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Lamps and luminaires of 2020: The best of lighting fixtures

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Today’s assortment of lighting fixtures is simply amazing. The choice can be made absolutely for any interior. But there are some trends that will become relevant in the years to come.

  • Preference should be given to light and pastel colors. Here, the head positions remain in white, gray, less often – beige and caramel. Ideal when the fixture is in the same tone as the color of the walls.
  • Timeless classics and crystal are never outdated. As a result, crystal luminaires remain in the trend. But the bottom line is that it is combined with the design. For modern high technology or Provence, they are inappropriate. But with a classic design look great.
  • In the coming year, the eco-style and light fixtures that correspond to it remain popular. These are natural materials for lampshades or to imitate them exactly. Ceramic, stone, wood, cork or vine, all this will be fashionable.
  • A second wind or rebirth takes an Art Deco style. He suggests the same crystal, the metal. They are practical luminaires with light geometric shapes.
  • LED lighting does not lose its relevance. The popularity is due to the high prices of electricity. As a result, LED luminaires remain the most popular product category.

In the future, we will say that retro style lamps, modular models and gold products are the main trends of the new season.

But did you know that fashion concerns not only interiors in general, but even lighting fixtures, especially lamps? What will be the fashionable luminaires in 2020? Special “tips” are unusual shapes, unusual materials and colors. Choose lamps that meet these requirements and the interior will shine new colors.

2020 trend lighting

Designers create devices by focusing on shape and material. In the new collections, you can see both simple and concise models and products with exquisite decorative elements.

The new models have an expressive appearance when the light is on or off.

Today, eclectic trends in interiors are fashionable, allowing the use of lamps in the form of floor lamps, candle holders, light fixtures. Even in a room decorated in a classic style, it is customary to use integrated lamp models. With their help, you can draw attention to certain decorative elements, such as a luxury vase or the elegant image of a modern artist.

One of the fashion trends in 2020 is the use of lighting from original materials: paper, wood, metal and porcelain. Models of various objects will be relevant.

With regard to materials, it is also worth noting the “leaders”, namely:

  • ceramic;
  • polymer resins;
  • travertine;
  • acrylic;
  • textile fringe.

Lamps according to style

The most relevant is the minimalist design of the devices. Many brands offer devices in a laconic style or a simple geometric form. The “clusters” collected from ordinary incandescent bulbs have an elegant style. Such a solution will blend harmoniously into the interior, designed in the style of loft and minimalism.

Sophisticated connoisseurs can pay attention to classical and neoclassical lamps. Patterns with a truncated cone shades mimicking a candle will be very popular.

The crystal models of 2020 luminaires are ideal for luxury interiors. Designers also offer whirling spiral luminaires. The mirrored chandeliers are very impressive, they sparkle and shine, creating an additional decor.

Original suspension solutions

In 2020, the ceiling lights will be very fashionable. Do you want to choose a suspension? Go for it! Just focus on the unusual form. The laconic geometric patterns are suitable for a minimalist interior. In the new season, designers plan to use LED lamps that attract with their originality. Such products will fit into the high-tech bedroom.

Spot the ceiling

When creating the Loft interior, you should pay attention to theater projectors. They will be particularly elegant in the kitchen, above the storage systems.

2020 Luminaires

The luminaries forgotten unfairly are back in fashion! The most requested pieces are brass pieces, as if they were created for a new classic.

Luminaire colors relevant in 2020

The palette for the coming year is quite extensive. Preference should be given to juicy and bright shades. This is:

  • yellow;
  • mustard;
  • olive;
  • emerald;
  • violet.

It is clear that the color must match the color palette of the interior. Designers focus on these colors because they have the ability to soothe those present and revitalize the interior. The metal base and the variety of colors of the lampshade allow you to make the best choice.

There is a tendency to use antique inside. It is not necessary at all to remove an old lampshade from Grandma’s attic. The manufacturer follows the latest fashion trends. Luminaries, lamps, old-fashioned sconces are represented by a wide assortment. It’s a variety of styles, shapes, and colors – if you study the assortment presented, everyone will make the right choice.

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