Minimalist bathroom design ideas

Minimalism is one of the most trending styles, which causes a lot of controversy. Someone finds it boring and monotonous, and someone is happy to get rid of excess tinsel around. But what he certainly cannot be taken away is practicality. For this reason, minimalism is one of the best styles for decorating small rooms, for example, for a bathroom. Beauty and convenience are the most harmonious combination that cannot be abandoned, and it is not necessary.

Minimalism style features

Minimalism in the bathroom has its own characteristics and advantages:

  • Conciseness. The less furniture – the more free space. This is especially true for small rooms. Maintaining clean and tidy in such a bathroom is much faster and easier due to the minimum of things and smooth surfaces that are easy to clean.
  • The simplicity of the forms. In minimalism, extremely simple geometry, gloss, and glass are used. If the mirror is classic rectangular or round, if the partition is glass- this is minimalism. 
  • Multi functionality. Every detail of a minimalist interior plays a role, and preferably a few. Actively used built-in plumbing, illuminated mirrors, mirror cabinet doors, hidden niches for bath accessories, poufs, baskets and other little things.
  • A game of textures. The diversity and personality of minimalism is not manifested in accessories, but in the choice of textures. Successfully used contrasting materials and coatings.
  • Layout. The ergonomics of a minimalist bathroom are thought through to the smallest detail. Each zone is worked out separately to fit everything you need, but at the same time leave maximum space.
  • Lightness. Minimalism does not tolerate massiveness. Instead of heavy cupboards and chests of drawers – lightweight constructions with an abundance of glass and metal. Hanging plumbing are actively used.

Color schemes

The bathroom is in the same time a place for relaxation and rest, filled with comfort and warmth, and a purely functional room for a specific purpose. Combining lightness and practicality is not so simple, but minimalism succeeds.The light with bright accents fits perfectly even in a small room, expanding it, giving it lightness and airiness. But minimalism is not only a pure white color. These are shades of gray and beige, pastel colors and warm and colorful splashes.

Minimalist white bathroom

White and its variations are the universal basis for minimalism. White tiles, white plumbing, white washing machines are still leading the market. This color is directly associated with purity. In addition, it visually enlarges the room and fills it with light. This is especially important in small rooms. Due to this, they seem more spacious and lighter. You can diversify the background with bright accents and multi-level lighting.

Minimalism black bathroom

Black is one of the main colors of minimalism. For the bathroom it is more necessary than ever. Black plumbing, glossy surfaces, stretch mirror ceilings – all this is at the peak of popularity. In a large room, black can even be used as a basis, compensating for it with thoughtful lighting.

Minimalism red bathroom

Red, orange, yellow are rarely used as the main shades in minimalism, but there are nice combination colors in design. They look advantageous in small details: in textiles, on the panels of cabinets, in bath accessories, stands and accessories. Also can be used a part of a wall in red or any other color. Fiery colors will bring a sense of cosiness and celebration to the bathroom. Even cold tiles seem warmer.

Minimalism blue bathroom

Blue, green, turquoise and their variations will harmoniously fit as bright accents into a minimalistic bathroom. These colors are directly associated with the sea and water. You can develop the theme in decorative details. Shades of the sea wave are harmoniously combined with pure white, as well as with gray or sand shades. A room in cool blue or green tones always seems fresher.

Minimalism brown bathroom

For those who consider black and white minimalism too cold and sterile, a cozy beige and brown gamut is suitable. Shades of coffee and creamy chocolate combinations always look warmer and more delicate. Moreover, modern finishing materials allow you not to limit yourself to anything. Some types of laminate and other imitations are resistant of moisture, temperature and other external influences.

Finishing and materials

The main requirement when choosing materials for finishing in a bathroom: must be resistant to temperature and humidity fluctuations. Are actively used tiles, natural stone and its imitation, glass, wood, metal. There is no excess textile and excessive decorative elements, but a lot of mirrors and gloss. This gives an extra play of light to lighten the interior.


The classic bathroom floor is tile or natural stone. Most often these are neutral shades: light, gray, black. The tone of stone can be further developed: when decorating walls, choosing a wardrobe or a sink. The geometry, chess and mosaic look good in minimalism. Another interesting move is the diagonal laying of the floor covering. It is very important that the floor is not only beautiful, but also safe, not slip.

Wall decoration

For wall decoration, tiles, textured plaster, special moisture-proof wallpaper and paints, decorative panels are used. Dark walls are used often in such design, but minimalism also welcomes contrasting elements. Vertical lines visually raise the ceiling, and horizontal lines increase the room.


For the ceiling decoration are used overhead plates and special paints. But the stretch ceiling looks best. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, the glossy canvas creates the effect of a large mirror and increases the room. Even the black stretch ceiling does not press, although it requires more space. Secondly, when mounted in a frame, you can hide the main communications and integrate lighting.

Minimalism bathroom furniture

A minimalist bathroom requires compact fixtures. Wall hung models, sinks and toilets mounted on a wall, and modern showers are popular. All communications, pipes, tanks are hidden in the wall or behind decorative panels. The bath sinks are rectangular. Streamlined shapes are often used in minimalism. It is better to avoid the abundance of shelves and baskets. One lockable cabinet is enough.


For a minimalist bathroom, soft diffused lighting with a slight dimming effect is ideal. Compact recessed luminaries on the ceiling or walls look best. For convenience – a mirror with a brighter backlight is necessary.

Decor and Textile

Minimalism does not imply an excess of decor and textiles. The bathroom itself does not imply this in its functional purpose. But every little thing can simultaneously perform an aesthetic and practical function. For example, a set of towels and bottles for toothbrushes, soap and other little things will become the best accessories.

Minimalism in a small bathroom

Minimalism as if it was created to design a small bathroom. Such bathroom completely avoids extraneous and non-functional things in order to maintain freedom of movement. The furniture in such a room is overly simple, made of glossy plastic or lacquered wood. Rectangular shapes look best. On the walls – a minimum of decor, shelves and hooks. The mirror is in a simple and concise frame.

For a small bathroom, light pastel shades and contrasting elements are used. Color accents – no more than two or three. You can mix minimalism with hi-tech. High technology will make the room even more functional. Visually enlarges the room using a rectangular tile, laid out on an ordinary or horizontal laying pattern.

Instead of a bathroom, a tall shower cubicle fits perfectly into a small room. Its vertical design saves space and visually extends the walls, and the combination of glass and metal will be the highlight of the design.

Minimalism style bathroom design – photos

Bellow you can find a selection of photos for inspiration and fresh ideas. Compare, choose and plan your unique interior. Enjoy!

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