Living room with TV: 6 decorating rules for the TV zone

A contemporary living room without a TV? We don’t think so. Regardless of your style, there is no doubt your seating area has a TV zone, or at least you plan on integrating one. Either way, setting such a functional and decorative zone, like with other room elements, requires a plan. Today, we are happy to share with you a few basic rules you cannot skip when arranging probably your favorite spot in the living. Where should you put the TV? What about the distance? What design techniques can you consider? This and more as follows. Of course, we will not leave you without inspiration. A few around-the-TV decor ideas are waiting for you at the end. 

Where to place the TV

Firstly, you should ensure the natural light doesn’t fall right on the zone where you plan to place the TV. Secondly, don’t forget about the power source. Make sure the TV cables reach this source. Next comes everything related to the overall appearance. 

Do you want the TV to be the focal point in the relaxation area? Place it on the main wall and let it steal the show. Is the main focus role already played by another item, say a mantel or window? Easy. Place the TV on the adjacent wall. 

How to integrate the TV zone

There are two scenarios that develop differently – you either mount the TV to the wall or go with a TV stand. There is one more option – you keep the TV stand yet still mount the TV to the wall, particularly if this is a floating furniture piece. 

In all cases, the wall is involved. How do you make the best out of this situation? Let’s find out! Luckily, manufacturers offer a wide range of wall decoration options that work well for the TV wall. Let’s go through the best ones you can consider!


The easiest way to integrate the TV into the interior is to consider the appropriate paint for the wall. If you want to emphasize the TV zone, opt for a bold color and benefit from the new accent to the fullest. The TV instantly becomes part of this accent. On the other side, keep it neutral or go with the overall paint color so that the TV will not have any other way to go but become a constituent part of the room.


Designers recommend decorating the TV wall with wallpaper rich in patterns and colors. If sticking to neutrals is a priority, you can always paint the wall, whereas wallpaper is worth considering for bold statements. This way, you make sure the TV zone achieves all the attention.

Wood paneling

Wood has always been a good choice for wall decoration. Considering it for the TV zone underlines this area, particularly when the TV contrasts the wood texture. A classy combination that instantly elevates the interior.

Raw surfaces

Stone, brick, painted brick; which one do you like? Peculiar to Industrial, Rustic, and Loft, these materials are irreplaceable accent alternatives for the TV wall decoration to simply painting it. The rich texture will make for a pleasant view.

TV above the fireplace: is it worth it?

If you were to ask a designer this a few years ago, the answer would certainly be “no”. Why ruin a central point that is so confident on its own? Today, you can actually enhance it by opting for an appropriate way of integration. By no means place the TV on the mantel if there is one. The only way to do it right is by mounting it to the wall and considering a slightly higher spot if there is a mantel. 

TV zone ergonomics

It is not enough to integrate the TV into the interior so that it would perfectly fit in. Another important concept in this sense is the ergonomic TV zone arrangement. One should make sure the TV placement meets the standards for healthy and comfortable TV watching so that this process could be enjoyed to the fullest.

Distance between the TV and the seating area

It fully depends on the TV size. Here is a quick tip to make it easier – this distance should not be smaller than two TV diameters put together and not larger than four TV diameters put together. 

TV spot height

This aspect depends on the TV size and the seat height. Here is what you should do to be on the safe side. While relaxing on the sofa or chair, make sure your direct eye line meets the center of the screen. You can do this on the wall beforehand and spot the exact place where you should hang the TV.

How to hide the TV zone

That’s right! Some want to emphasize it; others want to hide it. There are pretty cool ideas that will make the most of your intention, such as covering the TV zone with large blackout curtains that go all the way from one window to another positioned on both sides of the TV. You can also consider hiding it in a built-in cupboard or improvising a wall art composition that conveniently covers the entire TV when needed. Is it a family gathering? The TV is out of view. Is it a movie night? The TV is back as if it has always been there. 

TV wall decor ideas

As promised, a splash of inspiration for those who want to go beyond the TV zone arrangement and make the most of the space around it. From the simplistic ideas for minimalist lovers to the most sophisticated suggestions for amateurs of everything that looks eclectic. 

Gallery wall

Abstract or neutrally colored art to enrich the TV area without overloading it.

Functional and decorative shelves

Floating or built-in closed shelves complete the plain space if there is plenty.

Built-in furniture

Professionally built-in closed shelves functionally fill the space.

Sparkles of light

Wall sconces or LED strips illusionary intersect the TV zone turned on when the TV is turned off. 

Green wall

Live plant compositions in the TV neighborhood makes watching TV more enjoyable.

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