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Mini library in an apartment: Design ideas
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Mini library in an apartment: Design ideas

hackrea / January 28, 2020 - views 988 - 0 likes

A home library is a dream that should not be abandoned due to its small size. We will tell how designers create spaces to store books in their projects. Ideas are suitable for both spacious and small apartments.

Functionally engage the space

To place the mini library in the studio, the architects designed an interesting design. It is both a sleeping area, a living room and a library for storing books.

Make a gate holder

Another designer organized a library portal with books around the door. And at the same time, he painted the entire structure in one color so that it looked organic. By the way, the same technique can be used around the window.

Organize U-shaped cabinets

If you have a lot of books, organize the U-shaped binders, like in this project. The library is located in the office.

As there was enough space, they have organized a reading and communication area: several armchairs, coffee tables and a workplace.

Hide in the hallway

If you have enough storage systems in the rooms, you can use one of the file cabinets for books. For example, another designer determined where to place the bookcase in a one-room apartment and transferred it to the hallway.

Organize open shelves

The owners of this apartment have a large collection of books – about two thousand copies. The designers figured out how to place them all: create a 40 meter long storage system with open shelves and cabinets.

Customers are not afraid of cleaning, so they supported this idea. The books became part of the interior, which immediately became much more comfortable.

Hide behind the curtains

If you are afraid of storing books on open shelves or if you want to hide them inside, take the example of this designer. The designer put the shelves behind dense and dark curtains so that he could hide them quickly if necessary.

Make custom cabinets

An interior designer designed the shelving in its original form (origami library). Here are books and handmade dolls that are collected by owners.

An interesting fact: the holder is designed so that, if you look at the cells from different sides, you will only see dolls or books. And visually, the shelves don’t seem crowded.

Use altitude

The ceiling of this apartment being four meters high, a designer proposed to build the second level. And to arrange a large library in the living room and not clutter the space, the pros have designed wall cabinets over the entire height of the wall.