Top Lighting Trends 2023: Stylish Colors, Materials, and Design Ideas

Lighting is usually overlooked and left as a last-second decision when it plays a really important role, both functional and stylish, in how your new makeover will look like. Don’t postpone this part and get the best of the 2023 lighting trends. The latest designs will surprise you with their originality and practicality. Long story short, to your attention: the best colors, materials, and designs for lighting in 2023!

Eco-friendly Lighting

In the context of environmental protection, designers suggest paying more attention to sustainable lighting materials in the new season. You can opt for organic or recycled materials and make a difference. As for the design, get inspiration from nature, considering shapes traced to natural elements, say plants. And of course, don’t forget to switch to energy-saving LED lights if you haven’t done it this far.

Fashionable Funghi

The growing mushroom design trend that appeared out of the desire to enrich the interior with something whimsical and escaping is the hottest lighting trend in 2023. From as general as the living room trends to as specific as the bedding trends, mushrooms spread over interior design as after the rain. The mushroom design table lamps are a real find for those who want to be exceptionally trendy in the upcoming season.

Distinctive Shapes

Well-defined geometric lighting forms are expected to be the trendiest lighting design in 2023, with bubble, linear, and intricate shape designs as leading. Escape reality with unique pendants that bring your interior to state-of-the-art. Add shape, visual intrigue, and dynamic expansion to your newly designed kitchen, extra-large dining room, or ultra-modern living area.

Back in the 20s 

The redefined Art Deco style complemented with contemporary features is the favorite lighting design style in 2023. Clear or tinted glass globes, brass elements, and eye-catching shapes set a nostalgic environment that enriches your decor with glamour. Showstopper chandeliers, fine wall sconces, or edgy table lamps in this style are the best decor investment for interiors that require a bit of sophistication.

Sculptural Lighting

Lighting fixtures of various materials, be they rough, sparkling, or smooth, with the most original architectural features, are the best lighting solution for large dining rooms, lounge areas, or kitchens, particularly minimalist ones, so that they can serve as the pearl of the space and gather all focus. Why sculptural you may wonder. As for the recent design seasons, architectural beauty has been gaining popularity and penetrating almost every part of this industry.

In the new design and fashion era, the color trends are switching to self-expressive and vivid shades. So, if you want to opt for a trendy pendant color, you better consider a bright and showstealing one. By the way, don’t be afraid that a colorful lighting fixture will look out of hand and not at the right place. Today, dazzling splashes of color are the hitting trend of the season. 

To make the most of this trend, consider the trendy color collection as suggested by the color and design forecast authorities Coloro + WGSN, among which lavender as the color of the yaer 2023, mustard yellow, muted red, azure blue, teal, and other blues and green inspired by nature. If those seem too bold, consider the transitional shades of burgundy, navy blue, sage, and peach.

As mentioned earlier, sustainable materials, such as recycled ones, and eco-friendly materials, particularly the natural ones are the top light fixture material trend. Replace the classic materials with wood, bamboo, rattan, wicker, sisal, cork, jute, and various kinds of fabric, such as organic linen and cotton.

Give metals a thought. Think steel, brass, and copper according to the style, which look organic in contemporary projects and are available in a variety of designs.

Top Lighting Designs by Room in 2023

Kitchen Lighting Trends

  • Spotlights, track lighting, and under-cabinet lighting for those who spend a lot of time cooking and need practical light sources above the workspace;
  • Metal sconces with accent design above the cooking area;
  • Naturally textured pendants above the kitchen island or in the center of the ceiling;
  • Linear light fixtures above the kitchen island;
  • Centerpiece chandeliers with designer mark to spread light all over the kitchen.

Dining Room Lighting Trends

  • Ceiling window above the dining area for natural light;
  • Accent chandeliers of glass to spruce up ultra-modern interiors and suit elegant spaces;
  • Sputnik chandeliers with a Mid-Century Modern twist;
  • Rain of glass drops with highlight features;
  • Naturally textured pendants in earthy colors.

Living Room Lighting Trends

  • Mid-Century Modern tripod or arched floor lamps;
  • Organic fabric chandeliers;
  • Bubble pendants to reach every corner and fill the available space with statement;
  • Mushroom table lamps for elevating the space with charming accents.

Bedroom Lighting Trends

  • Textured pendants with intricate shapes and catching designs;
  • Hanging pendants above the sidetables to save space;
  • Floating pendants and cascade chandeliers for high-ceiling bedrooms;
  • Classic or inverted funghi table lamps.

Bathroom Lighting Trends

  • Hanging pendants instead of wall sconces;
  • Focus-drawing chandeliers above the bathtub;
  • LED light in the vanity area;
  • Colorful LED strips in the wet area for a moody ambiance.
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