Living room paint colors 2022: best solutions from trendsetters

Painting the walls in the living room is a solution that can be safely attributed to the timeless classics. One of its advantages is the ability to change their color as often as you want, and if updating the largest room in the house is included in your plans in 2022, then you will probably be interested to know what paint color to choose so that your living room becomes cozy and trendy.

Trendy color palettes for walls in the living room: what trendsetters offer

Already at the beginning of autumn, both large companies dealing with color trends and color matching systems and world-famous manufacturers of paint and varnish coatings made their predictions for 2022. You can find inspiration in your search for an unusual shade for painting the walls in the living room from the sources, which we will discuss in more detail below.


Almost everyone interested in design and fashion has heard at least something about Pantone today. Every year this company, engaged in the selection and relevance of color solutions, presents us with new and often very unexpected shades.

In 2022, Pantone introduced its current colors, which can be easily divided into several palettes at once. In general, one cannot fail to note such things as ambiguous white shades, many pleasant browns and blues, as well as unexpected splashes of spectacular gradations of yellow and purple.

WGSN & Coloro

WGSN (Worth Global Style Network), which recently launched its own color system with its own codes, is practically stepping on the heels of Pantone – thanks in part to the vast library of shades.

As trends for 2022, WGSN & Coloro offered only ten colors, but what colors! Fans of the classics can safely paint the walls in the living room in an exquisite shade of butter cream and green quartz, connoisseurs of art deco and modern will undoubtedly be interested in deep ocean blue and golden green, eco lovers will not disregard natural brown and olive, and those in need of bright colors will be inspired shades of mango, dahlia, purple orchid, and pink charlotte.


The American manufacturer of varnishes and paints invites you to fall in love with the watercolor blue Breezeway and create a fresh and meditative atmosphere in your living room but offers many other options. The Behr 2022 palette is dominated by calm grays, natural browns, and mesmerizing blues, slightly flavored with pale yellow and lingonberry.


One of the richest color palettes for 2022. Whether you want to paint the walls in your living room – in monochrome, with an accent wall, or artistic painting – you will surely find the perfect color combination for you.

Choose from four palettes, offering an impressive array of shades, from calm beiges and muted whites to sophisticated greens, pinks, and inks.


The color palette of this international brand for 2022 will also delight you with richness. Are you going to paint the walls in your living room the color of pink papaya? Your choice is Dulux. Are you looking towards a chic and minimalist steel blue? Here to you. Ever dreamed of seeing what a gold accent wall looks like when paired with navy blue? You definitely can’t do without these palettes!

Painting living room walls in 2022: trendy colors and shades

So, we briefly told you about the palettes in which you can choose stylish shades of paint for your living room walls. Now is the time to talk about colors as such – namely, about their gradations, which have become truly trending in 2022.


White in the coming year is remarkable for its fantastic friendliness. In the variety of its tones, you will not find anything sharp and dazzlingly bright – only natural and soft tones, conducive to rest for the eyes and a calm flow of thoughts. Among them:

  • Whisper White – soft, airy, and as neutral as possible;
  • Baby’s Breath – a shade that is distinguished by transparency and some kind of delightful weightlessness;
  • Perfectly Pale – white, reminiscent of antique sculptures and white columns;
  • Shoji White – smoky white, ideal for a Japanese-style living room;
  • High Reflective White – basic white that creates a glossy surface;
  • Stowe White – a pleasant and natural shade of lime whitewash;
  • Hog Bristle – a friendly whitish tone with an indistinguishable shade of beige.


There is a lot of gray in fashionable color palettes for 2022. The advantage is clearly given to cool shades with a hint of metal or, on the contrary, the most natural gradations created by nature itself. Let’s name some of them:

  • Lunar Surface – cool gray with a subtle silvery tint;
  • Nightingale Gray – dark and soft, like a shaded gray;
  • Laurel Tree – a delightful and soothing bay leaf color;
  • Ultimate Gray – absolutely neutral and appropriate in any combination;
  • Urbane Bronze – the color of patinated metal – for an urban living room.


The beige tones in the palettes for 2022 are represented as widely as the same whites, but you still have plenty to choose from. The classic beige is still relevant and featured in the Sherwin-Williams predictions, but you might prefer the walls in an even more exciting tone:

  • Soybean – pleasant and light beige with a cooling gray undertone;
  • Accessible Beige – beige with a more intense gray tint;
  • Woven Wicker – the color of natural flax, jute, and sisal;
  • Natural Linen – a natural gray-beige that distinguishes our favorite natural fabrics.


In 2022, trendsetters again delight us with a variety of brown shades. True, it is still not worth using cold and dark tones that are fashionable in the coming season for the monochrome wall painting: they are suitable only for an accent wall. But light and warm ones will have a pleasant warming effect, especially since there are plenty of them in the current palettes:

  • Nature Brown – a natural shade reminiscent of chocolate, tree bark, and fertile soil;
  • Perfect Penny – ceramic brown, ideal for farmhouse;
  • Wild Mustang – moderately light brown with a cool undertone;
  • Sunwashed Brick – a pale, orange shade of brown suitable for farmhouse, country, ethnic, and boho living rooms;
  • Studio Clay – Another trendy “clay” shade;
  • Basswood – warm tone of tree bark;
  • Sheepskin – cozy, light, and warming brown;
  • Cocoa Whip – a stylish and eye-friendly shade.


There are also a lot of blue tones in the palette, and for the living room, you can use all of them, focusing on the style of your interior. 2022 promises the dominance of complex and therefore incredibly enchanting shades:

  • Atlantic Blue – deep oceanic tone with special magnetism;
  • Ibiza Blue – the color of the evening sea, serene and warm;
  • Naval – navy blue that has become a true classic;
  • Cascades – a blue-steel shade that can create a mysterious atmosphere in the living room;
  • Inky Blue – A deep to very dark blue for an accent wall
  • Moody Blue – airy, dusty light blue.

Light Blue

In the upcoming season, colorists are especially fond of the airy, greenish tones of blue – what is worth only Breezeway from Behr and Clear Skies from Benjamin Moore! However, other shades are no less charming:

  • Etched Glass – blue-gray, airy, and translucent;
  • Wave Top – refreshing, pleasant blue with a green undertone that creates a feeling of coolness;
  • After Rain – very pale, dusty blue;
  • Beach Glass – water-color greenish-blue, creating a matte effect.


Like the previous year, 2022 promises a steady rise in sophisticated greens with cool grays. However, glimpses of change still appear in trendy color palettes – for example, olive, which appeared simultaneously at WGSN & Coloro and Pantone, became a serious application. In general, we invite you to find out which green you should paint the walls in your living room.

  • Green Quartz – cool and soft green for classic and modern;
  • Military Gold – a sophisticated version of khaki for accents;
  • Sustainable – perfect balance of olives and khaki;
  • Green Lily – soft green with pleasant blue undertones;
  • Cucuzza Verde – charming and natural yellowish green;
  • Celery Green – a warm green for a modern living room.


The palette of yellow will impress with its variety. If you want something sophisticated, paint the walls pale yellow, something energetic – more intense. Moreover, you will have plenty to choose from:

  • Corn Stalk – very light and natural;
  • Illuminating – warming and optimistic;
  • Daylily – warm and uplifting;
  • Chartreuse – sparkling light yellow for a classic living room;
  • Peace Yellow – a soft and pale country shade;
  • Ice Lemon – juicy and modern light yellow.


Fans of maximalism, eclecticism, and avant-garde can rejoice: finally, they can paint the living room orange with a clear conscience! It remains only to choose the appropriate one:

  • Mango Sorbet – very positive, hot orange-yellow;
  • Dahlia Orange – strong, deep, and at the same time pleasing to the eye;
  • Orange Ocher – an ideal solution for ethnic and boho styles;
  • Tomato Cream – exquisite and natural orange with brown notes;
  • Baquelite Gold – rich orange with yellowish overtones.


There are not so many red shades in the color palettes for 2022. However, all of them are distinguished by a withdrawal into the dark spectrum and amazing calmness. Any color can be used to paint the walls in the living room:

  • Winery – a revival of the famous burgundy color;
  • Red Bay – aristocratic red with pronounced brown;
  • Murray Red – deep wine shade;
  • Sierra Redwood – a spectacular mahogany tone.


Among other things, trendy color palettes for modern interior decoration for 2022 amaze with an abundance of pink nuances – perhaps this is due to the need for positiveness, lightness, and even some coquetry. Check out the list of current pink tones:

  • Pink Charlotte – coldish pink, relevant for any interiors;
  • Aurora Pink – frivolous and juicy chewing gum tone;
  • Coral Clay – warm pink with a noticeable brown undertone;
  • Pink Shadow – dusty pink, light, and sophisticated;
  • Rejuvenate – hot pink, almost with a transition to salmon;
  • Basic Coral – a very soft and feminine shade of pink.


In 2022, purple has become a real discovery. Use lighter tones for the base, and leave saturated tones for accent.

  • Orchid Flower – spectacular and bright purple, which became the color of the year at WGSN & Coloro;
  • Purple Rose – cool pale fuchsia tone;
  • Blackberry – intense and rich dark purple;
  • Lite Lavender – light and relaxed, with a departure in lilac;
  • Rosé – dynamic and positive;
  • Dynamo – pure and mysterious purple.

As you can see, there are a lot of shades of colors in which you can paint the walls in your modern living room in 2022 – and we have not listed all of this. By studying the current palettes on your own, you will undoubtedly find tones and ideas for harmonious and mesmerizing finishing solutions.

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