or some pretty details. If the zones blend harmoniously into one another, your master bedroom will never be uncomfortable.
  • Don’t be afraid to apply for a professional design project. If you feel that the very ideal interior is beyond your strength or you do not know what you want in principle, contacting a designer is the most rational way out of the situation. A competent specialist will not only offer a full-fledged project but will also help to most successfully implement specific solutions.

So, whether you decide to tackle your master bedroom on your own or are looking for contacts of a good designer – you will probably be interested in the options for finishing, furnishing, and decorating for a room of this size. We bring to your attention ideas that seemed especially attractive to us.

Dimensional furniture

Furnishing on a grand scale is a great way to get by with a minimum of decor if laconicism remains your top priority. A California King bed with a massive high headboard, voluminous heavy chairs, a roomy chest of drawers made of natural wood along the entire wall, luxurious Viennese chairs – each of these objects attracts attention, and you will not need a lot of knick-knacks. However, wall decor will come in handy – and it can also be large paintings or wall panels.

Repeating element

There is no better solution for a balanced master bedroom design than elements from the same textiles in all functional areas. As a rule, these are curtains on each window, a bedspread on the bed, decorative pillows on armchairs and couches, and in some cases, even a carpet on the floor and a curtain for the bathroom. Whether this textile will contrast or repeat the general palette of the room is up to you, but the first option will perfectly play the role of an expressive accent.

Coffee, cream, and chocolate

If rooms with a small area insist on giving up unnecessarily dark tones, then large spaces, on the contrary, seem to call for deep and rich tones, which allows you to achieve a warming effect. Dark brown floors, coffee walls, furniture and textiles in creamy shades, and a carpet that unites everything into a single palette – a reliable and unbeatable union against the voids and discomfort. You don’t even need a long list of decorative elements: just a little chrome and candles and a few paintings with frames in the color of dark chocolate. And don’t forget about the lighting: it should be soft and hidden as much as possible.

Misty morning

For those who prefer a calm and relaxing atmosphere without the slightest splashes of color, a master bedroom in gray tones would be a good solution. Do not be immediately scared and think that it will be too dull: this solution has a lot of advantages. Firstly, with the help of shades of gray, it is much easier to combine all functional areas, and, secondly, spending time in the room, as if shrouded in a soft and soothing haze, promises to be very pleasant.

Do not forget to stop at light shades of gray or shades with a yellowish undertone – primarily smoky, pearl, linen, and mother-of-pearl. Dilute everything with warm wood flooring, add table lamps with a textile shade and a fluffy bedspread. And enjoy every minute you spend in your master bedroom!

Wholesale prettier

If you find it tempting to use textile elements as a repeating and unifying decor, we suggest you go even further and try something similar with furniture. Use the same banquettes in the bathroom, in the tea corner, and at the foot of the bed. Place twin consoles at the entrance to the bathroom and another one at the opposite wall. Order a set of several identical chairs and arrange them as it is more convenient for you – both in the dressing room and against the panoramic wall. This solution is ideal for a precise interior rhythm, which is especially important in a large room.

Decor in the same style

You can even slightly change the decoration style of a particular functional area in the master bedroom, provided that you use the same interior elements. Wall decor – paintings, posters, collages, and framed photos will cope with this task best of all. By hanging them in a specific order, you can recreate an atmosphere full of peace and love for art.

The magic of monochrome

Combining all the architectural elements of a master bedroom with one color is an idea as simple as it is a win-win. By painting the walls in all zones in the same colors or by gluing the same wallpaper, you create that very cherished feeling of intimacy and unity, as well as ideal conditions for using eclectic decor.

Light everywhere

The owners of the master bedroom, who adore various kinds of lighting effects, will have a place to swing: this is where you can implement the most unusual and multi-level lighting scenarios. Spots and track lamps, hidden lighting and table lamps, sconces and floor lamps, intricate chandeliers, and rows of pendants – there is room in the master bedroom for at least half of such solutions. Use lamps in the same style in different functional areas – this will add a unique chic to the room’s interior.

Accent zoning

In some master bedrooms, one functional area often flows into another without any clear boundaries. We suggest that you change this principle and separate them from each other more clearly. Suppose you do not want to put screens or partitions (although they can become powerful interior accents). In that case, ceiling beams passing along the border of the zones may be enough, perhaps even painted in a contrasting color. So you will achieve a unique optical effect – turn your master bedroom into a kind of apartment in an apartment.

Stylish reflection

One of the more exciting ways to create harmony in a large master bedroom is to make the most of reflective surfaces. Glossy ceilings, chrome textures, interior mirrors and mirrors on cabinets, panels of beveled mirror tiles – all this creates such a fantastic play of both daylight and artificial light that a spacious room is perceived as something genuinely fabulous.

Your master bedroom is an opportunity to experience all the delights of the highest comfort level, both physical and aesthetic. Use our proposed solutions and create your own – in a room with such a unique meaning, you always have a chance to achieve a unique design.

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