Luxurious and stylish marble bathroom: design ideas, types, and tips

Today, the presence of marble in the decoration is a sign of high class. However, not only in VIP residences and multi-star hotels, you can find marble plumbing and tiles. 

Marble has always been considered quite expensive material. Only the royal families and the highest nobility could use such tiles. But today, everything has changed. For most interior designers, marble is just the material that gives the bathroom unique charm and sophistication. And a marble bathroom is becoming a popular solution.

Amazingly, cold slabs of light shade with thin dark veins can transform the room. Marble in the bathroom is a reasonably versatile material – it is used to create bathtubs, countertops and sinks, wall decoration. This material is presented in a rather rich color scheme – from gray-white or light beige to dark gray with subtle white veins. 

Marble and modernity

It would seem that such an “ancient” material unambiguously refers to the classical styles of interior design, and it is challenging to come up with something exciting and using marble tiles on the walls of the bathroom. Sophistication, originality, comfort, and functionality – all these qualities are given to the marble bathroom – the most current and fascinating finishing material that allows you to create designer masterpieces.

Yes, marble has a high cost, combined with a noble appearance, that gives the room status. But do not forget that this is a natural material that has the energy of enormous power and can provide real pleasure and relaxation.

Marble is expensive because of the complexity of the extraction of raw materials and their processing. To turn a piece of rock mass into stacks of even tiles, a sink, a bathtub, or a finishing plate, it will take a lot of labor and energy.

Marble is an excellent finish for a variety of reasons.

  • Durability – marble tiles and sanitary ware can serve for centuries.
  • Uniqueness – it is difficult to find two pieces of rock with the same pattern; in accuracy, it never repeats.
  • The color palette is wide and allows the use of marble for interior design in various variations.
  • Versatility – from this material are produced tiles for floors and walls, countertops, plumbing, furniture, decor items, almost everything that surrounds a person.

Advantages and disadvantages of marble 


  • The material looks beautiful, luxurious, elegant, ennobles the interior
  • The surface has an original, unique structure, giving the scope of design imagination
  • The texture of the tiles is glossy, reflecting light, making the room lighter and more spacious, giving the appearance of completeness
  • Shades are almost any – from white to black, which allows you to implement the design of any style
  • Constancy and durability make it possible to use it for generations
  • A high margin of safety allows resisting mechanical damages, keeping the royal look of the room.


  • The high cost of the material itself and the work with it 
  • Stains may form on the surface of marble tiles over time, as the stone is porous
  • A marble coating requires more thorough care than other types. Not only cleaning but also treatment with protective substances will be required
  • Careful cleaning increases the cost of maintenance products, which should be categorized as high maintenance costs

Features of the color scheme

Decorative variety is what interior designers love marble for. It makes a difference in the drawing, tone, combination of lines, two identical tiles, even made from the same stone, will never repeat the drawing. Facing with marble tiles is art, inspiration, and creativity. It is no secret that the functional purpose is primarily determined by color. Also, the shade determines quality.

White marble

The most valuable and exquisite is considered to be white marble. Moreover, the more natural the color, the more expensive the product from it. It is called sculptural, which directly refers to the most popular method of its use at all times – for the manufacture of sculptures.

White marble is the purest, free of impurities, has a soft plastic structure without hard inclusions. Convenient to handle and gives the room a delicate luxury.

It is not recommended to clad work surfaces, walls, and especially the floor with pure white marble. Because it is the most difficult to care, it can be used for the manufacture of plumbing, furniture, and decorative elements.

Gray marble

The texture of marble in shades of gray is more coarse and porous since the original body of the stone contains a certain amount of hard additives. Impurities reduce the flexibility of gray marble, making it at the same time more interesting in drawing, variety of patterns, and tonality.

Gray marble can be used to wall and floor, combining it with snow-white plumbing, furniture, and decorative impregnations.

Black marble

Natural black marble is a volcanic rock whose color is imparted by the vast amounts of bitumen and graphite contained in it. Of course, this is the most valuable color resource that allows you to create magnificent interiors. Black marble can be used both for flooring and walls, for work surfaces, furniture, decor – everywhere.

Black marble deposits with gold streaks are especially valued. Their cost is even higher than pure white.

Multicolored marble

Many believe that multicolored marble is not natural but artificial stone. It’s not true. It just contains a different number of different impurities, which give high performance, durability, and increased use in design.

  • Greenstone makes an admixture of iron-containing silicates.
  • Marble becomes beige if limonite is present in it.
  • A pink shade, trendy for decorating bathrooms, is obtained if the stone contains iron oxide in small quantities.
  • Blue marble of all tones – from blue to dark purple, is formed by the presence of blue diopside. There is light blue material covered with a network of dark veins or vice versa.
  • Brown marble is rare, but it looks very original. It is formed by limonite and iron carbonate, which are present in various proportions in the rock.

Marble bathrooms with brass and gold details

Using brass or gold in a bathroom is undoubtedly a much bolder choice than silver, which tends to merge. Gold and copper will stand out against the background of white marble or white tiles. The result of this design is impressive.

The snow-white wall decoration, with partial use of marble, has become an excellent backdrop for retro-style brass shower systems. The frame for a mirror in black marble contrasts with a light background. Mirrors and glass make the space airy.

The shower room behind the glass partition can be tiled with white Moroccan tiles and marble—hexagon mosaic tiles on the floor. The retro brass shower system sets the atmosphere.

In such a bathroom, brass can be used as practically as possible. The brass legs for the open cabinet can become the highlight of this furniture element. Thin brass mirror frames add luxury to the interior. Stylish washbasins and pendant lights fascinate with their beauty.

A modern bathroom using brass impregnations is an indicator of a high sense of style. Brass frames for a pair of mirrors, taps, and handles on cabinets draw attention to themselves.

The discreet classic interior can be diluted with brass elements – a shower system, a tap, a sconce, and handles on the drawers of the cabinet under the washbasin.

The simple design of the bathtub began to sparkle thanks to several brass details. The handle of the shower door, the baseboard on the cabin glass walls, the shower system create a harmonious composition, which highlights the interior.

Gold-colored metal brought a touch of elegant chic to the bathroom. A large heated towel rail is the main subject in the room, attracting attention. Shower taps can be from the same collection.

A set of brass washbasins complements the stylish bathroom. A pair of luminaires with long cords provides soft lighting in this area.

The contrasting combination of glossy white marble, black walls with a matte texture, and noble muted luster of brass create a unique, solemn atmosphere.

A shower system complemented by a small shower with a marble bench in gold color.

Gold in the interior is always a luxury. Stylish faucet in retro style, a towel holder, and a lamp can be selected in gold color, becoming in this way a bright splash in the interior.

A luxurious bathroom with beautiful mosaics on the floor is generously complimented with brass elements.

A small corner with a washbasin looks feminine and romantic. The abundance of brass parts gives this area a certain luxury. 

Marble imitation

The quality and originality of natural marble, of course, can’t be compared. But there is one important nuance – the price. Marble imitation is five times lower than natural marble. Many decide to neglect the real effectiveness to create a visual effect.

I must say that today the imitation is carried out with dignity, and the bathroom, decorated with tiles made of artificial marble, is in no way inferior to the natural material in its noble appearance. Tactile sensations will be different. But to look after artificial marble is much easier and hassle-free.

Imitation of marble cannot be called entirely artificial. In essence, it is based on marble chips, to which various hardeners, resins, acrylic, and other fillers are added, making the structure monolithic and beautiful.

Marble imitation furniture and sanitary ware can take a variety of forms, thanks to modern molding technologies, and in terms of performance, it is practically not inferior to natural rock.

Tips from leading designers

Although marble has been used as an interior finishing material for a very long time, new trends appear every few years, fashion trends about style features that are preferable to use.

  • Marble with horizontal stripes is the latest version that is willingly used. With it, you can make your home look like a luxury hotel.
  • Solid marble worktops along the entire wall, in which a sink, faucet, heated towel rail, holders, and all the necessary bathroom items are integrated.
  • With a countertop, with an abundance of details, it is easy to feel like in a spa.
  • Rounded marble products look very nice. In this case, the furniture may be light, and the walls – gray. The tiles on the floor may be black.

* If you use two contrasting shades of marble tiles for wall cladding, you can zone the bathroom.

  • Black and white tones are widely used in bathroom design, but at the same time, it is necessary to add decorative details so that the room does not look cold. For example, wood decorations will complete the frozen decor.
  • Contrasting shelves made of slabs of the same material but of a different color can be located on the marble wall.
  • The use of “onyx” marble for decoration will make a glamorous note in the design.
  • A noble and beautiful bathroom can make even just marble inserts or details.

By choosing the right bathroom mirrors and arranging them most advantageously, you can achieve a stunning effect of constantly repeating and multiplying comfort and luxury.

Marbles of almost any shade will positively affect the mood, relaxation, the aura of the room.

A bathroom with marble tiles and furniture should not only be beautiful, vibrant, luxurious, high-quality, but it should also be smart. Therefore, when planning and reproducing the idea of designing a bathroom with marble tiles, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarity of the material, modern technology, the wishes of the owner and the general style of the design of the apartment, so that every morning then you can enjoy the result.

Style ideas

Marble is a very versatile material with which you can create a marble bathroom design in a variety of styles. Of course, in many respects, the direction in which the whole room will be executed depends on the shape of the bathtub you have chosen.

So, a classic marble bathroom is an excellent option for a room in a classic, British, Indian, or Moroccan style. But it is worth adding a few bright decorative elements – and the room instantly changes. So, with the help of accessories and a game with the color of plumbing (shiny gilded or brushed steel taps), you can get a fantastic room of your dreams. Just a few touches – and it will resemble the bath of Cleopatra or the Queen.

Want to bathe in luxury – use original forged lamps, expensive plumbing, and mirrors.

Using a marble bathtub in the interior of a bathroom suggests that the main focus will be on it. This marbled bathroom is perfect for spacious rooms. The bowl standing on high legs in the middle of the room looks rather elegant. In this case, the gaze is directed on it, and the trim and accessories become less significant. But to achieve maximum perfection, one thing should be highlighted. That is, if the decoration contains bright, eye-catching elements (or massive, large accessories), this can cause some “overload” of the room. In such cases, there will be no harmony in such an interior.

Marble bathrooms fit perfectly with different materials, like wood, stone, tile. A skilled designer with their help can create a fabulously beautiful bathroom.

Small marble bathroom

A marble finish can be used ideally for small bathrooms. As for furniture, most often, marble displays countertops and work surfaces made using seamless technology. A sink built-in into the wall, which can also be marble, a bath, a mini-pool, and other plumbing items, can be adjusted as pleasant as possible. 

And, of course, columns, sculptures for decorating the interior, decorative panels, and many other things that can make the bathroom genuinely royal are made of marble.

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