Living room trends 2022: the newest ideas for a stylish result

The living room is the space where you spend most of your time in your house. Therefore, it reflects your individuality, which means that this room has its own personality. Every type of material, every shade of color, and texture is part of the latter. The more attention you pay to any of them, the more perfect the picture of the room becomes. It is not a secret that every year comes with new ideas in this sense or at least a new version for the existing ones. Therefore, you have to keep pace with the latest trends if you plan on being up-to-date when it comes to your living room.

Stay with us, and we will reveal the latest ideas of setting this space to keep it stylish and functional. We will touch upon various aspects and try to build the picture of a perfect living room in 2022. All you have to do is be patient and pay attention to our suggestions. As regards the inspiration, don’t worry. There will be lots of it. 

Living room colors to stay in trend in 2022

As with other rooms, the main colors in this sense are neutral ones, such as gray, white, black. They serve as a perfect background and keep it simple as we are sure that you would not like to be disturbed by eye-catching colors that would blur the picture. 

It should be noted that beige has become extremely popular. Furthermore, you can opt for any shade in this sense and be sure that you will not go wrong.

Another two trendy colors, which were particularly popular in 2021 and do not plan now to leave the scene, are blue and green. It should be noted that soothing shades of these colors have to be used in this sense. Nevertheless, you can opt for navy blue or emerald green for an accent wall or particular decor elements.

Rounded shapes for softness

It is not a secret that sharp lines have been popular for a long time. Nevertheless, experts suggest that 2022 will be full of soft shapes regarding the living room. Therefore, such a feature as rounded forms will be a must when it comes to furniture and other decorative elements. 

It should be noted that such units as sofas, chairs, tables and other components of this room lose their sharpness and receive a new appearance by being enriched with rounded forms.

Stick to the classic: minimalism

Minimalism has been popular for so long that it kind of became a classic when it comes to the style of the room. Nevertheless, you should not refer to it like that. All you have to know is that it does not plan on getting out of date. Therefore, apply this style to your room, and you will ensure the stylish feature and the functionality of the space. 

We are sure you are acquainted with the key elements of this style. Therefore, we will provide you only with the main steps to consider:

  • Apply modern and relevant solutions;
  • Refer to unique shapes that keep it simple and stylish;
  • Use a soft palette of colors, including such shades as gray and beige;
  • Stick to simplicity and don’t go too extra even with simple decor ( a suggestion would be to mark one wall with an accent color).

Functionality as a key feature

The latest trends suggest that functionality should be one of the main features of a living room. A perfect option in this sense is to make an entity from two different rooms: kitchen and living room. It is comfortable and looks stylish. Furthermore, an appropriate combination of colors and shapes between the two rooms will emphasize their belonging to a single space.

There is no doubt that there are particular trends for each room in part, but let’s not forget that such principles as simplicity, functionality, and naturalness are common for both of them. Stick to these ideas, and the component parts of both rooms will complement each other perfectly. 

Privacy within the living room

Considering the situation mentioned earlier or taking into account the general picture of the living room, particularly for multi-member families, it is worth pointing out the private areas. They are easy to set and offer your room a new look. We suggest you consider dividers made of nature-inspired materials, such as wood or rattan. On the other hand, you can opt for an industrial style in this sense. It depends on the effect you want to achieve. This trend has definitely become a thing and does not plan on leaving the stage.

Bring in the nature

It is not a secret that nature-inspired materials, units that refer to natural elements, and natural colors are part of the 2022 trends. When it comes to the living room, we suggest you consider the following suggestions:

  • Consider natural materials, such as wood, stone, marble;
  • Opt for nature-inspired decor elements as points of interest;
  • Pay attention to furniture made of light wood as it is one of the main directions in this sense;
  • Consider linen, cotton, and ceramics for particular accessories;
  • Enrich the environment with house plants.

Working place within the living room

As mentioned earlier, we spend most of the time in the living room. Therefore, there is no doubt that part of this space can be used as a working place. We suggest you set a small table that perfectly fits the room style and uses the space practically. 

At the same time, you could opt for a multi-functional coffee table that can be transformed into a workplace. Modern problems require modern solutions, and this is what you should refer to when setting your living room. It should be noted that this arrangement will be particularly suitable for those who work from home.

Living room lighting to stay up to date

Lighting plays an essential role in the way a living room appears and its environment. Therefore, we suggest you pay attention to this aspect. We would like to provide you with some recommendations in this sense:

  • Opt for softer lighting to ensure a warm atmosphere;
  • Consider simple fixtures, particularly the ones that are inspired by geometric shapes;
  • Opt for wall lamps that fit your style;
  • Refer to a particular theme, such as vintage, art deco, or contemporary;
  • Stick to invisible shapes to emphasize the simplicity and functionality of the space.

Conclusion + more photos for inspiration

If you have reached this far, it means you are fully packed and can proceed to design your living room. As you have probably noted, the main principles are simplicity, functionality, and the beauty of nature within the room. All you have to do now is go one more time through the trends we provided you with, form a general picture of how you would like your living room to look like, add originality and start the process of shaping the perfect living room. We promise that you will stay up-to-date if you consider our suggestions and unique if you put a little bit of individuality. Take a look at the following photos we prepared for you and get inspired.

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