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The role of mirrors in the interior decoration
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The role of mirrors in the interior decoration

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The competent use of the mirror inside makes it possible to revive the familiar atmosphere and fill the living space with light and air.

The mirror is an amazing piece of furniture. Since ancient times, magical properties have been attributed to her – she was looking for a soul mate and recognized the future. In the modern world, a mirror is an article that fulfills a practical and decorative function.

Mirror functions and placement rules

An element of magic decor is unfairly deprived of attention. As a rule, its sphere of influence does not extend beyond the bathroom and the hallway, but the utilitarian function of mirror surfaces is gradually becoming a thing of the past. The competent use of the mirror inside makes it possible to revive the familiar atmosphere and fill the living space with light and air.

The potential of a reflective object is really huge. When fitting out a house, it is important to remember its main functions:

  • correction of the volume of the rooms – a mirror is a real savior of narrow corridors and small rooms. He will not be able to cope with the difficult task alone – to create a visual illusion and increase the space, several elements of decor of different sizes will be necessary;
  • light reflection – a large mirror on the floor will fill the room with natural light and the surface of the mirror behind the chandelier or a lamp will increase the level of lighting in the room;
  • correction of interior faults – non-standard configuration, cornices, arches, places of communication with the appropriate use of a reflective decorative element “dissolves” in the air, without attracting too much attention.

The mirror is a universal assistant for creating a unique interior. An original decor will add a touch of individuality and a unique chic to the house. When preparing a design project, simple placement rules should be taken into account:

  • direct sunlight is fatal on its surface (it becomes dull). Scattered natural light is necessary;
  • it is not recommended to place a mirror and large furniture (a large sofa, a massive chest of drawers or a wardrobe) next to each other, this creates an excessive volume effect;
  • quantity matters – the best option is 2 or 3 pieces for the bedroom, bathroom and hallway;
  • a parallel arrangement in narrow corridors and rooms negatively affects a person’s mental state.

Equally important are the dimensions for the functional use of the mirror. Optimal height: 1.4 m – total height; 0.6 m – at the waist; 0.4 m – head and shoulders. Width – at least 0.4 m. The position must be strictly vertical, the surface with a slope distorts the reflection.

Mirrors in different rooms

The choice of mirrors for the home should be approached with maximum responsibility. The style chosen from the interior directly affects the location, shape and size of the decor element. Fortunately, the modern home improvement market offers a wide range of products – small and large, concise and strict, with rhinestones and gilding, artificially aged and fashionable. And the original mirrored mosaic and fragment panels will place bright accents in the room.

Living room – Meeting Point

The space above the fireplace has become a traditional place for a mirror. In the last century, several candlesticks were placed on the fireplace. The light reflected and multiplied, gathering all the members of the family around him during warm evenings. In the modern world, the direct need for candles has disappeared. But the designers took note of this tip. A mirror in a thick bronze frame above the fireplace creates a special atmosphere of comfort and becomes the center of the living room.

The spirit of classicism will be emphasized by a wooden frame, and the neo-style of its absence is the main thing, the unusual shape. In a multifaceted country, the emphasis is on the tandem of simplicity and originality: the frame will be made up of twigs or simple branches, but the surface will be of a non-standard model.

Bedroom – Sleeping kingdom

In the past ten years, the bedroom mirror has mainly been associated with a wardrobe, which takes up most of the space. Of course, this technique allows you to store and try on a wardrobe in one place. The disadvantage of this solution is the impersonality of the interior. But mirrors are not the only option for using a reflective surface. A panel of several parts or a mosaic at the head of the bed will become a decoration of the bedroom. Mirrors above the bedside tables behind the floor lamps accentuate the geometry of the space and fill it with soft light. A dressing table with reflective decor accentuates the elegant and feminine style of the room.

Bathroom – Pure harmony

The harmony of the decoration of the house extends to the bathroom. Traditionally, a mirror is located above the sink. If the footage of the room allows, there can be two. In addition, another small to apply makeup is placed (on a support or a folding mechanism). The frame should overlap with the chosen style. The highlight of the room will give an unusually shaped mirror surface. The choice of a palette of light colors and the location of a large number of spots will allow you to visually increase the space. When choosing a mirror in the bathroom, you need to pay attention to models with a water-repellent surface.

Corridor – The face of the house

The mirror has long been a classic attribute of the interior of the corridor. Here you cannot do without it. Due to the small size, the configuration poses difficulties, so you should immediately abandon the large trellis. An excellent solution is to install a full-length mirror, in front of the exit or directly on the door. Another round, small size fits perfectly in the surroundings. Do not forget the lighting, here it is absolutely necessary. By emphasizing the necessary details of the interior and directly the mirrors, the space seems visually larger. For a small corridor, it is necessary to buy models of laconic mirrors, without elaborate elements. The large dimensions allow the use of large shapes and unusual details.

Dining room and kitchen – Tasty look

The mirrored surfaces in the dining room and in the kitchen generally fulfill a decorative function. It is recommended to place the entire decor with a reflective part near the dining table at eye level with a standing person. Do not see yourself while eating. Psychologists, like oriental practitioners, have a negative attitude towards this phenomenon.

In the interiors of the dining room, a mirror is used as an alternative to the inserts at the back of the display cases and cupboards. The magic modulations of crystal glasses and the shine of cutlery are increasing, bringing aesthetic pleasure to the inhabitants of the house in a classic style.

In the kitchen, reflective objects are a distinct element of decoration or neo-style or hi-tech furniture. Countertops, kitchen cabinet fronts, range hoods and large appliances are made in the spirit of modern technology.

Mirror placement options

Throughout the history of the development of architecture and interior mirrors, their location, shape and size have changed. With that, his frame and the design of the canvas changed. A correctly selected frame can transform a boring interior or, on the contrary, overload it with unnecessary details.

Frame – A space for ideas

Each style corresponds to the elements that characterize it, including the decorative design of the frames. The portal, richly decorated with stucco moldings, harmoniously resembles a Baroque interior or a loft. Fantastic lines and bronze curls and rich hues of mahogany underline the luxurious taste of the owners of the house. The sophistication of the classic style will tell the strict geometry of the mirror in a fine and golden frame.

A non-contoured mirror with a non-standard shape and size will fit perfectly into a modern interior with techno elements.

Mirror inserts

The mirror inserts in the form of individual elements will suit all directions. They add light, air and sophisticated glamor. The panels create superb special effects and optical illusions. The piece has a special character and personality.

Mirror surfaces

The mirror surface of the furniture brings a touch of originality and creativity. A kitchen island, a coffee table, a sofa, a chest of drawers or a cupboard will complete the spatial image of the interior decoration, from minimalist to shabby chic. Reflective pieces visually “dissolve” in space, allowing you to “hide” large furniture or appliances.

Small mirrors

A small mirror inside is above all a decorative element. Many identical reflective pieces of different or identical geometric shapes will improve the lighting of the room and fill the room with a unique atmosphere of comfort.

Large mirrors

The large mirror cloth is only part of the daily life of modern apartments and houses. The wall lined with reflective plates “disappears” in space, adding lightness to the interior. It also serves as an additional light source.

Floor mirrors

The floor mirror is universal – it visually increases the height of the ceilings. Just put the highest model on the wall. A dark room will become much brighter if you send a pair of lamps directly to the surface. In addition to decorative applications, the floor mirror also fulfills a practical function. Its dimensions allow you to consider yourself growing.

Mirror on the ceiling

An interesting design movement is the surface of the ceiling mirror. It will add solemnity and chic to the design in modern and classic styles. A spectacular element adds space and height to the room, clearly distinguishing similar interiors with an unusual solution.

It is not difficult to find the required shape of the mirror. Lounges and stores offer a wide range to suit all tastes and budgets. The rectangular view should be chosen taking into account the size of the wall. The decoration must not be “lost” on its background or resemble a foreign object. The oval or round appearance is more functional – it looks harmonious in any environment.

Fancy mirrors

A mirror in an interesting setting, of unusual shape and color, will of course become the center of attraction of the design of the house. The mirror surfaces colored with rainbow spots will delight lovers of bright colors of Provencal and Art Deco styles. The relief and the personalized geometry will be appreciated by lovers of high-tech and modern style.

Ideas for applying mirrors indoors – Images

The mirror – an amazing object with magic, practical and decorative functions. Its potential is multiple and extends to all functional residential areas. By observing the basic rules of placement, the interior acquires a complete and harmonious look.

The embodiment of the design ideas can be found in the following photos.