Top 11 Men’s Bedroom Ideas to Try in 2023

“This is a man’s world,” like in the famous song by James Brown. “But it wouldn’t be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl.” True, yet, today, we pay all attention to men in this article. 

A man’s bedroom may differ from a room meant for a woman through color, pattern, and decor, yet the current design trends allow for a wider sea of design possibilities. You should embrace what you like in your personal room, whether it reads more feminine or masculine. Create your perfect man’s bedroom with one of our top design ideas that we kindly borrowed from professional designers who know what a man’s bedroom looks like in 2023. 

Men’s Bedroom Design: Features To Start With

  • Modern, clean lines. Masculine energy is associated with well-defined features that render stability and confidence;
  • Raw materials. Wood, stone, brick, leather, and metals are the first choices for furniture and accessories;
  • The fewer colors, the better. Definitely not eclectic or overly colorful; pick a classic or modern color combination of two or three and preserve color coordination throughout the room;
  • Geometric shapes. Keep it clear; no fusions of uncommon forms. Everything should seem familiar and straight on the subject;
  • Darker color palettes. Muted greens and blues, desaturated browns and mustard, or blacks and grays are favorites;
  • Practical layout. The more free space, the better. Ensure the primary furniture pieces find their place in the bedroom;
  • Functional areas. A man’s bedroom needs a sleeping space, dressing zone, work area, and relaxation space like any other bedroom.

New Classic: White Canvas

Despite the urge to paint a man’s bedroom in dark tones, designers came up with a new idea, painting the walls white. Use your light-colored walls as a canvas for dark-colored furniture, rich-textured textiles, and your favorite accessories. 

Add an Accent: Feature Headboard

When decorating a masculine bedroom, designers usually personalize the interior design by emphasizing elements already found in this space. For instance, you can opt for an accent headboard and make it the pinnacle of your bedroom. Choose high headboards of wood or upholstered, leather or fabric, with a button-tufted design.

Modern Men’s Bedroom: Open-Floor Concept

If you have enough space, don’t hesitate for a bit to opt for an open-concept bedroom with integrated functional areas. Such a design concept is impressively convenient and trendy. 

As you can see in the following bedroom, all functional areas are perfectly combined as part of the same room, yet each speaks differently to the homeowner. In the sleeping zone, you can fully relax, while the mini-home office gets separated by a partition wall so that you won’t get distracted while working. A compact and practical built-in closet, or should we say dressing room unfolds on the other side. And, there is still plenty of room.

This impressive design is part of Hackrea’s archive, A Modern Industrial Masculine Bedroom Project, developed by one of Hackrea’s best online designers Alex Jolea. 

Favorite of the Season: Moody Minimalist Bedroom

One of the top men’s bedroom options is a spacious sleeping space painted in dark colors with a minimalist layout and a moody ambiance. Choose a low-profile bed, avoid clutter, and keep it highly functional. Dark wood, concrete, and metals are also welcome. Interesting tip: consider colorful LED strips all over the space and ensure a switching color palette that matches your vibe. 

Generally, such a bedroom design suits solid men with a realistic view of design who value modern solutions and contemporary aesthetics. Psychologically, this type of modern design boosts your confidence and simply radiates masculine energy.

More Colors: Blue, Green, Brown

We agree dark gray and black are cool and stately. Still, let’s look at life through brighter lenses. Bring more color and energy to your bedroom. Get inspired by nature and decorate your personal space with muted or saturated green, soothing or reassuring blue, and earthy or forest brown. 

Classic Bedroom Design

For true connoisseurs of the Classic style, choose Modern Classic for your bedroom. Natural wood paneling, sizable furniture, tufted accents, and delicate table lamps. This style is not necessarily expensive to integrate, yet it looks exclusively luxurious and imposing.

Cabin Bedroom for the Wild Ones Out There

Try a thematic bedroom design with wooden walls, large wood furniture, rich textiles with colorful patterns, and traditional prints. You don’t necessarily have to live in the woods to incorporate the wild style. Still, you can try this design idea for your vacation cottage bedroom.

Back to Basics: Rough Natural Texture

Rediscover your masculine energy with raw natural texture. Consider a minimalist bedroom with essential furniture, a bed, nightstands, and possibly, a built-in closet. The defining feature is the natural texture on exposed accent walls of wood, stone, brick, or other materials. Keep it rough outside yet soft inside; opt for the comfiest bed mattress and bedding. 

The Fine Things: Luxury Bedroom

If you truly value the fine things in life, you’ll definitely love the luxury bedroom concept. Think of a spacious bedroom with a high ceiling, a moody color palette, expensive finishes, and personalized accents. The room’s highlights will customize the design, such as a freestanding bathtub, a stone accent wall, panoramic windows or an open ceiling, futuristic light fixtures, or a floating bed. 

A Touch of the Last Century: Mid-Century Modern

The renowned design style is one of the top men’s bedroom trends. It suits those who know where authentic taste hides. Not by coincidence, the clean-lined furniture, well-defined shapes, and simple forms, accompanied by organic finishes found in Mid-Century Modern, are the main focus in a men’s bedroom. Mid-Century Modern is at your disposal if you fancy a tasteful bedroom that sells.

Novelty of the Season: Modern Rustic

Celebrating the beauty of nature and pairing it with rough surfaces, underline the masculine energy of your bedroom with a Modern Rustic style. It focuses on simple shapes, like in Modern, and untreated finishes inspired by the outdoors, like in Rustic. Stand out with a truly original style and consolidate your confidence with a worthy palette of colors and textures.

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