Design and decoration of a modern minimalist living room

Minimalism is characterized by a simple and elegant interior. It is believed that this style is characterized by rigor and freedom of space. The cradle of minimalism was originally considered to be New York. The first interiors of this type appeared in the 1920s and this style reached its greatest popularity in the 1960s. Minimalism is a mixture of two styles of the 20th century: constructivism and functionalism.

The original purpose of the rooms has changed over time. The living room has been mainly used as a comfortable refuge where you can relax after a busy day. Therefore, the room must be decorated in order to achieve relaxation. The following techniques will help you:

  • keep the proportionality in the decoration;
  • area zoning;
  • remove unnecessary items;
  • create an atmosphere of spaciousness;
  • colors must be contained and non-irritating;
  • the living room must be in strict order;
  • you can experiment with lighting.

The minimalism of the living room is characterized by the restraint of the furniture, rooms and decoration.

Main features of minimalism

The fashion trends of our time greatly value minimalism as an interior style. The characteristics of this area are:

  • minimum of furniture;
  • plenty of natural light;
  • a minimum of decor;
  • monochrome color scheme;
  • natural materials;
  • disguise;
  • maximum space expansion.

Planning and zoning

The space is enlarged in every possible way – combining rooms, zoning using special lighting techniques, removing partitions. Often, for example, combine the living room and the kitchen.

Colors in minimalist living rooms

The color in the living room is mainly preferred in bright colors:

  • White;
  • Beige;
  • Brick;
  • Ash;
  • Sand.

It is acceptable to use dark colors, but mainly for diluting and adding accents. For example, a minimalist living room looks great in black and white.

For the living room of this style, it is very important to create a contrast, to emphasize. Well-chosen furniture and accessories, as well as the design of the walls and floors, contribute to this.

In most cases, two main colors are chosen for interior decoration, which are the most used. Another contrasting color is also chosen, introduced with accents. For example, the interior of the gray-white walls and ceiling contrasted with the brown furniture and accessories.

Materials minimalist style

Materials play an important role in creating an interior in the style of minimalism. Wood is mainly used for decorating floors, furniture and walls. It should also be used in this style:

  • stone;
  • glass;
  • mirrors;
  • steel wiring;
  • smooth cement;
  • polished surfaces.

Indispensable materials include glass and metal, used both for walls and floors and for decorating furniture. The main role of these materials in the interior is to improve lighting and visually enlarge the space.

Minimalist style finish

This style is characterized by a minimum of objects and furniture, but it is not customary to save on the quality of materials. Most of the time, expensive elements are used in decorating the interior of a minimalist living room.

The walls

The walls must be monotonous and monolithic. But there are no restrictions on the wall decoration. The texture can be completely different. Bonding with ordinary wallpaper is very rarely used. Mainly used liquid wallpaper, as well as wallpaper for painting. The finishing is done with relief stucco. The wooden, plastic and cork wall panels blend harmoniously in the living room.


The living room floor can be any. It is important that it is simple and practical. The ideal will be the wooden floors. Linoleum, parquet or dark laminate are generally chosen. The carpet fits perfectly. The porcelain tile looks good. A small rug on the floor emphasizes the minimalist style.


The finishing work always starts from the top. Therefore, great attention is paid to the ceiling. It may seem advantageous with and without reason. But the design must be limited, discreet and monochrome. The living room uses hanging structures. The ceilings are installed as much as possible – and at one level – with integrated lighting. But at the same time, the design of the ceiling should not be complicated.

Lighting in a minimalism style living room

Particular attention is paid to lighting. The windows are usually large so that the living room receives as much light as possible. Curtains are rarely hung. This brings lightness and openness to the room. In the evening, small Roman and roller blinds are used. Lighting in the living room should also be maximum.

Almost do not use chandeliers for lighting, but recessed fixtures in the ceiling and even in furniture are often used. You can also often find spherical lamps. Lighting is generally very thought out in this style, light is used:

  • lateral;
  • cornice;
  • principal;
  • local sources;
  • halogen lamps;
  • LED lamps.

Minimalist living room furniture

The living room is characterized by furniture with a shiny surface. Glass and mirror elements are very relevant and give lightness to the space, for example, glass doors and tables. The wire is not used in minimalism. The living room uses minimal furniture to store the most necessary things.

At the same time, the furniture is positioned so as to leave a maximum of free space. In keeping with the Japanese style inherent in minimalism, the living room furniture is chosen in low and rectangular shapes – sofas, tables and chairs. Household appliances should be carefully hidden behind the facades. In addition, all kinds of wires should be hidden from the equipment.

For storage, cupboards, modular shelves, hidden shelves are used. The furniture is characterized by its practicality and its strict geometry. The upholstery can be completely different, depending on the owner’s desire and abilities – in leather or in textiles. Furniture should be not only beautiful, but also functional.

It is made of drywall and wood. The niches and shelves look original and practical, where you can place a lot of objects and decorative elements. A sofa, for example, usually has a drawer for storing pillows and bedding. The armrests are used in place of a small coffee table. The dining table easily turns into a work table.

It is optimal to buy transformation furniture in the living room. A computer desk and a fold-out bed can be hidden behind a cabinet door. The cubic armchairs are very elegant on the bottom of a square table. Generally, the furniture is made to order in order to reproduce the contours of the room and integrate it harmoniously into the living room.

Minimalist style living room accessories and decor

With minimalism, decorative elements are very rarely used. Everything should be appropriate, there should be nothing superfluous. This gives order in the living room and the absence of clutter. Small symmetrically suspended frames, bamboo, floor vases and small sculptures are acceptable.

You can decorate the walls of the living rooms with black and white photos. Futurism paintings and photos of various landscapes are elegantly hung on the wall. Textiles are used to a minimum. Blankets and decorative towels are not allowed. It is important that there is a contrast between the details, for example between the carpet and the floor, pillows and a sofa. The white furniture and walls are spectacular on a dark wood floor.

Tips for a small, minimalist living room

This style is suitable for rooms of all sizes. Its main function is to enlarge the rooms, creating a large amount of free space, and visually. This is especially true for small rooms. To create the feeling of space, use the window extension. You can also combine a glass loggia with a living room.

Consider demolishing the partitions, partially or completely. To restore the zoning, just place lightweight portable partitions or mobile partitions. Thus, there will be an area of a bedroom, an office or a children’s room. In addition, they can be changed according to mood and time, creating a large space for receiving guests or a gym.


Living room in the style of minimalism – geometric, concise and modest. There is limited style and functionality. Such an interior always looks beautiful and modern. In the distant past, minimalism in the home was rather a necessity due to the inaccessibility and high cost of furniture and decorative materials.

It is now a fashionable trend that emphasizes the rejection of an excess supply of goods and the creation of harmony with a minimum of things. This style, in addition to the obvious advantages of saving space and materials, has a psychological background that allows him to find harmony and tranquility in the soul of a modern person in the chaos of our lives, as well as the ability to focus on the most important things.

Ideas design and decoration of a living room in minimalist style

Photo gallery with ideas of the interior of the living room in a minimalist style.

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