10 Designer-Approved Living Room Trends for 2024

What trendsetters really like is forecasting upcoming trends and surprising designers and homeowners with new color, shape, and material combinations or predicting the continuation of a timelessly endeared design style. Undoubtedly, 2024 brings an unexpected turn in interior design, especially for the living room, the easiest space to redecorate. The new design trends try to make your home feel more comfortable, acquire its distinctive individuality, and take inspiration from experienced design styles. Moreover, experts say we should expect the return of the ‘70s, an emphasized focus on connection, and unconventional color pairings in a 2024 living room. Let’s explore the most prominent living room trends you cannot skip this season!

What’s in and what’s out? The overly stark neutrals like gray and white, reminiscent of authentic minimalist spaces, are indeed out. Warm neutral shades proudly take the place. Going further on the warm color palette, we reach the beloved earthy tones that hold the lead this season. They perfectly add the comfort and coziness we have longed for in the past years, aside from sharing a reinforced sense of sustainable beauty. 

In the same context, let’s not skip the return of bright and bold colors. Inspired by the roaring ‘70s, the new collection brings deep blues, rich violets, radiant reds, charming yellows, and vivid greens to our attention. Thus, we are encouraged to choose a bright shade to make a statement or a more natural tone to connect with the outdoors.

Check out the latest living room paint color trends if you decide to update your interior with a modern coat of paint. 

2. Lounge Area in an Open-Floor Room

The fragmented layout is one of the standout living room design trends this season. In a few words, the open-floor interiors with no borders, which have been trending so far, are replaced by visually fragmented spaces separated into functional areas. For instance, if your living room is combined with the kitchen or dining room in a large open-concept interior, you better add some temporary or permanent partitions of glass, plasterboard, or wood to ensure privacy and a specific mood in the lounge zone. 

Undoubtedly, we feel more of the urge to bring nature closer to our living spaces each year. Consider this your sign for sustainable materials and organic textures in your new living room. Start with limewashed walls. Alternatively, choose natural stone finishes. Go on with rattan, wood, or bamboo furniture and naturally textured textiles of sisal, wool, linen, or cotton. In addition, large windows that bring in lots of natural light and indoor plants are a great asset. 

4. Are Curves Still in Trend?

More than ever. The beloved trend that has gained more popularity over the last few seasons appears as a valuable bet in contemporary living room designs. Instead of sharp and austere lines, opt for welcoming curved furniture and accessories. You’ll instantly feel how your living space becomes more inviting and conversation-encouraging. What’s more, the new sofa trends won’t let us lie about the relevance of curved furniture. 

5. Living Room Furniture Trend: Large-Scale

Similar to last season, 2024 offers large-size furnishing the possibility to lead the living room furniture trends. Look for immense sofas with imposing forms that read comfy and stately. Don’t hesitate to choose similarly large coffee tables, bookshelves, side tables, and accessories. 

6. Accent Furniture

Instead of making the living room furniture pieces fade into the background color, consider feature pieces with catchy personalities determined by color or form to draw all the attention. Make a piece of art out of the most functional seats. And here we are with another significant living room furniture trend – accent furniture pieces.

7. Glass Coffee Tables 

According to designers, glassware is all the rage this season. Expect to see lots of glass pieces in the living room. Yet, experts bet on glass accent tables. Moreover, they suggest going for tinted glass over clear. Aside from updating the room’s overall appearance, they will beautifully bounce back tens of colorful light sparkles.

8. From Minimalism to Maximalism

If you’ve always been a connoisseur of boldness and uniqueness or you are ready to try something truly outstanding, this may be your sign to take a maximalist direction in your living room. Besides, the vivid combination of diverse shapes and colors is no longer considered an amalgam of concepts. Today, it is a high-class design solution that adds individuality to the living room. Still, this design style requires expertise. So, don’t hesitate to contact a professional.

9. Stripes and Checkerboard

Needless to say, stripes and checkered prints are the most distinctive living room print trends this year. Apply them to all textiles possible and enjoy the visual appeal. Your living room will never seem dull or devoid of character. 

For the trendiest effect, opt for oversized pendants, even if the room is small. The key is to pick the right place, such as above a table for a low-ceiling space. Equally trending are lighting fixtures of natural materials that flawlessly elevate the ambiance and add naturalness to the design. Not least, round shapes reign supreme.

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