Modern living room storage ideas

We surround ourselves with a lot of things. We need some from time to time, some are continuously required, but all should have their place in any case. Many of us probably do not notice, but our apartments’ furnishing almost half consists of storage systems. Cabinets, shelves, and sofas with drawers under the seats hide our clothes, household items, household appliances, and much more. Simultaneously, it is essential to choose a suitable storage system and harmoniously place it in the selected room.

Most often, we define storage spaces in bedrooms, hallways, dressing rooms, and living rooms. And if in the first three cases it is quite clear how to equip them, problems may arise for the living room. Firstly, the living room is designed for relaxation and pleasant pastime, so you can’t just turn it into a pantry. Secondly, the room’s furniture is very rich, and by placing storage systems in it, you inevitably run the risk of cluttering up space. However, there is no need to worry: today, designers offer a lot of ideas for those who are looking for opportunities to keep the necessary and important things in the living room.

Organization of storage in the living room: basic principles

Today, there are many storage systems – of any size, type, and, of course, for any interior. At the same time, not only the choice of such furniture is essential for the living room, but also the rules for using the space and the elements already on it. Adherence to a few reasonably simple principles will help ensure a competent and inconspicuous arrangement of your things:

  • Use the horizontal surfaces that you already have. Suppose the number of important things to you in the living room is far from the concepts of minimalism. In that case, it is not necessary to purchase cabinets and hang new shelves just to accommodate them all since you can quickly get by with what you have. Hang the headphones over the back of the chair. Place your favorite candles, books, succulents, and pretty knick-knacks on the mantel, windowsill, and coffee table. Stack the magazines and slide them all under the same coffee tables – or place them on top of a stack of framed photos. Thus, you will provide a thoughtful and organic placement of things that are dear to your heart and taste.
  • Discard bulky furniture. Massive and voluminous does not mean roomy. Therefore, it is entirely unnecessary to fill the living room with cabinets and dressers of impressive sizes. It would be much more reasonable to use vertical planes: closed shelves on the walls, hooks, and consoles hold a lot and save a lot of space.
  • Choose furniture with precise geometric lines. Modern storage systems are laconic and mobile – and have a predominantly square and rectangular shape, thanks to which you can rearrange them in the living room as you like or push them into a corner as needed.
  • Emphasize versatility. If the storage system you choose can be used for various things, this can significantly save space. A striking example of such a solution is the bar cart. This item can be used not only for serving drinks and snacks but also for storing crockery and showcasing stylish decor in loft-style living rooms and studio apartments.
  • Individuality as the optimal solution. Tailor-made storage systems are the perfect way to keep your living room in harmony and take out everything you need from your eyes or fit into the interior. And if you have the opportunity to order furniture or suspended structures according to individual parameters, in no case should you miss it.

For some, this may sound strange. However, there are design trends for storage systems. And if you plan to use the living room space in this way, we suggest you evaluate several trends that can stimulate your imagination, including spatial.

Niches instead of cabinets

The use of niches for storing things is a design technique borrowed from Japanese interiors. In the Land of the Rising Sun, minimalism and conciseness are especially appreciated, and every square centimeter of living space should be equipped with all possible rationality. That is why cabinets are generally rejected, and things are stored in specially equipped recesses. Thus, the precise geometry of space, so important in Japanese culture, is preserved, and an atmosphere of freedom and lightness is felt in the room.

Even if Japanese minimalism ideas are not close to you, a similar concept with niches should be adopted. Depending on the things you plan to store, you can leave them open or order doors that organically complement your living room’s interior. The doors can be hinged and sliding, made of wood, fabric, paper, glass, and even porcelain stoneware slabs.

Modular storage systems

Storage systems with changing modules are a godsend for the modern living room and an excellent alternative to classic walls and slides. Today, the most appropriate option is rack storage systems on metal or rack frames – both open and closed. As for the modules themselves, you can use pull-out shelves, drawers, as well as baskets, boxes, and hanging pockets.

A little bit of retro

Today, retro and vintage furniture is turning from a stylistic feature into a contemporary interior accent. Products that seem to have returned to us from bygone eras can be found in living rooms decorated in the spirit of loft, eclecticism, neoclassicism, and even modern minimalism. As for the storage systems that are relevant today, you should take a closer look at the furniture that has retained the indescribable charm of antiquity:

  • high narrow sideboards made of natural wood with glass doors;
  • chests of drawers with an asymmetrical arrangement of drawers – and possibly with a built-in bar;
  • trendy sideboards without tops, which can be used for their intended purpose, as well as a console, a chest of drawers, and a basis for a decor exhibition;
  • hanging consoles and console tables provide a sleek storage solution for your important little things.

And a little more about shelving

If you are looking for the right storage system for your modern living room, and are increasingly looking at shelving, put any doubts aside: finding a more rational solution is unlikely to work. Practical, lightweight, and incredibly spacious, this type of furniture will organically fit into the decoration of a living room of any style and become a convenient place to store things that you use regularly and place decor items.

Depending on the living room’s area and layout, you can choose a long shelf unit, place an open storage system along the wall, or install a more compact version in the corner or near the stairs leading to the second floor. There is also an alternative in terms of materials: manufacturers offer both products made entirely of metal or wood and combined options.

Alternative storage systems

Chests of drawers, shelves, and niches are solutions that are global enough and suitable for storing large enough volumes of things. However, living rooms often accumulate many little things that we need from time to time. These may be hobby accessories, magazines, or health products, but they also need to find a place so that they are not conspicuous and at the same time are on hand when needed. Witty and comfortable solutions can be found in this case, too – just show a little imagination. It can be:

  • sets of baskets of various sizes;
  • ottomans and benches with a reclining seat;
  • drawers under coffee tables;
  • decorative chests;
  • shelves of an unusual shape with an original arrangement

Finding storage space in the living room is always challenging: this is where it is imperative to find a balance between aesthetics, harmony, comfort, and ergonomics. However, today everything is possible: it is enough to show a little creativity, think hard – and, of course, use trendy and practical interior solutions.

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