Living wall: 16 interesting ideas for a vertical garden

The accent wall made of plants is an original design technique. It helps to add originality to a room or facade, complement the overall style and create a pleasant atmosphere. After all, living plants have a calming effect on the human psyche, help to relax and unwind. In addition, the plants remove dust from the air and increase the oxygen content in it.

Here are some ideas for creating a living green wall.


An attractive solution is a picture from plants. It can take up a small part of the wall – and it will still look imposing.

Succulent plants are desirable in terms of creating such a decor. A variety of species and high decorative characteristics make it possible to form expressive still lifes from such plants. From a distance, it seems that you see a canvas with luxurious flowers. And close up, there is surprise and delight when you distinguish between individual dense rosettes and leaves.

Succulents are unpretentious, so watering them is required infrequently. This makes it easier to care for the “living” picture.

Big strokes

A green wall of tropical plants with large leaves looks very impressive. An awe-inspiring result is achieved when the planter is placed in a niche. Then the greenery will seem to penetrate the room from the street, creating a feeling of maximum closeness to nature.

In this case, the living wall becomes the centerpiece of the interior. The rest should be less noticeable, simple in shape, and inconspicuous in color. This will allow you not to overload the situation and focus on the bright greenery.

Japanese grace

The ability of the Japanese to find beauty in the smallest details, as well as to concentrate on one thing without spraying attention, is surprising and mesmerizing. You can make the living wall in the Japanese style by simply placing only a few branches of the same decorative type in the recess (window). This will allow you to achieve the effect that nature is peeping into the room.

You can use Japanese maple or other plants. Such decor will emphasize the minimalistic environment’s laconicism and help demonstrate the owner’s delicate taste.

Green pockets

Multicolored pockets with plants will look unusual on the wall. These original containers can be made from plastic or wood, ceramic or other material. In each – you have to place certain plants or combinations of different types.

You can fix the pockets on the wall in a checkerboard pattern or close to each other. Or choose a different arrangement. The shape of the pockets themselves can be square, rectangular, round, oval, or any other.

Combining fragments

It is not necessary to form a continuous “carpet” of living plants. The wall can also consist of separate fragments. You can put groups of plants in special containers of rectangular or any other shape. And then hang them on the wall in the room or on the front of the house in the order you like.

Many people find this method easier than forming a solid wall. In addition, if you want, you can easily replace parts of the panel with others, without much effort and without affecting the entire composition.

Combination with shelves

If the wall in the room is already occupied by open shelving, it can still become an accent. It is enough to leave some of the shelves for books, dishes or accessories, and give others to the plants.

You can simply arrange the containers of greenery on the shelves or form a more complex system.

To get the desired effect, it is essential to choose plants with large, abundant foliage. This will help disguise the shelves and pots. The greenery will seem to grow right out of the wall.

Another option is to think over an accent wall in advance and provide places for vegetation.

Straight out of the wall

A rather tricky solution to implement is to create a wall of plants that seem to grow from brick or masonry. In this case, the wall itself is only partially closed, and its texture is clearly visible. Therefore, it is worth paying particular attention to what material to make the base from.

This option is especially relevant for loft-style interiors. Such a living wall looks very impressive, but it will hardly be possible to do without the help of an experienced florist and design specialist.

Moss panels in the bathroom

Agree, it is enjoyable, while taking a bath, to contemplate the transitions of green shades on the wall. Moss is best suited for creating a green wall in this room.

It can be pre-glued onto flexible plates and processed. It is enough to simply fix the panels on the wall with liquid nails or self-tapping screws.

The wall can also be made of live moss. This option is more challenging to implement, but it looks imposing.

Green columns

Unusual green columns on the wall will help to diversify the space without a lot of time and money. Consisting of climbing plants, they can be marked with wooden slats or other elements.

The vegetation itself can grow from pots, standing on the base at the bottom of the “columns” or hanging from the wall. This makes it easier to create an accent wall.

A similar decor looks attractive in the bathroom, dining room, kitchen, hall, decorated in Mediterranean style.

No hassle

Positioning containers with climbing plants behind a false wall will help you avoid the hassle of installing and maintaining hydroponics. By fixing the stems along the plane of the wall, you can form a green canvas.

An even simpler option is to hang several shelves in one row on the wall and put pots with the same climbing plants on them, lifting their stems up.

Such a living wall looks harmonious when you use only one plant type. However, you can experiment – and use different ones.

Many, many pots

A relatively simple solution is to decorate the wall with several rows of small flower pots. The main thing is to be all the same, and you have to combine the plants growing in them in color and leaf shape.

Such a panel looks unusual, and it requires relatively little effort to create it, mainly to fix the pots, and it is easy to care for them because access to each pot is accessible. The plants themselves can be purchased at the flower shop.

Green wall in place of the window

A carpet of living plants can take the place of a window. This is important when, for some reason, you want to get a blank wall. An accent green wall will help solve the issue outside the box: and get a beautiful design both inside the room and outside.

In this case, more plants will be needed than when creating a one-sided wall. You will also have to consider the plants’ peculiarities because some will be located on the street side, and the other in the room. You will need to select the plants, taking into account the temperature and humidity on both sides.

Living waves

Plants are suitable for creating unusual patterns on the walls — for example, waves or mountains. 

This option is excellent where windows and doorways shatter the surface. Green lines can wrap around them, creating whimsical pictures. It looks interesting not only in the exteriors of buildings but also in the interior. It is essential to consider the location of the plant containers carefully. You may need to customize them to keep the lines smooth.

However, you can also “draw” plants on the wall with the help of frames of the desired shape, around which you can wrap the stems of climbing plants.

New window view

If there is a blank wall of a neighboring house in front of a window or balcony of your apartment, you can use this idea to create an enjoyable living wall. Then you will get the opportunity to admire not concrete panels or brickwork but beautiful transitions of shades and textures.

An additional plus is the space for creativity due to the large wall area. Such solutions are perfect for regions with warm climates, where you can “plant” evergreens on the wall.

Green perspective outside the window

A large balcony window can play the role of an accent wall. It is easy to turn it into a living green wall in the warm season if you just hang pots with plants behind glass or on the fence.

They can be the same or different. One kind or several. Placed strictly vertically or horizontally or in another order. The main thing is that they cover a relatively large area of the window, but at the same time, allow daylight to enter the room.

Such decor will not only bring a new accent to the interior of the room but also help to obscure an unattractive view from the window or create a light curtain from prying eyes from the outside.

Continuation of the lawn

Why not continue the green lawn on the wall? Looks original and helps add even more greenery to your patio. A ready-made rolling lawn will do. It is worth using the same plants as on the lawn located on the ground. Then an exciting effect will turn out: as if the grass “climbs” on the wall.

Such solutions may also be appropriate for terraces and city balconies. The ability to walk along the green grass without leaving your home and even lean your back against the green wall – isn’t it a miracle in a noisy, dusty metropolis?

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