Trending living room 2020: Modern Design Ideas, Current Trends, Photos

The trends in the design of the living room in 2020 are, first of all, a variety of colors, shapes and styles. Now, fashion is not only Scandinavian, but also a more daring decor. So, if you are planning a renovation, then, of course, it will be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the photo gallery of this article.

Living Room Design 2020: What to Watch Out for?

The new season brings interesting trends in decoration and interior design, which can be a great source of inspiration for interior designers. This year, bright colors, natural stone and brilliant accessories will prevail. The trendy design has been especially loved by fashion designers, as minimalism, retro and so-called modern classics prevail here. The colors are mainly gray and white. See pictures of modern living rooms, as these are proposals to organize a living room from real apartments.

The trendy living room can not be without a comfortable sofa, armchair or coffee table. This year’s designers focused mainly on more streamlined furniture designs, as well as elegant, rich colors – a burgundy velvet sofa, a green armchair or a beautiful quilted pouf – these elements can not be absent from the living room in 2020.

The classic gray interior decor can be updated with a large comfortable chair the color of a green bottle – it will look great, and the interior in this style will acquire a unique character. A small accent of color in the form of a pouf is also appropriate – it is now a multifunctional piece of furniture on which you can not only sit, but also use it as a coffee table. Beanbags in noble colors such as green, navy blue, purple, dark red are the perfect choice for people who like elegant interiors in a glamorous or New York style.

Those who are more daring can be tempted by a brightly colored sofa, which violates the style of a minimalist interior and attracts attention. But the most important thing is that it has to be practical and functional.

Often, when decorating a modern living room in 2020, designers decide to highlight a wall with a different color, brick or wallpaper, which gives character to the entire interior. The walls can be decorated with large tiles or stone. Such a surface in the layout of a trendy living room in 2020 becomes an excellent background for a sofa or table. Even if we do not have much to decorate a room, highlighting one of the surfaces will be an ideal idea to revitalize the interior and give it character.

In the most beautiful 2020 lounge design settings, which attract attention, stylish lamps are placed. If you want to highlight your favorite interior furniture or interior details, you need to make sure that you plan and select the lighting at the design stage. A properly selected lamp is just as important as the furniture you choose for the interior. In some cases, it is a large lamp that attracts attention as part of the modern living room.

Fashionable Colors In The 2020 Living Room

In recent years, interior and design trends have been dominated by shades of white and gray, characteristic of a cool Scandinavian style and, so to speak, to maintain balance, expressive and intense colors. Which colors are chosen today?

Trends say to focus primarily on original combinations full of expressive and bold colors. The colors must attract attention, delight and hypnotize. One of the most fashionable colors will be powder pink. You can add elements of different shades of yellow, orange and khaki green – in this combination, each of the options will present its original beauty, creating a very harmonious composition full of sun and energy. However, if you prefer a luxurious and noble living room, combine pink with shades of earth. This combination obviously creates a contrast, but in fact it is very consistent. The trendy colors of the interior walls can also be decorated with olive green and sage. In sunny living rooms, you should prefer orange, which is fashionable for 2020.

Summarizing the question of the colors of the trending living room in 2020, it should be emphasized that one should not choose only neutral cold colors, because the warm, optimistic and exciting colors are very appreciated.

A light beige living room is not only synonymous with classics, but also an increasingly common element of modern decor. Discover how to combine traditional colors and textures to create a minimalist ensemble.

Which Living Room Furniture Will Be Fashionable In 2020?

Do not be afraid of experiences and bring eclecticism to the interiors. Thus, the layout of a living room ideally reflects the unique character of the people who live there. You can choose very simple angular dressers, shelves and modular cabinets, as well as coffee tables on characteristic and familiar feet. However, in order to adapt them to the modern reality, it is worth updating: to paint or plaster materials currently in fashion. If you do not want or can not do it yourself, look for furniture in auctions or in online stores.

The most important piece of furniture in the modern design of the living room is the sofa. Whether the room is large or small, the sofa should not only be beautiful, but really comfortable. Large modular models that can be freely combined work well in modern interiors. In a retro or classic room, sofas are more traditional. Decorate them with colorful pillows and warm rugs.

Of course, the heart of each living room is a set of soft furniture. If you plan to replace them with fashionable models this year, they should be in the form of upholstered chairs and sofas in soft velvet in emerald green or brown. It is also necessary to put a dining table or coffee table on the seat. If, in addition, it will be equipped with a glass worktop, then the whole piece acquires lightness and a unique character. You can buy trendy tables for the living room in the good furniture stores.

Accessories – Textile, Decoration, Lighting

An excellent solution would be the floral motifs. But they are not small wild flowers, but large expressive specimens of plants like the monstera. In addition, in the living room, it is worth putting several large pots with live ficus or a palm tree. It will also be textiles, including pillows or carpets. The carpet is an indispensable element in a fashionable living room. A cold high gloss floor will be forgotten, because now it will be fashionable to have a wooden board or good quality natural panels, possibly marble or tiled.

Ethnic Style Living room 2020

Ethno is a very broad term, but this style can be described as a combination of traditional design and products from around the world. It is characterized by colors, mainly warm and muted colors of the earth. Even in a room, they can be used a lot: from various shades of beige, yellow and red to blue (cobalt, sapphire, indigo), as well as purple and brown. Combined in geometric or abstract patterns, they create a fantastic design. Designing an ethnic style living room is a good idea to choose furniture inspired by Far Eastern trends. Choose dressers, chairs and wooden shelves with a multicolored sofa and armchairs filled with fluffy pillows.

Eco – Trend in Living Room Design 2020

One of the strongest trends in living room design in recent years – fashion for environmental solutions. A homemade bean bag – made of recycled materials, a handmade pillow with a bang of cotton thread, a knit napkin, old furniture updated in the basement or in the attic – all this will not only be beautiful in a fashionable furnished living room in 2020, but will serve the environment. You do not know how to use old objects and natural materials? On the Internet you will find many videos with step by step instructions, as well as articles and tips that will make this task easy and enjoyable.

Use the photo gallery presented to create the 2020 living room design. Design for all tastes, will surely find its fans.

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