Lighting trends 2022: best colors, materials, and designs to make a statement

The top lighting trends in 2022 will surprise you with their originality, simplicity, and functionality. They will bring nature closer, come up with eclectic combinations and add elegance to your style. It should be noted that lighting plays an essential role in the picture of your interior design. Therefore, a balanced decision in this sense will keep you up to date and ensure a stylish result.

We are ready to reveal the top ideas for perfect lighting in every room of your house by providing you with practical tips and inspiring you through an array of photos. Let’s find out the best colors, materials, and designs for lighting in 2022!

The lighting trends in 2022 rely on such aspects as functionality, simplicity, naturalness, elegance, and originality. Therefore, they try to keep it simple and use practically the space, emphasizing the beauty of nature and adding a touch of glamour to the environment due to their unique design. In this sense, consider the following trends:

Bring nature closer

This trend tends to emphasize the use of nature-inspired materials. The result of this approach is an authentic decorative element that brings light to the room and enriches the environment with naturalness. Consider the following aspects in this respect:

  • Nature-inspired materials, such as bamboo, rattan, wood;
  • Natural shades, such as earthy brown, ocean blue, sand-resembling yellow, forest-inspired green;
  • Shapes inspired by natural elements, such as twigs, flowers, or other plants.

Cocoon style for a warm environment

The 2022 trends rely on comfort. What can bring it better into a room than a cocoon style for the lighting? Consider neutral colors, soft fabrics, and a little bit of passion for a perfect result. 

This particular design will set a cozy environment and make you fall in love with its specific vibe. It is a perfect option for the comfort of your bedroom or the soft atmosphere of a living room.

Return to the basics

The new trends try to avoid complex systems and extravagant decorations. Instead, they turn to simple designs and raw materials for a natural look. In this sense, we suggest you stick to objects that bear a particular meaning and set the wanted environment.

Consider nature-inspired hues and soft textures for a new point of interest. A lighting fixture of this kind will add new elements to the personality of your interior design and offer it an original look.

Back in the ‘30s 

Art Deco style for the lighting, and you are ready to make quite a statement within your interior design. Glass globes, brass elements, gold, and other metals for a perfect result. There is more to come. Clear glass or tinted glass in soft tones will surely set a nostalgic environment that will enrich your decor with glamour.

There is no way of going wrong in this sense if you opt for an Art Deco style. A single element of this kind can shape the entire picture toward a soft yet complex decor.

Industrial style for a contemporary setting

A contemporary interior design requires a similar approach when it comes to lighting. Particularly the industrial style can manage this task. Consider such colors as white, gray, and black, which have to be accompanied by various metals, such as brass, steel.

This combination will set a raw look to your room. Particularly the black color will play as a defining point in this sense by balancing the contrasts.

If the lighting fixture is large enough to be covered by a particular color, you should stick to the ones that reflect the concepts of the 2022 trends. Therefore, some perfect options would include natural shades for a refresh, neutral colors for a balanced environment, and bold hues for a statement.

In this sense, we suggest you consider the following colors:

  • Black, beige, white, gray for a simple and functional design;
  • Brown, soft green, pale blue, mustard yellow for a natural look;
  • Royal green, navy blue, soft pink for a bold step.

When it comes to lighting fixture material, there is no better option to go for in 2022 than considering materials inspired by nature. They will emphasize the natural beauty, the importance of an eco-friendly approach, and the need to opt for sustainable materials. In this sense, we suggest you opt for wood, bamboo, rattan, glass, and any other materials that you find suitable for that purpose.

At the same time, experts suggest you look at raw materials, such as various metals, for an industrial effect that is much appreciated in 2022. Consider steel, brass, gold, copper, particularly for details, as they are the ones to complete the style.

Top lighting designs in 2022

Undoubtedly, every room requires a particular lighting and lighting fixture to match the style and achieve the wanted effect. Of course, you should consider your own preferences in this sense as you are the one to enjoy the result. Nevertheless, if you opt for a stylish effect that will keep you up to date, consider the latest designs in this sense. Take a look at the following suggestions and get inspired.

Kitchen lighting trends

  • Glass bulbs for practical use and perfect matching of the style;
  • LED lights in minimalist shapes for a statement;
  • An eclectic combination of LED lighting across the kitchen cabinets and an elegant chandelier above the dining table.

Bedroom lighting trends

  • Geometric shapes for a simple yet eye-catching lamp on the ceiling;
  • Soft-textured lamps on the wall for a comfy effect;
  • Nature-inspired table lamps to refresh the environment.

Living room lighting trends

  • Piece of art for a stunning effect;
  • Invisible lighting fixtures to keep it low-key;
  • Brass floor lamp to enrich the environment with new elements.

Bathroom lighting trends

  • LED lights all over the mirrors for a double effect;
  • Brass wall lamps to add a new point of interest;
  • Industrial style lamps to match a contemporary style.
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