An open design living space with a glass wall living room

Not so long ago, a new trend has emerged among houses design, be it a small apartment, or a big house – the installation of the glass wall, which serves as symbols of prosperity for homeowners. This window can turn even a modest living space into a chic and modern house, but only if everything is done correctly. Glass wall are those that occupy the main part of the wall or those that protrude outward as a bay window, in other words, windows to the floor. It is not easy to make such a wall, because, in addition to the technical and design aspects, there is also the legal side of the issue.

Such glass walls first used in Provence (southern France), after which panoramic glazing became popular throughout the country. In central France, glass walls were used as windows, the view from which overlooks the courtyard or garden. Regions with a high level of industrial and agricultural development did not use such windows.

The main idea of a glass wall, its creation, and use is the ability to feel a close connection with nature while inside the living room. Also, floor windows let in more light, filling the interior space with warmth. At the same time, it is more challenging to solve all these problems in an apartment, because the view from the window rarely overlooks something that can gratify the eye. No less important is the floor on which the apartment is located.

Lighting and layout of the apartment

Before installing a glass wall in an apartment, you need to pay attention to the finishing materials used to decorate the interior space. The thing is that each surface has one or another level of light reflection. For example, if the light hits the ceiling in the winter, which is not able to reflect light in sufficient quantity, then a gloomy dwelling will be created, killing the feeling of coziness and comfort. Only an expert can determine the level of light in a living room at different times of the year, who will give some practical advice.

By the way, combining a balcony with a living room is a new and bold decision, the resolution of which is much easier to achieve. Combining living space with a balcony has some advantages, namely:

  • Increase in living space.
  • Getting a panoramic view of the city/garden.
  • Increase the amount of light without the risk of creating a dark cave effect.
  • Possibility to decorate the apartment according to your taste.
  • Create a modern home that showcases the homeowner’s sense of style and wealth.

In which houses can the glass wall be installed?

When composing a glass wall project in an apartment or house, it is essential to consider some of the nuances, including:

  • It is forbidden to carry out self-assembly of the window. It is only allowed to select and purchase window accessories (frame, window panels, double or triple glazing with tempered glass and thick steel anchor plates).
  • The window carries a heavy load from the inside and outside, so the structure must be durable and reliable.
  • It is better not to divide a whole window into squares because this increases the structure’s weight.

Heating features

It’s important to understand that a glass wall is not only beautiful but also great heat loss. In this regard, it is essential to think about the climate control system, both in summer and winter. For countries with a temperate climate, it is enough to install a window with standard glass, the thickness – 8 millimeters. If the climate is more severe, it is vital to equip the house with an additional heating system, such as installing a heated floor or autonomous heating.

You can also use glass with a heat-reflective coating. Fairly significant are the curtains that regulate the flow of natural light entering the living room. Experts recommend choosing between organza curtains and Japanese sliding screens.

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