Living Room Trends 2023: Must-have Features and Fetching Design Ideas

If the design trends of the previous seasons were more or less alike, with people slightly accepting the deviations from the standard, by which we mean more courageous endeavors when it comes to shape, size, and color, then 2023 is strongly about brand-new shades with bright personalities, unusual forms, design concepts inspired by bold styles, and limitless freedom for creativity. 

Even if you don’t plan a whole makeover of the living room, a single accent that relates to the 2023 trends is enough to update the interior. We came up with a range of such features that should definitely be found in a 2023 living room. 

Awe-inspiring Arches

The trendy living room in 2023 draws inspiration from the timeless Renaissance architecture with astonishing arches that evoke grandeur, safety, and exquisite transition from Contemporary to Classic. You can make the most of such architectural decor in the relaxation area by applying it to the door frame, window, or a large mirror. Even an ultra-modern living room would accept such design features, whose timeless effect looks organically surrounded by any style.

Tricky Curves

It is no secret that the round-edge feature is a must in the new season. Curves don’t stop at the sofa only, as we can see in the 2023 sofa trends. They are literally everywhere. Redefining the picture that sharp lines have long taken over, the soft curvaceous forms are meant to emphasize the delicacy and appealing charm of living rooms.

As you can see in this personalized contemporary living room project, created through the online design services at Hackrea, the white pieces of furniture collaborate with the sculptural coffee table and gold accent table, consolidating the design concept of rounded edges, topped by the room’s highlight – a gorgeous round wall accent filled with Biophilic greeneries. 

Living Room Color of the Year: Lavender

We’ve been writing about design trends for a while and have noticed that lavender is the color of the year 2023 at different levels, whether bedding trends or curtain trends. It is surely a go-to shade in the space you want to relax since the show stealer in the color trends 2023 hides such features as calmness, well-being, self-expression, and reflection. 

One can adjust the trend by choosing any lavender variation for the walls, textiles, furniture, decor, and literally anything. Just don’t go with a full purple look. It would look like too much, and the color would lose its effect.  

Living Room Color Alternatives

Colorists claim that the upcoming season represents a new era for the interior design and fashion world in terms of colorful combinations. We are kindly asked by designers to switch from neutrality to vitality and fill our spaces with joy and escape the daily hustle by exploring our creativity. 

This is why the irreplaceable warm earthy shades that still have their say are put on the same list with bright colors, fully saturated. Consider pastels for a start, and go on with true bold shades with a vibrancy scale that suits your liking. Special attention from designers receives dusty yellows, deep teals, soothing blues, soft greens as general colors, and the brightest variations for accents.

Multi-functional Spaces

The open-floor system is one of the top 2023 design trends. If other rooms have particular limits, the living room can be more easily paired with other functional areas. You can go for a living+dining room combo, living+dining room+kitchen, living+home office, living+bedroom, or all at once if this is a studio flat interior. 

This trendy feature can be witnessed in professional designers’ customized design projects below. The first masterpiece is a Mid-Century Modern open-floor living room design project that pairs the lounge zone with a bronze-polished dining area and shows a harmonious play of colors and shapes between two different functional spaces. 

The second work is a Rustic-Industrial open-concept living room design project that shares the space with a contemporary dining area in a vacation cottage interior. Although different functional zones, the living and dining rooms share the same love for raw and elegant. 

Sleek, Stylish, Trendy: It Sounds like Mid-Century Modern

The beloved style that conquered the design world in 2022 is still on track in the new season. In 2023, designers opt for a redefined Mid-Century Modern, particularly its adaptation to more restrained aesthetics, which means it would perfectly work for amateurs of Minimalism since the minimalist solutions themselves are replaced this year with Maximalism. Clean lines, a neutral palette, natural wood, functional use of space, and comfortable seats are your no-fail design elements.

Large-scale and Extra-comfy Furniture

A trendy living room in 2023 is supplied with large sofas, chairs, and accent tables with imposingly textured textiles and natural materials. The characteristic of looking large and stately brings scale to the space and makes it seem more secure and comfy. Such a design technique mostly goes for a Modern Farmhouse living room, which is the epitome of coziness itself and definitely a trendy design style. 

Sculptural Furniture

Designers are now for visually interesting furniture that steals the show as fast as one enters the room. According to them, architecturally designed sofas, chairs, tables, bookcases, and simple accents bear more meaning and conceptual value, making any living room look like it was worked on by a designer, even if this is not always true. 

Black-colored Furniture

We are not ready to give up on the classy light-colored sofas, cabinets, shelves, and chairs. But we also want to embrace little by little the upcoming trend with black-colored furniture. By we, we mean us – the interior design lovers from a general perspective, and by the upcoming trends, we mean the forecasted tendency with black standout pieces thought to gain strength in 2023. By the way, black units beautifully contrast the usually light-colored background and lend an unusual drama that would be otherwise impossible with light furniture. 

With Love, from Paris

The so-called Parisian-apartment style competes with the trendiest styles in 2023. Designers show special attention to the elegant and chic ambiance of such interiors. You don’t necessarily have to live in Paris to incorporate the vibe. Large arched windows, no window treatment, white-washed walls, Classic molding, and light wood parquet are the basic features. When it comes to furniture, depending on what effect you fancy, you can opt for minimalist curved seats, Mid-Century Modern furniture, or the brightest accents to dilute the Parisian charm with your creative sparkles. 

The Hottest Trend in 2023: Mushrooms

Spreading like mushrooms, the top design trend of the season – the fashionable funghi, which started a bit earlier in 2021-2022, is a real thing in 2023. Professionals who work with personalized design projects like to integrate them into the living room through mushroom designer lamps in white or black. We simply love the contemporary approach to a returning trend that promises to stay for a while. 

Imposing Dark Wood

They say it is time light wood leaves the stage for dark wood. And this is what happens in the brand-new season. As one of the trending materials in 2023, wood comes with its new color variation and breathes fresh air into well-defined styles. It feels particularly welcome in the relaxation area during the warm time of the year and impressively welcoming during the cold season. 

Modern Wood Side Tables

Stealing a bit of Art Deco charm, a tiny splash of sleekness from Mid-Century Modern, and the inviting naturalness from Rustic, the clean-line side tables with narrow wood panels is the must-have of any modern living room in 2023. It better be natural wood with sustainable origins to encompass another favorite of the season – eco-friendly materials.

When Old-time Elegance Meets Modern Colors

Increasing its popularity as time passes, the button-tufted design wins a prestigious place on the list of 2023 furniture trends. Design authors love combining this voguish design with modern colors, thus celebrating the balance between new and classic. A perfect representation of this tendency is revealed by the following White and Black Modern living room design project that pays respect to elegance spoken in a modern language.

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