Best mirrors to make small bedrooms look bigger and stylish: 13 decorating ideas + photos for inspiration

Best mirrors to make small bedrooms look bigger and stylish: 13 decorating ideas + photos for inspiration

While a person inexperienced in interior design is sure that a small room cannot be transformed – designers find a thousand and one ways to do this. So, mirrors have become the primary key to visually expanding the space, especially the bedroom – a dark and often small room, the design of which is thought out to the smallest detail.

If you want to know how to expand your bedroom with just one decorative element, we offer 13 interesting solutions.

Frameless mirror

Minimalists will appreciate the option of a frameless mirror when fragile glass is not restrained by a massive frame, which makes it look beautiful. The lightweight design fits nicely into a modern interior, where furniture of simple shapes and white and black shades prevails.

It makes the room visually wider without taking up extra space while giving the overall atmosphere a unique feeling: the white design makes it even sharper and cleaner, and the beige one is warmer and more comfortable.

Classic frame

One of the most common mirror designs is the classic dark frame. In this case, the main blow falls on the room’s decor: trees or plants in painted pots, an artistic stack of books, and a glass box of chocolates appear on the table.

For the frame material, black wood or something else painted with a matte black shade is ideal. It will blend in with any walls, making their tone warmer.

Round mirror

It is an ordinary mirror in a thin, round frame. Thanks to the shape, it gets rid of some roughness, rounding the curves of the room. Therefore it is suitable for interiors with a soothing atmosphere. For example, for a room made in a pastel palette: beige, ash pink, lemon, and having decor in the form of wicker baskets and soft blankets.

It has two size ranges: a small mirror is located above a cabinet or dressing table to apply makeup in the bedroom, and a large one can become an accent decor instead of a picture.

Twin mirrors

These are two tall mirrors located on the back wall at precisely the same distance from the bed. Thus, they evenly spread the light from the window around the room, significantly expanding its size.

This interior assumes an almost perfect symmetry of the room, i.e., pillows on each side are made in the same color and size, lamps on the ceiling must be paired, there are also two tiny nightstands. But the decor of the bedside tables may vary, which will make the room more lively.

Illuminated mirror

The uniquely modified mirror has a built-in LED that can be turned on for better visibility while applying makeup. Typically, the LED is located in a frame or right in the glass center, making its design truly unique.

And the main feature of this mirror is the ability to reflect light even in the dark. This is convenient when the sun has gone beyond the horizon, and the night lamp is not enough for reading a book before bed.

Openwork frame

If your bedroom is so small that it cannot accommodate excess furniture or a flower vase without feeling cluttered, an openwork frame can be a salvation. This is a little art hidden under the mirror’s base; this is how eminent designers add decor to a small room under the guise of valuable things.

Also, as a decoration, you can change the material of the pillows for patterned fabric. It is advisable to have two versions of the print simultaneously: one resembles an openwork pattern of your frame, the other balances the atmosphere with a restrained strip.

Frame with bas-relief

An equally extravagant option will be a frame with a bas-relief, which will turn an ordinary room into a royal bedroom. These mirrors have a wide frame – sometimes painted – with a high composition at the top: usually a pattern or a simple picture in the form of a flower, a boat, etc.

The mirror looks great in a room stylized as past centuries: a wide bed, heavy curtains with tassels, landscape paintings or portraits, snow-white figurines of angels, and a chandelier with glass pendants.

Frame with precious stones

There is nothing wrong with loving a dark interior. But if the window in the room is small, the bedroom resembles a crypt, and you, apparently, are a vampire, leading a nocturnal lifestyle even during the day. Mirrors with precious stones on the frame become an exciting solution to the problem.

The surface shines and shimmers even more than the mirror itself – which creates a double reflection of poor light and, finally, fills the room with colors. At the same time, the minimalist design does not spoil the dark interior, easily blending into the overall range.

Designer mirror

Those who prefer a modern but unusual interior should focus on design solutions. These mirrors are as diverse as the imagination of their creators, but they are united by one fact – they become the main focus of the room and transfer all the attention to themselves.

Consequently, the interior often adjusts to their requirements: next to a simple black mirror, there is unpretentious furniture and decor in bright colors, and a bright, sparkling mirror hangs in the girl’s room with a bunch of sparkles.

Composition of mirrors

One of the most unusual uses for mirrors is art composition. It is pretty challenging to find a beautiful combination. Still, it is possible if you adhere to simple rules: firstly, mirrors should be small, secondly, with a thin frame or without it at all, and thirdly, have a simple geometric shape – a square, rectangle, honeycomb.

Naturally, due to the brightness of the resulting composition, it is better to forget about a large amount of furniture – only the necessary things in your small bedroom.

Large mirror above the bed

It is a mirror located directly above the bed and has a size equal to its width. The essence of the design trick is to proportionally reflect the light and focus on the centerpiece of the room – the bed. The frame is selected according to the bedroom’s interior, but it is better to stay with the minimal design due to the small size.

On the opposite wall, you can place a painting and assemble a simple installation of figurines, flowers, or clocks – then their beauty will be reflected in the mirror even when you turn away.

A mirror opposite the window

This is an interesting trick for those whose room width is almost entirely occupied by the bed. If one side of the bedroom has a large window, then you should place a floor-length mirror on the other side. Of course, the size will not increase physically, but visually, the effect will appear as if the room has expanded and has two light sources.

And to save more space, you can replace the old and clumsy chest of drawers with a mirrored cabinet that will act as a reflection of light instead of a mirror.

Mirror on the floor

This mirror does not carry serious functionality but instead becomes a decorative element. If your bedroom has little furniture and you don’t want to fill it with unnecessary things, the mirror can be placed on the floor to transfer the focus to the lower part of the room. You should place other decor items next to it to complete the design: flowers, wicker baskets, book piles.

It does not get in the way, plus it reflects a bit of light and is also a good option for those who like to lie on a fluffy carpet with a book.

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