Bathroom wallpaper ideas 2022: 8 modern solutions for a contemporary setting

As uncommon and non practical it may sound, bathroom wallpaper is at the peak of its popularity in 2022 and promises to stay in place for a long time. This article will tackle modern approaches to wallpaper, particularly for this space, revealing to you functional and stylish ideas that will change your perspective in this sense. It should be noted that the vinyl surfaces produced particularly for bathrooms are resistant to moisture, thus solving one problem. All that is left for you is to decide upon the design, and we are ready to assist you in this sense. 

We will convince you that an appropriate choice of wallpaper will enrich your bathroom with the same sparkle the usual tiles can, although at a less expensive cost. Let’s find out the best ideas in this sense and discover what their defining features are. We promise to throw an entirely different light upon this subject and inspire you for something new.

Anything but ordinary

The new trend of decorating the bathroom walls with wallpaper comes with new variations, bringing bold colors and patterns. Transform your plain walls into a point of interest and enrich your bathroom with a new sparkle. In this sense, consider the following options:

  • Flower motives in light colors to brighten the room;
  • Tropical elements, including green shades, to bring in an exotic effect;
  • Animal print to keep it wild.

One thing to consider: make sure that your wallpaper does not blur the picture but completes it for a balance of contrasts and shapes. Reach the particular level of comfort that suits you and make every visit to the bathroom an escape into nature.

Large scale murals for a greater perspective

Murals have become quite popular lately, penetrating even such a space as the bathroom. If you opt for a conservative setting, consider large-scale murals for wallpaper to complete the picture. It should be noted that neutral colors are to be considered in this sense since the idea itself is bold.

Refer to tropical motives or particular values and breathe a new life into your bathroom walls. It will significantly enlarge the space and serve as a point of interest. If it is a guest bathroom, such an approach is more than welcome to make an impression. At the same time, if we speak about personal space, adapt it to your own preferences.

Keep it low-key and practical

Simplicity is at the top of 2022 trends, which works perfectly for those who want to keep it low-key and add as much practicality as possible. Rather than opting for plain neutral wallpaper, consider soft colors to balance the environment and blurred patterns to add texture.

Opt for one of the following shades for better integration:

  • Classic white for a crisp effect to brighten the room and keep it fresh;
  • Neutral gray to balance the contrasts and serve as a perfect background for any other shades;
  • Soothing blue to harmonize the environment and keep it refreshed;
  • Pale green to add a new sparkle and enliven the space;
  • Dusty pink to soften the environment and add warmness.

Add texture and volume

That’s right! You can actually enlarge your space and enrich its look by opting for various geometric shapes. Consider any forms you want, sticking to a particular color as not to overload the bathroom with contrasts. 

Furthermore, consider unusual shapes to preserve originality. Such elements will fill the left space with a new sparkle that is more than welcome in an over-simplified setting. If you feel that a new splash of color would not spoil the picture, go with a bolder one. Nevertheless, consider soft undertones as not to set a too overwhelming environment.

Eco-minimalism for a statement

The much-discussed approach within interior design, the Terrazzo style does not leave a single room untouched, particularly the bathroom. The idea itself is welcome in such a space, especially if applied in a less expensive way by opting for wallpaper. 

Affordable, luxurious, and original, Terrazzo wallpaper will complete your bathroom as the last piece of the puzzle. Although the initial variant supposes a variety of particles and colors on a neutral background, we suggest you opt for a particular shade to deviate a little bit from the well-known pattern of this style.

Play with colors for a unique effect

The well-known ombre effect has penetrated the current trends and comes with new variations regarding bathroom wallpaper. The slight transition from one color to another and the appropriate combination of undertones is all you need to consider for a perfect result. It is needless to mention that it has to complete your bathroom without bringing in too much color.

Consider two soft shades and enrich your monochromatic bathroom with a new splash of color. You can opt here for the earlier mentioned colors, such as blue, green, pink, or any other shade that fits your personality.

Elegance in one touch

Nothing will make your bathroom look more elegant than applying the Art Deco style, which has been particularly popular lately. Combine the old values with contemporary elements and reach the much welcome eclectic mix of past and present. 

What would it feel like to escape into the Great Gatsby world while taking a bath? Probably a pleasant adventure after a hard-working day. We are not the ones to tell. If you are a lover of Art Deco, consider it in your bathroom, and the result will speak for itself.

Seek inspiration in nature

If you have reached this far and are still unsure about what wallpaper will fit your bathroom, stick to the classic nature-inspired materials – marble and stone. These wallpaper variants are affordable and promise a similar effect as the actual materials can provide. 

Consider marble wallpaper to enrich the environment with luxury and keep it up to date for a long time. If it looks too glamorous for you, look in the opposite direction and opt for concrete-like wallpaper for a raw effect that will work perfectly for a contemporary setting.

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