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Modern bathroom: Interior design and decoration in 55+ photos
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Modern bathroom: Interior design and decoration in 55+ photos

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People for whom “interior design” is not an empty phrase tend to follow fashion trends in the design of each section of their home. They are more stable than in the fashion industry, but unlike that, they offer not only visually beautiful solutions, but also functional ones. Today we will talk about the design features of the bathroom in a modern style – the most vulnerable and most personal space.

Features of modern style

In the history of art, there was a time when artists renounced past canons and, unlike them, created new arts. A similar situation has occurred with modern style, which at the dawn of its heyday was built on principles opposed to classic trends.

Traditional interiors are designed around clear means of expression, composition and rigorous content. On the other hand, the contemporary style is a universal solution which adapts to the needs of housing, to the concerns of comfort, and is also a canvas of daring ideas. It has no clearly regulated rules and all visual diversity is united by several principles:

  • The modern space has a well thought out layout, including functional areas and empty spaces for free movement.
  • Such an interior was created by people for people, so that each element is practical to use and is part of the same whole.
  • Contemporary style can become the basis of unusual design objects, modern art and pop-cultural elements.
  • The decoration of the room must have a sober character and be embodied in the beauty of flowing lines, clean forms and a variety of textures.
  • The color palette varies depending on the nature of the interior. If it has a more concise atmosphere, a neutral palette is used and contrast combinations can be added for the brightness.
  • The room in a modern style is a place where artificial materials seem appropriate. Certainly, the trends of recent years dictate a return to nature, so when choosing, you must focus on the objectives of the project.

The bathroom is ideal for demonstrating the vast possibilities of the style, mainly because of its specific conditions, as well as the practical purpose of the space.

Color solutions for the modern bathroom

In the contemporary style, many shades are organic if they are built in a harmonious color scheme. Consider the most popular solutions.

White bathroom in modern style

Being a universal color, white is ideally combined with all options. It is used for walls, ceilings and plumbing products.

Color is often considered a dominant color, if you need to create a spacious and slightly “sterile” atmosphere in the bathroom. To avoid rapid contamination of surfaces, it is necessary to select materials that can be cleaned.

Gray bathroom in modern style

Another popular option in modern interiors, which is combined with monochrome or contrasting shades. It gives a sense of thoroughness, restraint, but at the same time – a mature style.

The texture of the materials will help to diversify the gray, and the lighting will “revive” its cold aesthetic.

Black bathroom in modern style

In classic styles, black can be found in the form of small details, but almost never – as an integral element of the interior. The spacious and modern bathrooms will face its oppressive depth and play in the most favorable light.

Despite the compatibility of black with almost the entire palette, it is preferable to use it in tandem with natural or less saturated colors.

Brown bathroom in modern style

Brown can stand out or be embodied in natural wooden surfaces. In any case, it is an excellent option for a discreet modern bathroom, in which there are monolithic volumes.

Noble chocolate, brick, coffee hues. In such an interior, there is an invisible classic, denounced in modern forms.

Blue bathroom in modern style

This color in the bathroom is often taken to design a marine theme, leading to direct associations with water. But the blue itself gives a calm and peaceful atmosphere which is perfect for such a room.

The blue tint is mainly used for wall decoration. On its background, light wooden furniture and white objects appear harmoniously.

Finishing and materials

Only practical requirements are put forward for bathroom decoration materials in a modern style, and the visual image may vary depending on the design project.


Ceramic tiles have long become a traditional finishing option in this space. This flooring is not afraid of water, high temperatures and is easy to clean. You can choose a product not only by design, but also by size or shape.

Inside, gravitating towards the classics, porcelain stoneware seems appropriate, which has managed to gain popularity due to its operational properties. In addition, its covering does not slip, which is particularly true in a room with constant humidity.

Using a loose floor as a base allows you to embody the most daring ideas – from the seabed to abstract compositions. Its shiny surface only reinforces the realistic effect.

The wooden base is expensive, which is associated with the need for moisture-resistant protection, since wood does not tolerate the negative effects of the environment. But a natural and vibrant aesthetic is worth all the effort.

The walls

The most budgetary type of finish is considered painting. Suitable for walls with discreet defects that ordinary putty can easily hide. May have a matt or glossy design.

The wallpapers are also found in the bathroom in a modern style, not paper, but moisture resistant – it is a prerequisite. These varieties are suitable for maintenance, but, compared to other materials, do not differ in their durability.

As with flooring, ceramic tiles are also the most popular option for walls. Recently, it has been fashionable to coat the entire surface or only individual sections of hexagonal products.

Plastic panels imitating other textures are also used inside. Natural stone is considered the most expensive material, but it alone can create a look that is both luxurious and minimalist.


The paint is chosen if the height of the walls does not allow the installation of suspended structures. The smooth painted ceiling looks elegant and sober, but for the installation of built-in lights, which are often used in modern bathrooms, it is not suitable.

The plasterboard products are very plastic and can take any form required by the design project. Only for the bathroom you need to choose a moisture resistant base.

PVC film stretch ceilings are quickly installed, have a variety of coverings and slightly reduce the height of the walls. On the one hand, they protect against flooding from the upper floor, but on the other hand, they can be damaged by a slight mechanical impact.

Bathroom furniture in a modern style

The modern bathroom is filled with furniture with clear lines in a minimalist design. Most often, these are wooden or MDF objects, as a cheaper base.

Priority is given to hanging cabinets of compact dimensions which form a single volume. Their location is not limited to style rules, only to the characteristics of the space.

In many bathroom interiors, there is a counter along a stone or wood wall. Sinks, storage, appliances are integrated. Speaking of the latter – despite the modern character of the room, it is better to hide the washing machine, dryer and other devices from prying eyes behind the fronts of the furniture, as they clutter up the space.


For a modern style bathroom, new, functional, practical to use and ergonomic products are purchased. The bathroom is often associated with or limited to a shower only. The corners of bulky fonts have been replaced by shower corners – now they are part of the space hidden behind a glass partition.

Allocating a separate room for water procedures only is a completely irrational decision. Now you will find a place for the toilet, which is limited to a compact hanging model, without bowl, as well as a barrel.

In addition to standard shaped sinks, there are sinks – round, oval or rectangular. Faucets are generally built into the wall and, instead of two-valve ones, are increasingly single lever models.

Decor and lighting

In the modern style, each object is in its place, so the unreadable intertwining of decorative details can disturb the harmony. To diversify the bathroom, you need to choose accessories with an interesting design.

In the shower, you can hang an organizer and decorate the walls with hanging shelves. Even a cup of toothbrush in aesthetic material, instead of the usual plastic equivalents, “refresh” the interior.

Choose an interesting fabric for towels, bathrobes and carpets, which will stand out in all colors. Mirrors of different geometric shapes not only enlarge the space, but also help to complicate its design.

Contemporary style lighting is an important functional and decorative element. According to the rules, several lighting systems are installed: general lighting, for which the integrated projectors are responsible, as well as wall lights or suspensions in the washing area. The mirrors with lighting around the perimeter of the frame are elegant.

Pay attention to the ceiling and other objects in the room. The brilliants improve the light, but for the masts, you need to organize a more saturated lighting.

Design of small bathroom in modern style

Unlike the classics, the modern style can adapt to the particular features of the layout, so it can be used safely to design small bathrooms. The following principles will help you:

  • The wall decoration must have a uniform coating or be decorated with one-color tiles of small sizes, for example by imitating masonry. Certainly, working with such details is a difficult task. As an alternative, large format products with fine relief look great.
  • In modern bathrooms with an area of up to 5 square meters, it is better to highlight the floor with narrow ceramic tiles.
  • The color palette consists of light shades that amplify under intense lighting.
  • The furniture set should be limited only to the most necessary. Suspended instances are a priority, as it is recommended to use a vertical zone in small bathrooms.
  • Lovers of bubble baths will have to sacrifice pleasure for the sake of convenience and buy a compact shower.
  • The mirror and shiny surfaces visually add volume to the interior.

Bathroom design in modern style – Photos

It is difficult to immediately grasp the variety of design solutions for the bathroom in a modern style. Therefore, we have collected the most beautiful projects in our selection of photos. Inspiration and good ideas!