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Large paintings and canvas in the living room – how to place them?
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Large paintings and canvas in the living room – how to place them?

hackrea / January 7, 2020 - views 233 - 0 likes

One of the options for decorating the living room wall is to decorate with paintings and canvas. “Classics of the genre” is the placement of a large canvas on the sofa. Whether it is done in oil on canvas or modern, this painting attracts a lot of attention.

Regularity of the location

As a general rule, large paintings require free space and are not subject to the restrictions imposed by wardrobes or other picturesque canvases.

If it’s huge, hang it from the top of the sofa to the edge. If the painting is smaller, it is recommended to hang it at eye level so that the painting can be viewed as appropriate.

When you choose the size of the painting, let yourself be guided by the subject on which you want to hang it. The best option is when the width is half the length of the back of the sofa. Otherwise, you will need to fill in the space with other drawings.

Stylistic and graphic subtleties

When choosing works for the living room, use the general stylistic direction. This means that in a classic interior, large paintings with an abstract design will be strange, and in a minimalist style: flowers in golden frames. Even if they are compatible with the general color palette.

The works corresponding to the style will not simply integrate into the atmosphere, they will help to reveal more fully the content of the interior. And it doesn’t matter if the color matching is incomplete.

If the interior lacks a clear stylistic guide, you can choose a large table, guided by color. There are several options:

  • The photo is in agreement with the general color palette. In painting, there are no colors that are not in the interior.
  • The main color palette repeats the interior color palette, but there are also one or two additional colors. If they are too “excluded” from the general spectrum, add details of similar colors: pillows, vases.
  • The large painting is a focal point: no repetition in the accessories. This method is most often used in neutral interiors.

When choosing a large painting for the living room, remember that a work of art must make a good impression. It is a combination of several parameters – finish, color saturation, original wand, drawing atmosphere. Then it will be a real decoration of your room.

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