How to Combine a Laundry Room with a Pantry: Expert Ideas

Most interior design layouts cannot allow two dedicated spaces for a laundry room and pantry. No need when a laundry room/pantry combo is equally practical and, most importantly, space-saving. Learn from Hackrea how to organize a multi-functional utility room where you’ll store food and do your laundry. Whether that’s a new concept to you or you want to renovate your laundry/pantry room, this guide works both ways. 

Still not sure a pantry laundry room combo is a great idea? Read on!

Say “Yes” to a Laundry/Pantry Combo

  • A single yet larger walk-in utility room instead of two smaller rooms;
  • A convenient and space-saving option for small houses;
  • Less-expensive future makeovers (you’ll have to redecorate one room instead of two);
  • Efficiently combining chores (pantries are usually placed near kitchens, meaning you’ll be able to explore cooking ideas while doing your laundry without running from one side of the house to the other);
  • Laundry and pantry interconnection (you can store laundry detergents in dedicated cabinets in the pantry area or use the sink in the laundry zone to faster clean the pantry surfaces, to name a few).

Let’s make it work! Discover the best laundry room pantry combo ideas!

Face-to-Face Laundry/Pantry Combo

If the space allows, it’s better to separate the two functional areas fully: pantry cabinets and shelves on one side and laundry cabinets, washing machine, and dryer on the other. Ensure no surface stays wet for too long, especially in the pantry zone.

Built-In Storage and Appliances

For small laundry room pantry combos, save inches with a smart built-in option by storing all kitchen products and belongings in custom built-in cabinets or shelves. Take measurements in advance and make the laundry appliances fit in perfectly.

Super Closet with a Sliding Door

Say you have a small niche in your kitchen meant for a pantry. What if we said you could turn it into a small laundry pantry combo? Consider mandatorily a sliding door and easily access any side you need. The vertically positioned washing machine and dryer on one side and hidden pantry storage on the other will do.

Washing Machine in a Butler’s Pantry

Unlike traditional pantries with built-in shelves and cabinets for convenient storage of food and other kitchen belongings, a butler’s pantry is a larger pantry with an additional sink and countertop, usually located between the kitchen and dining room. 

If you happen to have one of those, keep the layout and simply integrate the washing machine and possibly a dryer. You’ll use the sink and available horizontal surfaces for both the pantry and laundry-related activities.

Camouflage the Pantry in a Laundry Room

Get this great laundry pantry combo layout. Buy the look of a modern laundry room with displayed appliances while storing all kitchen products and other related items in hidden cabinets. Use pull-out structures for fast access.

Pull-Out Laundry Structures

You may have little to no free space in a combined laundry room with a pantry. If you can store kitchen products in well-hidden cabinets, you may definitely need a few more inches on the laundry side. Think of pull-out ironing boards, pull-out rails for hanging clothes, and, you’ve guessed, pull-out baskets for clothes that need to be washed. 

Laundry/Pantry Combo Storage

Pick suitable storage solutions for each functional area in part. Think of plastic or glass containers for practical segmentation and storage of food in the pantry zone. Simultaneously, don’t sleep on the trending woven baskets for storing clothes and towels above or beneath the washing machine or dryer.

Use the Back of the Door 

Designers recommend using any available space for storage in utility rooms, such as a smartly combined laundry room with a pantry. Consider vertical spaces and make them work in your favor. Install floating shelves on the back of the door and store anything you want there. Think of spices so you can keep them close at hand when cooking or washing detergents if there is no room near the washing machine.

No Sign of Laundry or Pantry

Can you spot the washing machine or the pantry containers in these photos? The laundry appliances may reveal themselves slightly from behind the hardly see-through cabinet doors. This design concept is meant for minimalism lovers. Keep everything well hidden in cabinets, and you’ll not even know you have a laundry and pantry combo right in your house.


Is it appropriate to combine a laundry room with a pantry?

Designers see no problems here as long as you ensure space for all laundry room appliances and available storage space for food. And not least, keep those two sides functionally separated so that detergents don’t mix with food, even through smells, and water doesn’t get to your food supply.

What else can you store in a pantry besides food?

Aside from food and beverages, give a thought to rarely used dishes, occasionally used kitchen devices, cleaning products, and even kitchen linen, such as hand towels or aprons. Store them systematically, and you’ll be able to benefit from your pantry storage to the maximum.

How practical is a laundry/pantry combo niche in a kitchen?

If that’s the only option, make the most of what you have. Ensure the laundry appliances and pantry storage systems match the kitchen color palette and style. Separate the two functional areas through a partition wall, and not least, consider a traditional or sliding door to transform your laundry and pantry combo niche into a simple closet when not used. 
Don’t have space for a washing machine and dryer in your pantry? You may want to consider a bathroom laundry room combo instead.

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