Luxury Bathrooms: Key Elements, Newest Trends, and Inspirational Design Ideas

The interior design trends have developed during the past years into a congregation of ideas that evolve around the concept of well-being, comfort, and peace of mind. Designers have worked hard on combining trendy with functional and personal. Since we refer today to the chapter “bathrooms”, it is worth mentioning the importance of a space like this where you can unwind and forget for a few minutes about any worries. The modern bathrooms are designed to feel like an escape from the daily hustle, where you can shortly dive into the peaceful world of relaxation – alone with your thoughts and at peace. Regardless of how strange it may sound, the luxury of contemporary bathrooms is what brings the spa-like effect right into your house.

Do you fancy a primary bedroom that seems like out of a 5-star hotel or a Spanish villa? Make it possible for opulence to meet your expectations without risking the functionality of your new modern bathroom by scrolling through the main features you cannot skip when designing this space, the latest tendencies with designer marks, and top design ideas meant to reshape your vision of sumptuousness and redefine your personal space in the most individual way possible. Remember, luxury is not mandatorily about fancy materials and top-tier design solutions. This is why our ultimate guide on luxury bathrooms covers a wide range of ideas to suit any taste and budget. At the end of the day, all the following suggestions lead to the same result – a modern primary bathroom that celebrates grandeur and love for authenticity.

Key Features

We all have different perceptions of what comfort or style feels like. For some, taking a fast shower surrounded by life greeneries is everything they need for a splash of freshness and revival in the morning. For others, taking a bath in a large tub inspired by Victorian times, polished with metals and scented with candles, is the synonym of full relaxation and elegance. It seems luxury has different meanings, and each of us should find the one that resonates with our sense of aesthetics. Still, there is something you should start with, such as key features that serve as pillars for a modern bathroom.

  • Expensive materials. The more expensive the materials are, the better their quality and effect for receiving a so-called fancy result. Not to our surprise, such materials instantly get equaled with elegance. Quick tip: the current technologies allow for successful interpretations of high-quality materials for an affordable price. 
  • Large space. The larger the interior, the freer you are to move, which is to be appreciated in modern bathrooms. Additionally, you can go with a bathtub and shower in the same room and switch from one to another as you fancy. 
  • Incorporating a style. Visually interpreting a particular interior design style through specific colors, patterns, layout, furniture, and decor so that the bathroom acquires a personality and gains an aesthetics of its own. 
  • Double sinks. Any shared bathroom simply cannot go with one sink only. Going with two of the kind in the company of two mirrors and vanities is functional, shows off a smart layout, and reveals good taste if those are stylishly decorated with expensive-looking finishes and plumbing. 
  • Underlining details. Paying attention to small details that otherwise seem unnoticeable. Opting for gorgeous soap dispensers and toothbrush holders, delicate tissue boxes, contemporary mats, and decor pieces, such as scented candles.
  • Multi-purpose lighting. Task lighting above the vanity on one side and sumptuous chandeliers as accents in the center, above the bathtub, or in any zone you want to make an accent.

Biophilic Solutions

For those to whom the term sounds new, biophilic design is about the connection between humans and nature and relies on the concept of bringing the outdoors indoors and erasing the border between. The effective way to do so is by decorating the space with greeneries of any kind for an exotic feel like you are bathing in the middle of the jungle, a pleasant personal garden sense of beauty right inside your shower, an aesthetic Ancient Greek environment, or any vibe that fits your liking. 

Curved Lines

Modern bathrooms should keep pace with the latest trends, and one of them is the curvaceous shapes that bring an updated look to space and show them as unique, personal, and comfortable. It is integrated by replacing the sharp lines of fixtures and anything found in the bathroom with curves. The interior, in a second, acquires a new appearance, a new mood, and a new beyond-limits personality. 

Ceiling Window

One large window in the bathroom is good. An additional ceiling window is perfect. It throws unusual sparkles of light that change their position over the day. What’s more, it is an alternative for wall windows since you can use the available space for bathroom belongings. 

Hi-Tech Details

Decorate your bathroom with the latest updates by considering an ultra-modern mirror with an incorporated screen to show particular features such as weather, music, or anything you want. Opt for showers with an extended rainfall base integrated into the ceiling, cutting-edge faucets, state-of-the-art sinks, and anything that roars the contemporaneity of the latest technologies. 

Open-Concept Combo

Quite an unusual solution but worth a try if we speak about a bathroom for a single person or a couple. Consider integrating a bathtub in the sleeping zone or go with a combined bedroom with a bathroom separated by a partition wall. Once, this trend worked for Loft particularly. Now, it can become part of any style.

Terrazzo Charm

The trendy terrazzo patterns are back on track. In this sense, you should avoid replications and consider authentic terrazzo surfaces only. Be they on the floor, walls, or even fixtures. This is a solution for those who find lavishness in vibrant details. In a few words, terrazzo is the luxury of Spanish villa interiors, and it can safely become part of your bathroom as well.  


Luxurious bathrooms use expensive materials of the highest quality. One should consider marble, quartz, natural stone, and granite for flooring, walls, and vanities. Quick trick: the larger the tiles, the better the effect and the greater the possibility that your primary bathroom reaches grandeur. 

Waterproof wood for furniture and corrosion-resistant metals for hardware and plumbing. Fluffy and hotel-like fabric for the towels. Quality gold and silver replications for accents, if there are ones. The most important factor is that those materials are good to be used in places with moisture, such as in the bathroom. If they are great in this sense, it means they are of the highest quality, which is to be seen in their appearance as well. 

As already mentioned, the contemporary production techniques allow for manufacturing faux tiles that perfectly replicate the natural materials up to the smallest patterns without risking much the quality, yet at quite an affordable price, helping you achieve a similar effect.


A modern bathroom should have all basic components: vanity with sink, mirror, and storage space; toilet; shower stall, bathtub, or both. Additionally, you should consider a bidet, a dresser, and even a few open shelves for decorative purposes. 

When it comes to the bathtub, every designer will tell you that a freestanding one is a must in a primary bedroom. You can even make it a highlight. It depends on the style. Still, oval tubs with clean edges or slightly curved ones are favorites in modern bathrooms. If you go fancy in the full sense of the word, a large tub with claw feet and gold accents is your go-to choice. On the other side, shower stalls should also be fully exposed with glass walls to preserve the space as free as it is. 

A floating toilet, vanity, and dresser is an imposing feature, which would not suit every style, yet it has quite an effect. The additional decorative open shelves work better if they are built-in, showing a perfect taste and skills to smartly arrange the space, and this is what a modern bathroom craves. 


If your bathroom owns large windows that let natural light invade the space, this is a great asset. Still, when night comes, artificial lighting always comes to the rescue. The question is – what works best for a truly luxurious effect?  

Starting with the vanity, it is worth considering task lighting, with wall sconces above the functional zone, energy-efficient LED strips, or a large pendant that throws light on every angle. Going further, we reach accents. You can either opt for a chandelier, which should be a show stealer, and place it above the bathtub or in the center. What is great about those sources of light and gracefulness at the same time is their ability to become part of the most minimalist interiors and win their rightful place. By chandeliers, we mean any type of fixture that knows how to impress, be it an eco-friendly solution with rich-textured shades or the most extravagant chandelier you have ever seen, which looks like it was stolen from a Parisian palace. 


Luxurious does not mean plenty and varied. On the contrary, balanced and on the subject. As a basic rule, modern bathrooms do not love clutter and mostly unnecessary accessories. A truly polished bathroom has everything well hidden, with the slightest accent touches that define the style, such as the gold plumbing and gold mirror frames in a fancy Baroque setting. The decor itself consists of beautifully arranging the details. Consider fluffy neutrally colored exposed towels, style-abiding accessories around the sink, such as dispensers and toothbrush holders, mood-setting decorative pieces, such as candles, pots with flowers, or pieces that reveal the style. If you are free to choose the decor, although keeping it balanced, then you are limited in another sense – do not expose your bathroom products, such as shampoo or shower gel bottles, on the tub edge or the shower stall floor. By no means let them spoil the hard-worked-on aesthetic result.

Luxury Bathrooms: Top Design Ideas

With a Spa Appeal

The most efficient way to design a bathroom so that it would feel the same as a spa is by choosing this style and adapting it to a more familiar context. The mandatory elements are the light color board, natural texture, such as wood and stone, greeneries, bathroom essentials, such as self-care products, various oils, and of course, scented candles. 

A successful solution is to underline the bathroom’s personality through raw surfaces that form a special connection with the outside world and evoke the feel of full relaxation, right like at the spa. 

Full Landscape View

The best way to decorate a bathroom, furthermore – a luxurious one, does not mean adding as many accessories as possible. Save your time. Go with one. If your bathroom faces a beautiful natural landscape, a charming urban view, an appealing garden, a vibrant side of the forest, or any other view you find attractive, do not hesitate to make it part of your modern bathroom by incorporating a full-length window or at least a large one to open the gorgeous masterpiece behind.

Bathtubs or shower areas are usually placed against such windows, which embodies the epitome of perfection when it comes to full relaxation of body and mind. What’s more, such a design solution can bring any bathroom to state of the art in terms of design, filling it with natural light and colors. 

Luxurious Dark Colors

Despite the trendy light shades, dark color variations are still a no-fail option for those who fancy a bold interior full of statement and sobriety that cuts with its formality. Among the favorites are dark green, blue, and irreplaceable burgundy. 

Dark paint on the walls, dark-colored tiles, deep-colored furniture, or dark notes of color on textured surfaces are all equally successful in use. They lend the bathroom an irresistible sense of gracefulness and taste. 

All in Marble

The timeless marble texture that resonates with the mesmerizing Greek and Roman architecture from far Ancient times cannot help but bring the finest touch of splendor to bathrooms. 

Today, designers suggest opting for an all-in-marble bathroom, covering the floor and walls with natural texture, and a marble finish for the vanity items to ensure cohesion goes hand in hand with glamor. 

Mini-Lounge Area

If you strive for an authentic sense of fanciness, nothing will ensure it better than the integration of a new mini-functional area, to be precise – a lounge zone, which does not go further than an accent chair that would serve both as a seat and a complement for the bathroom. Quite unusual yet surely welcome!

With a button tufted accent chair for Traditional and Neoclassical interiors and natural wood ones with sleek clean lines for contemporary bathrooms. You can also play with various geometric shapes within minimalist bathrooms. 

The Classic Finesse of the Past Centuries

Nothing can be more beautiful than the celebration of traditions in contemporary interiors. Preserving the Classic details through the timeless wall molding, enormous chandelier, curvaceous bathtub, traditional vanities, and the unmatchable gold finish is a no-fail formula for a fancy primary bedroom.

Gravitating from white to black, from a flat bathtub base to elegant claw feet, from an overloaded layout to minimalism, you can redefine your Classic bathroom according to your vision of the style. 

Unmatchable Opulence Relies on Simplicity

In a world of cutting-edge design solutions, real luxury hides behind the simplest treats of a particular style. A go-to option that simply cannot lead to failure is considering a bathtub as the highlight of the room.

Since curved edges are a must, oval bathtubs with soft lines are the true friends of contemporary bathrooms. From the simplest white bathtub to the most outstanding ones with natural stone finish or inspired designs. Taking a bath in such conditions feels like dancing with harmony itself. 

Outdoors Feeling

If preserving it impartial and relatively minimalist is a priority yet adding a touch of sophisticated elegance is part of your design plans, consider decorating your neutrally colored bathroom with naturally textured pebbles. These raw sources of reliability and comfort make any visit to the bathroom an outdoor-life experience.

The seemingly unobtrusive yet rich-textured surfaces show a special love for neutral color schemes and help those who appreciate a rather functional layout acquire a bit of individuality in their modern bathroom. 

Extravagant Chandeliers

Decorate the space above the bathtub, if there is one, with an eye-catching chandelier. It better works for high-ceiling spaces since such an approach requires indeed large pendants that become the main focus. 

Depending on the style, choose the design and materials for the chandelier to underline the features that suit your space most, whether directed towards eco-friendly products or irresistible designs that make you stop for a while and admire the piece of art. Relaxing in a bathtub under such a lap of luxury feels like a once-in-a-life experience, yet you can feel it every time you decide to take a bath. Besides the enchanting design, you can opt for dimmable light to set the right mood.

Modern Baroque

There is no other style more elaborate than Baroque, and if you go resplendent to the fullest, this is what you should opt for so that refinement would feel at home in your bathroom that slightly turns towards style rather than functionality.

Unless you are an amateur of everything lavish and polished, as the style itself is, designers still suggest considering an updated version of Baroque by preserving the main focuses, such as gold framed mirrors, decorous bathtubs, gold plumbing, fancy stone surfaces, radiant chandeliers, and wall paneling. As for the decor, limit yourself to the already mentioned features since they are more than enough to make a statement in the contemporary design. The main change is the background color. Switch from light neutrals to dark and intense paint colors that offer a new perspective on the style yet do not risk the original sense of sophistication. 

Embrace Cultures

Celebrating the beauty of particular cultures within your primary bathroom effortlessly takes your interior to the highest rank in modern design. The bathroom gains a personality, your interior design stands out with its originality, while you enjoy the environment as the owner of an indeed special bathroom, where everything is more about the way you feel.

One of the prominent solutions you can refer to is the Spanish villa design with sunburnt clay floor tiles and wood vanities, bold-colored tiles and culture-related patterns, and coastal marks on the decor and layout. 

Last Touches: Additional Tips

  • Decide upon a focal point, such as a freestanding bathtub, an accent chandelier, a Vintage area rug, or a spreading green plant;
  • Consider showers with body sprays that seem to elevate the space rather than enhance functionality, although the latter is a priority for such a feature;
  • Preserve the space decluttered by ensuring a built-in storage space for all belongings;
  • Opt for a separate niche for the toilet if you want to focus entirely on the mood around the bathtub or shower;
  • Decorate the space with pieces of art if it is the case, such as sculptures, pictures, quality DIY projects, or personalized decorative items to suit the aesthetics.
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