Living room ceiling design: types, colors, and other ideas for 2022

Living room ceiling design: types, colors, and other ideas for 2022

When planning an apartment renovation, many of us think least of all about the design of the ceiling. Interestingly, this area’s stylish design can be a starting point for creating a general concept for the entire interior. Designers develop trendy “tricks” for ceilings from year to year, giving a certain elegance and a new rhythm to the room’s interior decoration. Let’s consider in detail the main features and trends in ceiling design in the living room interior.

Design features of the ceiling in a modern living room

The many options for ceiling structures – from complex multi-level to the most straightforward solutions – remain relevant. But the main distinguishing feature of the modern ceiling in the living room is not the shape, but the original use of light sources, thanks to which unusual and exciting light effects are created. In particular, installing lamps of different shades, painting the ceiling surface in interesting colors, and applying original patterns to it are welcomed.

Among suspended structures, white ceilings will always be in fashion. Of course, an ordinary white surface may seem somewhat impersonal, but supplemented by original lighting, a combination of textures, 3D shapes, or cutouts, it takes on a kind of fashionable look.

What types of ceilings will be in demand in 2022?

The following options will be popular this year:

  • Beamed ceilings – add elegance and style to the living room. Usually, beams are made of wood, but other materials are also acceptable;
  • Wooden surfaces are the ideal solution for a rustic, loft, country-style living room. The latest trend is a ceiling made of white wooden boards, which is in harmony with the living room’s overall white interior. In combination with a panoramic window and a glass door, space becomes even more open and spacious;
  • Whitewashing the ceiling or gluing wallpaper are “retro ideas” that have not lost their relevance and are increasingly used by modern designers;
  • Surface painting. Don’t be afraid to use bold and vibrant colors like red or green. Undoubtedly, the living room should be fully sustained in this color concept.
  • Stretch ceilings – give a sense of spatial effect;
  • Loft concrete ceiling is a bright trend in modern design. A gray, rough surface will give your living room a unique charm and also save money. But in this case, it is essential to be very careful about the choice of the rest of the decor;
  • False ceiling and cassette. The latter is a type of false ceiling, the structure of which consists of suspended square slabs.

Which style to choose?

It is important to choose the correct style of ceiling decoration. It must match the design of the living room. Essentially, the key design areas are:

  • Modern;
  • Classic;
  • Ethnic.

The modern style involves using the latest technologies and their capabilities, a matte or glossy ceiling surface, tricky compositional lighting, including a large central lamp and additional lighting. Often, LED spotlights or linear type lamps are placed along straight or curly lines.

The second group includes classical, neoclassical, English, Italian styles. In this case, the presence of stucco molding or its imitation is required. Depending on the height, ceilings can be multi-level or simple.

The ethnic design combines different techniques. Particular attention is paid to the number of accessories and furniture items. For example, in a large living room with a dining area, a multi-level ceiling will look harmonious, but at the same time, the room should not be cluttered with small details. In a two-level living room, you can make a multi-level structure with many LEDs, locally illuminating all room areas.

Color scenarios and decor are key aspects of stylish design

The color and decor of the ceiling directly depend on the footage and the living room’s specific style. A rich palette of colors is allowed in a large room, but it is better to avoid too bright colors. A safe bet would be light pastel colors that maintain a calm, relaxing atmosphere, such as white, beige, milky, light blue, and light gray.

The contrast of a saturated tone with a dominant light shade will add more expressiveness. But this technique is appropriate in a spacious room with a high ceiling.

It is highly undesirable to use a mirrored ceiling in the living room design. Such a decision will be too defiant, eccentric, contrary to the atmosphere of a cozy home. An abundance of black is also unacceptable, especially with a monochrome ceiling design. It is better to complement the leading light tone with brown or bronze as an accent for more expressiveness.

Types of materials and the subtleties of their choice

The market for finishing materials today offers a vast selection of options for practical and original ceiling finishes. In order to choose the right material for the interior concept, it is important to take into account the characteristics of the room. So, for apartments with high ceilings, it is best to use suspended structures. If the room has a low ceiling, it is worth giving preference to materials that will not “eat up” valuable centimeters. In this case, whitewashing, painting, or wallpapering will be advisable.

The most popular materials for living room ceilings are:

  • Drywall – allows you to create an aesthetic coating without a heavy load on the ceiling. Differs in environmental friendliness but requires putty and staining. Using a plasterboard ceiling, you can mask communications.
  • Painting with water-dispersion or water-based compositions. It has practicality, a wide range of colors, environmental friendliness, and a fairly reasonable price.
  • Stretch fabric – allows you to create perfectly smooth ceiling coverings that mask possible defects. This material has a long service life, resistance to excessive moisture, environmental friendliness, high sound, and heat insulation. Among the disadvantages is the relatively high price.
  • Expanded polystyrene plates – boast moisture resistance, wear resistance, various shapes, good thermal insulation properties, and resistance to temperature extremes. However, the material is characterized by fragility and low vapor permeability.
  • Wood – in addition to high aesthetic properties, creates a favorable microclimate, has high sound and heat insulation capabilities, as well as long service life.
  • Plastic – boasts excellent moisture resistance and resistance to temperature extremes. With proper care, it has a long service life.

Design features of low ceilings

The ceilings’ 2.5-meter (8ft) height is relevant for residents of small apartments and private houses. A well-thought-out design will help to brighten up the effect of the “pressing ceiling”. The main task is to create a perfectly even coating that does not take away a centimeter of height. But other design methods allow you to increase the height of the room visually:

  • Pyramid effect – can be done by constructing a box in PVC;
  • Glossy surface – visually makes the ceiling slightly higher due to multiple reflections;
  • A light ceiling in contrast with a more saturated shade of the walls visually stretches the space;
  • You can also expand the space with the help of lighting effects. It is enough to remove the bulky chandelier and lamps from the ceiling. Light sources must be installed so that the lighting is directed from bottom to top. If you don’t want to give up the overhead light, you can integrate LED lighting around the ceiling’s perimeter.

Today, ceiling design is a critical component of any interior style, through which you can emphasize its individuality. This is especially true for the living room – a room that is considered the whole house’s hallmark. Therefore, when decorating the ceiling, it is essential to consider all the features, carefully understanding the design’s intricacies.

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