Gorgeous marble accent table ideas: trendy designs + inspirational photos

A contemporary interior cannot go without an accent table that adds a modern breath and unobtrusive charm even to minimalist settings. An exquisite way to decorate a space with an accent table is opting for a no less enchanting material. Marble fits such standards just right. The variety of accent table designs and marble types is so vast that it would definitely offer options for any preference. Still, we are here to speak about the most stylish ones that would surely take your interior to the next level. We will tell you even more. Most of these design solutions are timeless, which means that your interior will acquire a trendy decorative unit for years to come. Let’s get straight to the point!

Marble & Gold

The classic marble and gold combination cannot be skipped in this sense. Each element, no less exquisite than the other, is a no-fail option for an indeed elegant piece within your interior, particularly a white marble tabletop and gold feet. As regards the latter, consider specific gold replications considering the style, such as brass for Vintage, bright yellow gold for Classical, or rose gold for contemporary approaches.

Black is the new white

Black marble seems to keep pace with the popularity of white marble, and we suggest considering it as an alternative. Furthermore, skip the usual designs and opt for unique shapes. Here is a practical hint: the simpler and larger the shape, the more accent this unit brings to the interior.

Nesting accent table

Stylish, functional, and unique. The elegant marble would benefit the nesting style by completing its functionality with charm. Round shapes should be considered in particular due to their trendy feature and ability to save space and decorate it impeccably at the same time.

Marble & Wood

The new classic is ready to impress you. Consider natural wood or painted wood to match the marble type. Or, you could go with brown marble to harmonize with the wood texture. Don’t be afraid to enrich your interior with enormous wooden units – once you decide to go with an accent table, make it look like one.

Stick to Vintage

They say a vintage unit always strikes within an interior, particularly when the latter is far from Vintage. Why not go this way with a marble accent table adapted to the necessary standards? Consider table styles peculiar to the past or the elegantly carved wood pieces with marble tops, where brown marble plays a leading role in replicating past values.

Stay original

The best way to make a statement with an accent table is by opting for the most unusual designs. We suggest considering original shapes and material combinations. Still, marble only and standout shapes are the finest solutions. The more uncommon this table looks, the better the result. Luckily, manufacturers like to experiment nowadays with abstract forms. You only have to choose the one close to your taste. 

Art Deco glamor

Some underestimate the role of an Art Deco unit even within an interior that has nothing in common with this style. With such an art piece (we cannot call it any other way) as an Art Deco accent table, your space will instantly be filled with exquisite elegance, like out of Gatsby’s palace. Green marble plays an essential role in this regard, as elegant designs involving any other marble type do. 

Cube accent table

The most minimalist and contemporary approach to an accent table is by opting for the simplest yet most original design that you could probably think of – cube. Well, you can deviate a bit by considering particular carvings in the cube. As regards the rest, no additional materials or details, marble only. You can opt for a single unit of the kind or go with a whole set.

A bit of soft flair

We are used to the classic white or black marble. Fine, sometimes we also refer to the brown one. Still, why not go beyond the limits and opt for an original color? If we go with an accent, we make it stand out to the fullest. Consider pink marble, meaning a soft pink shade. Marble is enough to make a statement. Just imagine the effect of pink marble, which, by the way, is only gaining popularity. Be among the first ones to integrate it!

Same texture, different colors

Even such a bold accent as marble allows a bit of variation. Go for accent tables of marble in different shades. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a set of tables. You can consider several color variations for a single piece. One should note that this separate form of art perfectly suits monochromatic palettes that lack vibrance.

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