23 Best Living Room Paint Colors for 2024

We always refer to color when starting a new design project. Whether you plan a whole living room redecoration or wall repainting only, color will make a difference. Although the new paint color trends allow us to choose any color we like and make it our own trend, picking the best living room paint colors is not that easy unless you have the right tools at hand. So, we’ll happily share expert pieces of advice with you. 

First, think of what effect you want to achieve: make your living room seem larger with a popular neutral shade, ensure it feels the comfiest with a muted natural color, or make an impact with unapologetically bright tones. Regardless of your goal, don’t forget to experiment with a paint color sample first and analyze how a particular shade behaves in your living room before painting the walls. 

To make it easier, we gathered the best living room paint colors to meet anyone’s expectations. Scroll through the following list and find your perfect shade. By the way, they are all in trend, and colorists promise they will not get out of style for long.

1. Soft White Embrace

Sometimes, the most perfect living room paint color hides in unsophisticated neutrals. Yet, keeping up with the latest trends, it should be a softer variation, such as the precious Cloud White by Benjamin Moore, which will brighten the space and make sure you feel comfy.

2. Timeless White Background

Pure White by Sherwin-Williams, the classy white shade with a subtle yellow undertone that keeps it from looking too straightforward, is the best neutral living room color choice, especially if you plan to decorate the walls with art.

3. Swap Gray for Greige

One of the most prominent living room paint color trends is the switch from traditional neutrals devoid of character to warm and sophisticated colors. Take a look at these gorgeous living room designs with walls painted in Dulux’s Chalk Blush, an airy mix of gray and beige.

4. Light Earthy Tones

Earthy colors are trendy this season due to their ability to embrace a space like a cocoon for the ultimate feel of security. Perfectly Taupe from Dulux reflects the flawless combination of brown and gray for you to display your favorite accents.

5. Blue-Green Living Room Paint Color

Unsurprisingly, the blue-green combo is in style in a season dominated by natural hues. Harbor Haze by Benjamin Moore replicates the perfect dance of soothing blue notes and green particles of organic beauty, which successfully installs a relaxing ambiance in the living room.

6. Borrow Magic from Nature

This soothing, weathered green with blue undertones, Behr’s Provence Blue, will uplift your living room design and enrich the space with freshness. Despite the name, both Modern and Traditional design styles work.

7. Keep It Soft with Pale Green

Green is known for its ability to set a tranquil and nurturing environment. If you’ve always dreamt of an oasis for retreat and relaxation in your lounge area, don’t hesitate to opt for the pale veggie green Rejuvenation by Behr.

8. Get Inspired by the Outdoors

Blues are the leading paint colors for the living room in 2024 and beyond. Tear Drop by Benjamin Moore effortlessly interprets the bright sky blue, slightly neutralized, yet still full of energy. Use it as a complementing color for relaxing lounge spaces or an entertaining background for the most radiant accents.

9. Ready for Something Deeper?

Navy blues have been here for a while, and designers are not yet ready to give up on this amazing color. Thus, we encourage you to bring your daily gatherings in the living room to a new level with this updated version of marine blue – Indigo by Sherwin-Williams.

10. Classy Blue Living Room

Nothing compares to a trendy navy blue shade on living room walls decorated with classy molding or wood paneling. Try the stately English Channel by Behr for a deep and intriguing vibe that will dilute your lazy Sunday evenings or busy weekdays with timeless beauty.

11. Romantic and Luxurious

Enrich your living room with notes of blooming luxe together with the soft purple Misty Lilac from Benjamin Moore. Undoubtedly, purples are the mainstream of the season, and you’ll never feel outdated with such a vivid yet airy violet tone.

12. Back to Green

Add unconditional charm and forest freshness to the living room with this trendy pine green with a generic name – Benjamin Moore’s Pinelands. As much as this shade looks contemporary, it cannot help but get drawn by the exclusive Traditional and Classic styles.

13. Olive Green Living Room Paint Color

One of the best living room paint colors for a well-lit space is a deep and organic olive green shade, such as Ripe Olive by Sherwin-Williams. Allow this color to accessorize the lounge space and lend your late-night gatherings a moody vibe, especially if you have a fireplace. Alternatively, think of candles.

14. Rustic Red in the Living Room

Red firmly steals the spotlight this season. Try the rustic-pigmented Garrison Red by Benjamin Moore for any design style, and benefit from the muted terracotta undertones in this comfiest paint color.

15. Get Comfy with Brown

Nothing relates to the natural earth color more than a confident brown shade. The dark and slightly warm brown Barista from Benjamin Moore is your secret ingredient for a deep and classy living room design. Still, be aware that dark brown paint colors require appropriate lighting conditions.

16. Earthy Living Room Paint Color

Create a rich and engaging space out of your lounge area with a worthy earthy tone. Take Macadamia by Sherwin-Williams as an example. Its warming beige color base rooted in earthy colors will professionally underline the unique features of your living room walls.

17. Mossy and Deep

Install a moody and intriguing vibe with the versatile and dark shade of green Sherwin-Williams’ Rock Bottom, diluted with subtle gray and mossy notes. Even poor lighting conditions don’t ruin the perfect state of endless beauty and drama in this gorgeous deep green.

18. Dark Gray Background Color

Grays may not be the trendiest in 2024, which is true about overused light grays. Yet, deep and noble shades of dark gray are all the rage. Think of a mind-blowing redecoration of your classy living room with Graphic Charcoal by Behr. 

19. Get Creative with Warm Colors

Warmth knows no limits while creativity reaches unprecedented levels with this fantastic clay orange, slightly muted. Cavern Clay by Sherwin-Williams is one of the boldest living room paint colors, perfect for a welcoming and entertaining ambiance.

20. Still in the Barbie Mood

Aside from the Barbie pink trend, the color itself, in all its shades, is trending now more than ever. If you’re looking for a vibrant yet balanced bold color to spruce up your living space, search no further than Delightful from Sherwin-Williams, the loveliest and most cheerful pink ever.

21. Take on the Challenge

2024 is for the bravest color options ever. Think of an all-teal color palette for your living room and accessorize it with other bright colors for furniture. If in doubt, pick the no-fail green-blue Oceanside by Sherwin-Williams.

22. Organic and Bold

Ensure an aesthetically pleasing color scheme for your living room with a bold yet balanced yellow tone like Natural Twine from Behr. It perfectly pairs with eclectic and traditional design concepts.

23. Endless Comfort and Charm

We end this list of the best living room paint colors with a catchy shade of earthy red that will undoubtedly charm you through its bright and welcoming features. Embrace Spice by Behr, a warm cinnamon shade that knows everything about comfort.

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