10 Luxury celebrity home designs to try today

10 Luxury celebrity home designs to try today

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Celebrities love to think they’re just like the rest of us, but we all know that’s far from true. They’re the closest thing to royalty we have in America. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t copy some of their style, particularly in your home.

Here are some of the most popular luxury celebrity home design trends you can try today.

1. Paintings and sculptures

What’s the main difference between a celebrity home and a regular home? Expensive artwork.

While the rest of us shop at chain stores that specialize in mass-market wall decor, celebrities’ taste buds are a bit more refined. They have art dealers who purchase one-of-a-kind authentic paintings and sculptures from established artists around the world.

Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t mimic the effect. Look for large prints of original artwork, then spend a little extra money on professional framing. Oversized vases also look expensive and catch the eye more often than not.

2. Mixed materials

Celebrities also have a penchant for mixing materials, particularly in the kitchen and living areas of their homes. Steel with marble, rustic wood with glass and gleaming gold – the celebrity home embraces a variety of textures and materials, and the result is stunning.

This trend isn’t necessarily expensive, but you do need a bit of decorating skill to make sure the result looks gorgeous instead of gauche. We suggest using a style board to plan so you can see how the materials work together before you start tackling the actual room.

3. Strong color palettes

This trend is a little scary for the average person, but it seems celebrities aren’t scared of anything. They absolutely love a strong color palette.

Love purple? Try a sectional sofa covered in plush violet fabric. Is green more your thing? Have you considered sage walls with a smattering of houseplants?

Sure, it’s a little intimidating, but celebrity homes stand out for a reason. You aren’t likely to walk into a pop star’s home and think, “Wow, I love all the neutral colors they used in here.”

4. Eco-friendly materials

Celebrities often have their favorite charities and causes. In an effort to be more environmentally-conscious, many celebrities insist on using eco-friendly materials in their homes. This might include recycled flooring, reclaimed wood, bamboo, and buying pre-owned furnishings rather than brand new ones. This trend, of course, is easy to emulate in your own home – and it might even save you money in the long run. Hit your local vintage shop or thrift store to stock up on ideas.

5. Natural elements

Ah, nature. It’s beautiful when you’re outdoors, but why not kick it up a notch and bring the great outdoors inside? After all, that’s what celebrities do.

If you look through interior photos of celebrity homes, you may notice plenty of plants, natural light, large windows, and even indoor/outdoor split spaces. This style solution is smart, healthy, budget-friendly, and just plain gorgeous if you do it right. For starters, try adding plenty of lush foliage with potted plants and small trees, like fig or olive. From there, consider removing the window treatments so your windows let more natural light indoors. You can also add plenty of natural materials to the room, such as tree stumps made into tables or stools, rock gardens, and vases or bowls filled with water as pretty tablescapes.

6. Backyard entertainment areas

Many Hollywood elite members love to entertain, and what better space than the backyard? If you’re thinking BBQs and porch swings, think again. Celebrities really kick this idea into high-gear. They love to make their yard a complete oasis, with outdoor sofas and seating areas, pizza ovens, elaborate firepits, and even full kitchens or bars. Obviously, this can get expensive, but you can embrace one or two of the ideas to make your own luxurious backyard getaway.

7. Natural pools

Speaking of outdoor getaways, have you seen celebrity pools recently? Gone are the days of rectangular concrete tubs of water and diving boards. The new trend is to make your pool look like anything but a pool. Celebrity swimming pools look like ponds or even small lakes. They are anything but square or rectangular, leaning more towards an oval with undefined borders. They add rocks, foliage, and palm trees or waterfalls to fill out the space. You can add a few of your own plants and rocks to make your pool seem more natural, too.

8. Spa-like bathrooms

Celebrities don’t even shower like the average human. No, they turn their bathrooms into a spa-like retreat, complete with multiple showerheads and jacuzzis. Luxury towels, gorgeous skylights, and limestone counters are a few celeb favorites. There’s no specific style to keep in mind, but anything you might see at a spa is welcome in a celebrity bathroom. Some celebrities even have steam rooms and massage tables to use at their leisure.

9. Open floor plans

When you think “open floor plan,” you probably picture a stereotypical builder-grade home with adjoining kitchen and living areas. Celebrities think a little differently. Their home floor plans are really open. They’re huge, spacious, and flow seamlessly from one room to another. Sometimes the outdoors and indoors are barely separated by a glass wall that slides open for easy access to the backyard retreat.

10. Comfortable textiles

Most importantly, celebrities love luxurious, plush textiles. Sheets, blankets, comforters, duvets, throw blankets, sheets – if it’s soft and cozy, a celebrity probably has it in their home. These aren’t your average cozy fabrics, either. Think cashmere, silk, and crazy-high thread counts. Kind of makes you want to be best friends with a celebrity, doesn’t it?


You may not be able to live just like a celebrity, but you can certainly try. Luxurious living is a great way to start. Try embracing just one or two of these trends and you’ll feel more like an A-lister in no time.